Equestrian Drill Team: A Team Sport for All Ages
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If you have ever wondered about what an equestrian drill team is, wonder no more! In this article, you can find out some cool facts about this fun, team sport.

Equestrian Drill TeamWhat is Drill Team?
Drill team is a team sport consisted of 2 or more riders. The riders practice a pattern, also called a drill. The riders must work as a team, or the whole thing would be just an un-organized jumble of horses.

When you join (if your team is like mine), you become an alternate. That means you start out as a substitute. You get to learn the pattern without having a spot that you preform everytime. If your team is at a competition and one of the main riders gets sick, you have a chance of riding his or her spot. You become a main rider when someone quits and your coach sees which of alternates should take the spot.

Do you have to carry a flag?
Some drill teams carry flags while others don't. It all depends on the team.

Do you have to where a Western Hat or a Saftey Helmet?
Most drill teams where western hats, but my drill team wheres saftey helmets. Some of our members have complained, "it doesn't look western", but what it all comes down to is the safety of the rider. Drill team is fast paced and unexpected things can happen, even with good riders and good horses.

What type of horse do you have to use?
Unless the drill team only allows a certain breed, you can use any type of horse! Quarter Horses are the most common, along with arabians and gaited horses.

Equestrian Drill Team

What is the minimum and maximum age to join a drill team?
You can be any age! All you have to be able to do is ride a horse! They have two divisions, youth and adult. If you are a child, you can join a youth team. If you are an adult, you can join an adult team.

What classes do Drill Teams compete in?
Small Team adult/youth
Large Team adult/youth
Small Team Theme adult/youth
Large Team Theme adult/youth
Small Team Parade adult/youth
Large Team Parade adult/youth

One of the Things I like about drill team is the adults and the youth DO NOT compete against one another.

What do you wear when you compete?
The team will have an outfit picked out. All the tack (pad, headstall, reins, boots, ect) must be matching.

Why should I join an Equestrian Drill Team?
Because they are so much fun and they involve team work. You get to meet new people and bond with your horse. You and your horse get to learn new things.

I am really happy I joined. I have met some really nice people! It also led me to Tigger, my horse, which I purchased for drill team. Look up drill teams in your area and see when tryouts are to see if you want to join.

Hope this answered some of your drill team questions and maybe this will inspire you to create your own team!
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PonyBox  MOD 
Great article and video. Thanks for the information about Drill Teams!
  Aug 8, 2010  •  9,670 views
happy day  
thanks that helped me understand a lot
  Aug 9, 2010  •  9,640 views
cool artical!!.. i am part of a riding drill team i ride a belgain .. it is mixed breeds and disiplines there are nglish and western riders... i also am part of a mini horse drill team which is a drill team that uses minis and ponys and drives, not rides ..
  Aug 9, 2010  •  9,638 views
S Q U I  
Your welcome. I'm really happy I could help!

FC:: That is really cool!
  Aug 9, 2010  •  9,716 views
Awesome :) I do drill once a year. :) My BFF is on Latigo N Lace!! I have went to competitions with her and they are amazing! She is in that video :) The one riding the bay horse with the white star. She is the smallest girl on the team lol
  Aug 18, 2010  •  9,625 views
S Q U I  
Yah. I'm on the Woodhaven Wranglers
  Nov 7, 2010  •  9,716 views
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