The Fall - A Tribute to Chip and Our Past
 By Pintie   •   8th Sep 2010   •   4,064 views   •   15 comments
About two years ago, I was finally getting good at riding. My confidence was at an all time high and I was on top of the world. My lesson trainer finally got me to start jumping. This is where my story begins.

Horse Jumping

It was April, so it was the perfect time for a lesson. When Chip was tacked up we went to the arena. My sister on her horse Lily was there along with my trainer and her boyfriend. I warmed up, but the entire time I had a bad gut feeling, but I continued to go on. Then, I saw a horse throw off itís rider and I started to wonder if something similar would happen to me, but I decided to just shake it off. My trainer then told me to canter over a cross pole. I hadnít done that in 5-6 months and I was scared, thinking my previous gut feeling was right. I donít remember much from this point other than picking up the canter and I ended up on the ground. Once on the ground I started to feel around seeing if anything hurt. Then, it started. My arm was in excruciating pain, almost unbearable. My trainer told me to move it, but I could only move it few centimeters max. The first question I asked to my trainer was, "what did I do wrong?". My lesson with this fall and we all headed to the barn to consult my mom.

When I saw my mom, I told her my arm hurt really badly. We went to a doctor for x-rays and found out I had broken my radius and ulna in my arm, putting me out of the saddle for two and half months. This all happened because of my trainer being unsafe. I first had a cast that was from almost my shoulder all the way down to my fingertips. My second was a little smaller, but not much. I would sit in my room and cry thinking what I could have done different, but there was nothing. Pain Killers wouldnít help either and I was cooped inside sitting there, empty.

When I finally got out of my cast I was scared to ride. I would worry that it would happen again and I also developed a fear of horses. I would run through my mind what could happen. I think I would cry myself to sleep constantly worrying. My confidence was shattered into pieces and I was just about helpless. I wanted to quit, but something in my soul told me continue on, the same feeling I had before the fall.

Then, one day I started to ride Chip, trying to face my fear. I got better and better, knowing Chip would be gentle to me. I was cautious but he guided me through the way. I would cry thanking him for helping me through this. Every milestone we made, I cried.

Horse Jumping

We built our bond and so far, it hasnít been broken. When I jumped for the first time since the fall, my eyes were shut, just like they were that day. Now, every time I jump, I shut my eyes automatically. Without Chip, I wouldnít be where I am today. This true tribute to my pony who has been there for me through all my up and downs. I really donít know where I would be physically and mentally without him.

I love you, Chip.
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Painted Destiny  
Chip's beautiful!! Is he your horse?
  Sep 8, 2010  •  2,021 views
MissP  MOD 
It is always good to have a horse that helps you get back your confidence after an accident like that. But it is important that everyone realizes that horse riding is a dangerous activity, its never good to blame the professional for your accidents.
  Sep 8, 2010  •  2,213 views
how was your trainer being unsafe?
  Sep 8, 2010  •  2,034 views
Clover-I understand that I shouldn't. Those are my most pics that are half decent
Dressage-Yes he is all mine :D
Miss Paradox-Thank you. This article On any way way not supposed to be misdemeaning. I tried not to blame anyone, but myself. She just couldn't find what was right with Chip and I.
Purplhors-Read what I said to Miss Paradox at the end :)
  Sep 8, 2010  •  2,026 views
Purplhors: Pinties trainer was being unsafe, by that she was told to canter into the jump.. something she hasn't done for months. So her trainer should of started off slowly first, the gradually work up to the point of cantering into the jump.brI envy you for having such a trustworthy and beautiful pony! :-)
  Sep 9, 2010  •  2,082 views
Dixie Chick  
I TOTALLY AGREE WITH ASTER OF CHINA!!plus,i actually know that trainer and she is currently training at another barn now do to reasons that pintie mad get mad at me if I reveal and that trainer has caused many problems and is very reckless and i would never recommend her to anyone.NO AFFENCE.(ask pintie if you want to know,not me.I will probably only end up telling you have of the story on accident.
  Sep 9, 2010  •  2,049 views
Dixie Chick  
  Sep 9, 2010  •  2,049 views
Dixie Chick  
*half not have
  Sep 9, 2010  •  2,049 views
Stone Creek Ranch II  
sorry how is this yor trainers fault? What was her being unsafe?
  Sep 9, 2010  •  2,043 views
Prarie Rose  
Chip seems like an awesome horse. :)
  Sep 9, 2010  •  2,024 views
Dixie Chick  
She made Pintie canter him over a jump and she had not done this in 5/6 months and her trainer knew that but made her do it anyway,even though that pintie was not comfortable with this and needed to start out slow.
  Sep 9, 2010  •  2,049 views
Thanks Dixie Chick for explaining Everything :)

Thanks Prarie Rose, he is :)

Aster of China, Thanks so much :D
  Sep 12, 2010  •  2,026 views
Inactive Member  
that trainer really shouldn't be where she is now! Lucky you had Chip to boast your confidence!
  Nov 1, 2010  •  2,051 views
He's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
My new horse looks kinda like him.
  Dec 6, 2010  •  2,065 views
Carpe Diem  
Aww, sweet. (:
What did your instructor do that made you unsafe? I'm fuzzy about what exactly happened. :P
  Mar 12, 2012  •  2,033 views
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