Free to Use Horse Images
 By Valkyrie   •   13th Sep 2010   •   8,191 views   •   7 comments
I was getting so astronomically sick and tired of finding stolen Google images here on Ponybox and having to report them, that I have decided to try combat it by offering free horse images that members can use as-is.

I will try and keep them updated as often as possible.

Free to use horse images

If anyone else wants to "donate" free pics of their own horses, or images they themselves have taken, please credited them in a similar fashion to how I have done it. Dimensions should be 512 px in width, and the image should already be the proper uploadable size. I will not resize it for you.

MODS: I do not play Morgan, Pegasus or PB3 as The Black Kiwi (as you may notice, my name on here being Black Hauraki). If you find anyone on either of those servers with that name and claiming these images as theirs, feel free to take them down.

Included in this article are some of the images. More can be located at the following barn on Nokota:

There is a list of rules on the barnpage, but just to be sure I am going to list them here, too.

Each one of the below pictures is free to use as-is on any of your pixels here on Ponybox.

NONE are to be used for PB3 banners.

Properly credited images such as these will not get you into trouble with the Moderators like stolen Google images will.

Leave all credits and words as they are. Do not attempt to smudge, cut, blur or write over them.

You do not need to alert me as to which server, barn or horses you are using them for. Although I would appreciate a quick note if it isn't too much trouble.

Free to use horse images

Free to use horse images
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Softball Girl  
I like the pictures!!!
  Sep 13, 2010  •  5,521 views
Good pictures....I can't stress it enough that Ponybox has its own picture site PonyLabs....If you are looking stock images Check there first!!! Many Members have uploaded their stuff as well as some Jeff and his team have uploaded. Most of the members are willing to let you use their pictures as stock as long as you can credit them properly.....Just be sure to read their Stock Rules and message them before using.
  Sep 14, 2010  •  5,491 views
wow thanks heaps they are all gorgeous! Love them :)
  Sep 14, 2010  •  5,604 views
Kiwi, the only reason i use google images is that all the pictures that are supposedly legal(like yours) have words all over the horses, so i can't use them for graphics.
  Sep 19, 2010  •  5,512 views
Valkyrie   MOD 
Weber: That's not true. Stock photos are available from DeviantArt without "words all over the horses". I only put words on these ones because these are not to be used for graphics. If you would like to see original versions I will gladly give you my DeviantArt link so you can check them out :)
  Sep 20, 2010  •  5,493 views
Oh, that's why it didn't work! all this time i thought it was spelled Devianart, and it was really Deviantart! :) I tried Deviantart first, but the article i had spelled it wrong! Thanks Black Hauraki!
  Sep 21, 2010  •  5,512 views
Valkyrie   MOD 
No problem, mate haha.
  Sep 21, 2010  •  5,493 views
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