Going for World's Oldest Horse Record
 By solo25   •   2nd Sep 2010   •   9,531 views   •   10 comments
At our yard we have a 40 year old horse that is going strong and is hopeing to get the world record. Tessa was the first horse at Contessa Stables, so they named the stables after her, but we all call her Tessa or Bean.

Worlds oldest horse

Tessa is the sweetest little pony and we love her to bits along with all of the horses down at the yard. She loves to work, so she still does light lead rein work. She is still going strong and we know the record is hard to beat, but Tessa is the cutest little pony that has served many fathful years at Contessa Stables. When her time is right she will retire completely, but for now she continues to teach many kids to ride and we hope she can have a good memory of being the worlds oldest horse when she dies. Even if she doesn't make the title, she will always be remmbered at Contessa Stables and will be missed terribley, but we hope we won't have to think about that for a long time!
Worlds oldest horse

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Dixie Chick  
cool!!Sundancer's horse is 27(she is turning 27 this year or is already 27.)Ther is also another horse i know that is 36!
  Sep 2, 2010  •  6,045 views
Riders Up Ranch  
Nice article :) So what is the age of the oldest horse? I still have my very first pony, she is now 33 years old and also still does some light riding lessons for children. I got her when she was 3 years old, sold her when I had outgrown her and then she came back to me in 2007.
  Sep 2, 2010  •  6,027 views
I actully ride a pony that is 45, he only has 2 years to get hit the world record for the oldest pony. He still acts like he is 2 and kids come and ride him for lessons. He still gallops, jumps 2 feet easily, bucks, rears, and is a total brat. I have now been riding him for 5 years now and he was actully my pony for a while. He is a 13hh POA gelding.
  Sep 2, 2010  •  6,031 views
Well, try but just enjoy your horses.
  Sep 4, 2010  •  6,044 views
All That Jazz  
Dana, I just found out that the new Oldest Pony record changed to 56 years! So Sonny has to go at least another 11 years (which I hopes he lives longer than :D)
  Sep 4, 2010  •  6,021 views
Actually the record is 62 :)
  Sep 4, 2010  •  6,061 views
PONY is 56 and HORSE is 62! :)
  Sep 4, 2010  •  6,031 views
My neighbors have a pony that is 50 years old and so timid and mellow that they just leave his stall door open and he wanders around the property during the daytime.
  Sep 6, 2010  •  6,039 views
good luck
  43 days ago  •  6,067 views
Castaway Wish  
The big ages to defeat are: 56, 66, 54, 53, 62, and 55.
  3 days ago  •  6,041 views
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