Painted Rain
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I had been looking for a horse since my sister graduateded in May. I had no luck what so ever. All the horsie people in my family were helping me, my aunt and uncle on my dad's side, my other aunt and uncle on my mother's side, and Ellie's(She's my cousin) parents.

Mom and I had been looking at one horse named Lil Blu. We called my Aunt, she said she was too small for me. She suggested a horse called Play Girl. We pulled her up on a web site and I said no. She was a paint, and I thought paints were ugly. I was also still upset about loosing my older paint mare named Cali. I couldn't deal with loosing another.

Mom then pulled up a horse from another site of a paint mare named Rain. "Mom, I want her." I said. Mom called my aunt and we were set to go to Houston to see this horse on Sunday. I waited all week un-patiently. I talked about this horse non-stop. I polished all my best tack up and prepared to see this new mare.

Rain was a horse owned by a 12 year old girl before me. She was bought at a market, then sold to a rescue facility.

Paint horse from rescue center

Finally Sunday came and my Aunt and Uncle picked us up at four in the morning. I was soo excited that I ate five granola bars for breakfast instead of a real meal. It was a long drive, longer than I expected, but it went by fast. When we got down to the Ranch I tacked up Girl then rode her in the round pen. She was a gentle horse and listned very well. I bought her, loaded her up and started home, with me staring at the trailer the entire way.

We got home at four and I lead Rain to Smoke's pasture, expecting her to like him, she kicked him the minute she walked in. I was shocked, Smokey was the gentlest horse on the whole place, and she kicked him? Smokey was hurt(Emotionally), so we ended up taking Rain to my Uncle's place. We put her in a pen and went home. I was sad, I couldn't have my beautiful horse with me yet. I cried myself to sleep that night in fear that she would never come to my home.

Paint horse from rescue centerThe next day I went over and brushed her. She seemed to lift her fight higher as she walked when I was around. I fed her and then it was time to go home. Weeks passed and then finally, it was time to take her home. I saddled up Smokey, and Dad and I rode double to my uncles house where Rain was kept. When we got to Rains pasture wed grabbed Rain's headstall and swung up on her bareback.

Here's what happened exactly. Rain doesn't like for the reins to go over her head. Dad unclipped the reins accidentally and threaded them through his spurs, which were on her shoulders. He clipped the reins back to the headstall. When he climbed on the pipe fence, the spurs hit her in the cheek just as dad jumped on, she moved left trying to get away and he slipped off onto rocks. My Aunt came running out, grabbed Rain and helped dad up. I was scared, dad didn't like horses as it was. If he was hurt really badly, Rain would be someone elses horse.

We untacked the horses, put them back to pasture, loaded dad in the trailer and drove to the hospital. His scapula was broken along with all his back ribs on the right side. Mom was mad at him and Rain, but wasn't going to sell the horse. They both agreed that Rain should stay at my Uncle's.

A week has passed and Dad is healing. Rain is still at my Uncle's and is going for training in a week. I miss her very much and I wish I could ride her. Rain will be gone for training for two weeks. In that time I will ride Smokey and wait paitently for my beautiful Painted Rain to return to me.
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a couple things i dont get...why are your parents blaming the horse when your dad hit her in the cheek with spurs? and why would you get a paint horse when you think they are ugly? and her kicking the other horse meant she was trying to either defend herself (she doesnt know he's gental!) or she was trying to be at the top of the pecking order, horses arent made of glass when a new horse is added scraps WILL happen! this just sounds like a trainwreck to me :/
  Sep 11, 2010  •  2,490 views
I agree 100% with klb111. Maybe you guys should lease a horse for a while to gain some experience on horse ownership.
  Sep 11, 2010  •  2,587 views
Wow, she's a pretty horse! I do suggest that you read Polo's article on getting a new horse, it has some helpful tips on how to keep your horses safe while they establish a pecking order. Although, if keeping her at your uncle's place is the only way your parents will let you keep her...
I was a little confused about another thing, too, that you rode her only once before buying her. Horses(as you probably know) can have good and bad days, so it probably would've been a good idea to have ridden her at least twice.
  Sep 11, 2010  •  2,560 views
Yeah....this was an accident waiting to happen, anyway. I don't think you guys are ready to own a second horse if you don't know how to introduce them safely. See, honey, you can't just let a new horse out with the other, even if he is gentle. She can't see that, and some horses are intimidated by being in a new area with new horses so they try to establish themselves as the high rank. You can't expect for them to nuzzle and groom each other at the start while you watch them contentedly. Horses need to be gradually introduced. Another thing....Paints are not ugly. No horse is ugly. Maybe you just don't like Paints for some reason, but they're not ugly. And...why did you suddenly buy a Paint when you thought they were ugly? And now you love her? It just doesn't make sense. Also, I would have been assisting my dad if he doesn't like horses anyway. He shouldn't be riding if he doesn't like horses, and that's another accident waiting to happen like it did. Your mom and dad should NOT blame
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She's very pretty. She will learn some manners at the trainers & you can continue to develop a bond with her. You have to let horses establish the pecking order. Where we board, when a new horse comes in, they are quarantined for a week & then slowly introduced to the others. My mare Venus is the lead mare & will let any horse know that. Two of the geldings are next one the list... one is about 28 & keeps the youngsters in line & the other is 10 and keeps everyone else in line. It's really interesting to observe. :D Good luck with Rain!
  Sep 11, 2010  •  2,663 views
I do agree with weezapony that you should have ridden her more than once, lunged her worked with her, ect. When I buy a new horse, I ride it at least three times at their place. Better yet, lease the horse so you can work with her isntead of just riding once and buying. I actually prefer training my own horses since I can bond with them better. ^^
  Sep 11, 2010  •  2,637 views
Firstly Spyricle, my dad's ridden all his life, and my family owned a ranch. I looked at the horse and I was thinking paints were ugly cause I lost my mare who was a paint, my mom didn't get what happened when I wrote the article, just keep ur mean comments to yourself!
  Sep 11, 2010  •  2,700 views
Madhatter Barn, just because your dad rode all his life doesn't mean he knows how to ride. I'm not making judgement on anyone, but I have a lot of friends that ride, but really don't know their horse.
  Sep 11, 2010  •  2,755 views
It doesn't make sense to think Paints are ugly when you've lost a horse that was a Paint. I lost a we get rid of all the rest of our Moriesians and then I think all other Moriesians are ugly? Haha. Weird logic there, honey. A person who rides all their life but dislikes horses shouldn't ride. Period.
  Sep 11, 2010  •  2,739 views
Hmm....I reread your post, MadHatter....I really doubt there's such a word as "Firstly", dear. ^-^
  Sep 11, 2010  •  2,739 views
Dad doesn't like horses cause his bro was almost killed, he can ride awesomely, I had owned Cali since i was 2, I just pushed all paints out of my mind, I had to buy the horse that day or I didn't get one, JUST KEEP UR COMMENTS TO URSELF!!!!
  Sep 12, 2010  •  2,739 views
It's never the horse's fault. Accidents happen. No reason to dislike horses. really rushed into it if you couldn't get a horse if you didn't buy Rain. I look very carefully and select my horses, ride them several times and work with them. Do a pre-purchase exam, and talk about the horse's vices or habits. Like Contrary said, you really rushed into this, and that's not what good horse owners do. You will probably be owning this horse for a long time, so taking the time to purchase one is a pretty wise choice. Mom clicks on a Paint....pretty horse, but I'd like to see conformation shots, ride it a lot more than once, and probably not buy it and take it home all in the same day. How do you know if the horse doesn't have unknown diseases or drugged up? Blood tests would prove that. I'm posting my mind, thank you. I have another said if your dad was badly hurt, Rain would be someone else's horse? I would think a broken scapula and ribs is hurt pretty badly. Not t
  Sep 12, 2010  •  2,734 views
Spyricale, just stop posting and leave the article alone, Im not gunna argue with you, the horse was 100% drug free, I rode her bareback when we got her home, she likes to do what she wants and hates spray bottles, she doesn't like to eat out of your hand and she loves to gallop. We had the conformation shots emailed to us. We were trying to get my new horse home, the spurs hit her in the face and she sidestepped before my dad was ready. And that one time with my dad's bro, it was the horses fault, she reared and he slipped off and she purposlly fell on top of him, and yes horses do that.
  Sep 12, 2010  •  2,738 views
Horses will not do that if it's properly trained. There's not such thing as them rearing on top of the person on purpose. Either the person was pulling back and jabbing the horse in the mouth, or she spooked, back problems, etc. Anyways, I do wish you good luck with Rain, though, and I hope your dad heals. I'm not trying to argue. Just posting my own opinion on the matter.

Good day.
  Sep 12, 2010  •  2,739 views
Dad's fine now. Rain is mine forever now but we might be selling Smokey he almost broke her leg today, darned old horse, he's just like a old man except worse.
  Sep 12, 2010  •  2,738 views
i dont get why you have to sell either horse! if you really love them then why not seperate them?? i had to seperate my horses and make them each their own 2 acre pastures out of hot tape, plastic poles and a hammer AND i had to test it myself. if i hadent done that i would've had to sell 2 out of the 4 i had at the time, horses arent just fun and games. and horses dont do things on purpose to hurt/kill people. if you think that then you need to read a book on horsemanship and how a horse thinks and horse/herd behaviour. the first thing i learned when i started riding/training horses was its NEVER EVER EVER THE HORSES FAULT!! its the riders! it may also be the horse telling you something is wrong/doesnt fit right and is hurting.

sorry to ramble on but you sound very inexperianced and it sounds like the horses may be the ones suffering :/
  Sep 12, 2010  •  2,876 views
They aren't they are fed sugar cubes, brushed, cared for, ridden, and more every day. klb111, I have worked and lived on a Ranch, i have done everything you can think of with horses, including deliver a foal with my mom's help. I'm not going to fix a pasture for my horses. Yes that horse did try to hurt my Uncle. After he got him off his back he was almost trampled to death. Everything was all right, with the tack. My incle was doing everything right too.
  Sep 14, 2010  •  2,738 views
so you've supposedly done 'everything' yet you wont fix a fence for the horses you supposedly love?? have you broken a horse to ride and drive? have you doctored a horse, do you know how to identify illnesses, such as colic?? maybe you should sell Rain to someone with more experiance and keep Smoke. You dont need two horses.
  Sep 14, 2010  •  2,876 views
also, horses dont try to hurt or kill people on purpose. I think the movie "Spirit: Stallion of the Cemerron" has warped your brain!
  Sep 15, 2010  •  2,876 views
When reading this many things popped into my head, many of them already written down here in the comments. This sound like irresponsibility and plain inexperience. And blaming the horse for an accident is simply wrong. There are very, very few cases where the horse intentionally hurt someone and in those cases, there's a long story behind. It also seems like you think that just because you live on a Ranch you automatically know exactly what you're talking about? I advise you to think of the horse, take a step back and throughly think about what you're saying here.

Good luck with this, though, and I do hope your father is feeling better. But I still say that you should think of the horses and ask for a professionals advice here. It surely seems like it'd be beneficial for you.
  Sep 18, 2010  •  2,816 views
Back off, klb111, just back off!
  Sep 18, 2010  •  2,738 views
Ok, thanks for not being Rude about it TheLloyd, she's doing better, and were having someone ride her everyday!
For one thing the horse that my uncle was riding was trained but she was really spooky, she did try to hurt my uncle, we'll probably never know why though. Dad's feeling alot better and is now back to work, last night he agreed to get on a horse that my other uncle owned to ride with me. While we were riding, he told me he could learn to like horses again.
  Sep 18, 2010  •  2,738 views
It's great to hear she's doing better, same with your father. :) Even though there are accidents, they're still very scary. And if she really did try to hurt him, there are probably something lurking behind it. And it's great that he's riding! Hopefully you can solve this entire thing, after all, nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it! :D Again, good luck with everything!
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  Sep 18, 2010  •  2,738 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
She's a gorgeous horse !
  Feb 3, 2011  •  2,314 views
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