The Story of Lily
 By Sundancer   •   7th Sep 2010   •   2,615 views   •   11 comments
I had given up on riding pretty much for good because I didn't like people yelling at me and telling me what to do. Pretty stupid move, huh? Well things were about to change dramatically for me. We were moving to a new barn because we wanted a barn that didn't place a priority with showing. I was pretty excited because I wanted to see all the horse they had at the new barn. But, unexpectedly my mom decided to get me a horse to lease at this new barn. The horse came from a lady that needed someone to ride her. My reaction to this was

"Oh great, here we go with the lessons again."

We get out there to see my new horse and I am flabbergasted. She is the most gorgeous Appaloosa you have ever seen! I wanted to ride her but I couldn't because I hadn't ridden a horse in over a year. When everyone went on a trail ride in the field, who was left in the golf cart driving along side, me. But after everyone returned from the trail ride I did get to ride her. She did great, cooperated very well for me and I was getting the hang of neck reining. I could actually tell her "Slow walk" and she would do it! I really liked walking a lot better than doing all the stuff in a English lesson. Though, I wanted with all my heart to gallop around on Lily in the field.

The Story of Lily

I eventually try to trot and Lily senses that I am scared, so guess what she does, she just stands there, doing nothing. I was like, "Come on Lily, I can do it." She eventually did a trot and I was so happy. Lily was pretty much teaching me how to ride at my own pace without an instructor. Then, after trotting a lot, I wanted to canter, so with encouragement from my friend Lily she does it for me. I am so happy and now I can actually ride on trails and go all kinds of different places without feeling scared that I was going to fall off. This was more than I could ever ask for in a horse. I now own her and she is my heart.

I was so happy because for once, on trail rides I wasn't the one in the back when everyone was galloping up the grassy hills in the trails. I was in the front with my friends, finally! Since then I have tried to do more stuff with her like standing on her and even galloping. Actually, she would stand there and let me do tricks on her. She was very cooperative when I tried new tricks, even when they didn't work out too well. She actually liked to gallop even though she was 26. She also never tried to get me off, surprisingly. I haven't fallen off of her to this day. We have now been together for more 3 years. I couldn't ask for anything more than her.

Lily turns out to be the best thing that has ever happened to me in my lifetime. She taught me how to ride, literally, and she taught me how to become a better person. Now we can gallop around bareback and jump with no reins and I can even do tricks on her! She knows what I want to do just by the way I position my legs or reins and she is absolutely amazing! She is about to turn 27 and is still doing everything like she is 10 years old. I love her more than anything on this earth and she loves me the same way.

That is why Lily is my life.
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Woot Woot :D Lily is awesome :DD
  20 days ago  •  1,825 views
Dixie Chick  
Great,Great story!!!and thanx to you,now we both get to gallop through the field together!!!!!!!I love my buddy!!and dont worry im not forgetting about you Lily!!
  20 days ago  •  1,848 views
Miss Jessica  
wow,awesome story!
  20 days ago  •  1,832 views
happy day  
awesome story i beat she really means a lot to you
  20 days ago  •  1,852 views
lifes a risk  
great story happy b-day lilly
  19 days ago  •  1,826 views
Thanks everyone ! She is pretty much my world and I will try my best to get a video up of me and her. :)
  19 days ago  •  1,839 views
Run Free  
she beautiful seems like a brilliant horse
  19 days ago  •  1,833 views
Thannks a lot ! :)
  18 days ago  •  1,839 views
She is very gorgeous for her age! Great story, love your guy's bond :) I know how you feel, I have a really strong bond with my horse.
  Nov 10, 2010  •  1,901 views
I have a appy named dominos. She's 5 h.h and really good at jumping. She looks pretty much the same! Except dominos is whiteish and brown spots and brown at her belly
  Nov 30, 2010  •  1,989 views
Carpe Diem  
Great story! :)
  May 28, 2011  •  1,824 views
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