Sweet Boy Buddy
 By Sylly   •   3rd Aug 2010   •   3,427 views   •   14 comments
I will never forget the first time I saw that crazy, poorly grommed, skinny arabian. He looked as if he was 30, but he still had light in his eyes and fire in his heart. This is the story, of my horse buddy.

I started taking lessons at Routh Ranch in the winter of 2006. I took lessons every few months during the cold winter season. When spring finally rolled around. I started taking lessons every other weekend. I had always loved horses. Not just riding, but horses themselves. I not only wanted to be around horses all the time, I wanted to BE a horse. Back to the story, I took a lesson one Saturday, and on that particular lesson. A boarder decided to ride along with us. It soon came to my knowledge that this boarder was the leaser of Buddy. The owner of Routh Ranch, Tommy. Buddy was bought from one of the previous boarders. Tommy planned to uuse him as a lesson horse, but despite his age, he scared the daylight out of every rider that stepped on him. Anna, the leaser of Buddy, decided it was time to get a horse of her own in the summer of 2007. She leased Buddy for 4 more months until she found a nice horse. By that time it was winter again.

Sweet Boy Buddy

As I continued taking lessons. Tommy informed me that Buddy was up for sale. By that time, my parents had agreed to buy me Buddy. 200 dollars, a very small price for such a special horse. When the new year of 2008 came. Buddy was officially mine.

Then I had realized what this horse had gone through. A girl he dearly loved that traded him in for a car at 16. A man who would ride off and get drunk then Buddy would have to tote him back to his pasture while the man did God know what to him. Buddy has a strong spirit though.

It makes me laugh when I think about the first time I went to get him in the pasture. Buddy didn't let anyone catch him. Ever. Not even with grain. So I go out there, and he actually came to me. With all the other horses. Well by the time I got to Tommy I had let out 3 horses. NOT INCLUDING Buddy. Go figure.

In 4 months time. Im not sure what happened, but something just clicked one day. He came straight to me in the pasture. I cried I was so happy. Well time went on and when summer finally came around again, riding started to become more often.

One day, my dad took me to the barn to catch him. He wouldnt come to me. And by this time, it was considered odd. When I finally caught him, I did my usual routine. Fed, groomed, tacked up, and led him into the arena. Me and two other friends were riding. I put Buddy into a lope along the rail, it all happened so fast. One minute we were going along so smoothly, the next he is down on all fours and Im on the ground. My first words after were screaming, "Is he okay, Is he okay?!". I wasnt worried about myself to even notice I had broken my arm.

After that incident, the bond became stronger. He would be very careful around me. Making sure not to walk to close, or catch me off guard. As our bond grew stronger, my riding and his training improved. We can now gallop around with not a single piece of tack. And stop :) Thats a plus :P I can go get him in his pasture without anything. He is extremely smart. He has taught me so much in life and in the saddle. He has been my shoulder to cry on and my best friend. He always will be. Buddy is now 23 years old and still acting 4. Keep goin boy!
:D You are my inspiration.

Buddy is an amazing horse. But most of all. He is my horse.

Please watch the youtube video :) It is short and has us riding and all that :P Has a great ending!
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bambam roxs  
Aw...such a good story arabs are the best and become the most attached.As i have an arab too!I abosulotuy love buddy so cute!!I hope he lives a long long time!!:D
  Aug 3, 2010  •  1,942 views
Daisy Stables  
Thats an amazing story i LOOVE it!!!! :D
  Aug 3, 2010  •  1,967 views
Thanks :) He is amazing :)
  Aug 3, 2010  •  1,940 views
T W I  
Aww! Great story!
  Aug 3, 2010  •  1,929 views
I have an Arabian cross. and Buddy is a cute boy! He must really love you as much or more than you love him. Horses do bond to people, that is for sure. I love it! Great article and all.
  Aug 4, 2010  •  1,954 views
T E M P E S T  
Great story!
  Aug 4, 2010  •  1,963 views
Ruffians Stable  
That was an amazing story and video. That horse loves you so much!! And you are also the best rider I have ever seen!!
  Aug 4, 2010  •  2,023 views
Thanks alot :)
  Aug 5, 2010  •  1,940 views
Wow. You SIT that arab trot, girl!
Mine slows it down bareback for my sake, but even then staying on can be a complicated business :P
  Aug 6, 2010  •  2,116 views
Wow. You SIT that arab trot, girl!
Mine slows it down bareback for my sake, but even then staying on can be a complicated business :P
  Aug 6, 2010  •  2,116 views
Taha :) Thanks! I say if you can sit an Arab. You can ride anything!! :)
  Aug 13, 2010  •  1,940 views
Really great story, I don't have an arab but I do have a attachment to my paint horse =)
But I can't ride him without anything yet =P haha
  25 days ago  •  2,147 views
Carpe Diem  
Great story! I love it! He sounds like my little bay arabian, and they have almost the exact same markings and my Arab is about 24 now. XD
  Aug 16, 2011  •  1,924 views
Cruisin Past Curfew  
Very nice story :)
  Apr 23, 2012  •  1,929 views
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