My Riding Life
 By BowyChicka   •   14th Sep 2010   •   3,900 views   •   21 comments
Early 2009 I started riding at a No Name barn. It was amazing, my instructor spoke fluent French and you could barely understand her. She put me on a Gelding named Jesse. Jesse was about 15.3hh at age 6 and was an all brown Quarter Horse. At that time I was 12 and about 4 feet 9 inches tall. I loved him and rode him for about 2 months until he was sold to another barn. That same day I was put on an off the track Thoroughbred named Jamila, who had won 5 out of 8 races. She went lame during her race career so they pulled her out of the track. Jamila was an amazing pure black horse with one tiny star, She stood about 16 hands to my 4ft9 inches. She had to wear Side Reins, I was on the lunge for about 4 months, except on Saturdays, I never rode on the lunge.

Riding accident

After about 4 months riding her I was learning to jump. When jumping Jamila she always went into a full gallop. I always slowed her down to a nice canter right before the jump. I was jumping about 2'9" after 3 months. One day Jamila was in such a bad mood, in heat I think, when my accident happened while jumping at 2'6". We were cantering to the jump and my trainer wanted me to jump without reins, so I did. After landing I scurried for my reins and she went to a full speed Gallop around the arena. I tried to get my reins all sorted but I couldnt, becuase I was holding on for dear life. My trainer was yelling at me to stop her when the rear and buck happened.

After about 4 minutes at a full gallop she stopped suddenly and reared up high. I held onto the mane and then she landed and started a full gallop. No walk, trot or canter, just a gallop! No, I did NOT ask for her to gallop on. When trying to pull her in a tight circle she bucked on me. I finally gave up and fell off. I was slammed into the wall and Jamila still went racing around the arena. I was extremely lucky that I didnt brake anything, just a few bruises. It was super painful. After about 1 month the same thing happened, except I was going over a 3'3" jump. I complety came off after she stopped dead. Nobody else could even ride her, not even the owner! I was just me trying to jump her.

I had lost interest after being scared out of my body riding. My trainer made me jump, I didn't decide, she did.

After that accident I never rode her again and was put onto Gus. A gelding draft who was majorly trained in Dressage. I taught him to jump and we continued to jump about 2'3". I almost went to my first show with Gus, but unfortunately he went lame along with some sort of shoulder problem.

Riding accident

After the accident and Gus going lame I stopped riding for a while. Finally, I really wanted to ride again so I went to Woodside Riding School. I was put on a horse name Kamen, and 19 year old Flea-bitten grey mare, standing 14.2hh. I`ve been riding her for about 1 year and 2 months. I will not be jumping on Kamen nor showing, just leasing. I have currently been working at the barn doing chores like turning out horses, feeding and mucking stalls. I love it. Who would have thought mucking stalls is fun?

Riding accident

When I can prove my parents I`m ready for more responsibility and get good marks in school, I can get a horse of my own. Finnallllyy! I can have a horse called "mine" and only I can ride her. I`m so excited!
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your fall was completely your instructors fault, what so-called 'professional' would tell one of her students to jump without reins on a horse that bolts after each jump? i'd fire her after that! you could've been killed!!
  Sep 14, 2010  •  2,093 views
I love to muck stalls. All of my non horsey friends can't believe I would rather muck stalls that shop....granted I would rather do basically anything than shop.
  Sep 14, 2010  •  2,087 views
that must have been scary, one time when i had a pony ride at the local fair the horse I was on reared at the end of the ride so I got another free ride and hey I hope you get your own horse but I would do ANYTHING!!! just to get 1 riding lesson... so consider yourself one lucky girl!
  Sep 15, 2010  •  2,115 views
i wish i had a horse i can call MINE lol. i have to share my horse and pony with my sis, but then somehow my mum gets her own horse. UNFAIR lol
anyway nice article :)
  Sep 15, 2010  •  2,135 views
Riders Up Ranch  
your trainer never should have had you riding that mare at all let alone jumping. That is terrible that you had to go through that. I love the pics. Who is the draft horse in the last couple pics? Looks like you are at some kind of show with him. Is he a shire cross?
  Sep 15, 2010  •  2,094 views
Thats Gus, we usually call him Mack though. :P Yes I was, I was warming him up. This is when he went lame, nope Clyde! :DD
  Sep 15, 2010  •  2,167 views
I agree with klb111. Yet, your instructor shouldn't of put you the TB again after your first fall, it sounded to of been a hefty fall!
Gus it beautiful! :-)
  Sep 18, 2010  •  2,145 views
That's why it's called having a mouth and using it.

If you knew the horse galloped after jumping, then you should of said something like "Excuse me, I don't feel comfortable jumping on this horse."

If the trainer pushes you to do so, get off or just don't go and repeat, "I don't feel comfortable."

It's not all the trainers fault, it is partially yours as well for not speaking up.

Humans make mistakes, and nobody can read a horses mind and figure out what they are going to do next.

So next time, open your mouth and say that you don't feel comfortable jumping the horse if you know the horse gallops off.

I have jumped without reigns plenty of times and maybe the trainer thought you were ready. Who knows.

But again, if you don't like something, speak. That's why you have a mouth.

  Sep 18, 2010  •  2,113 views
And for those who don't agree on putting a person on a TB after a fall, then you need to look closer into horses.

Not all TB's are bad, same with not all pitbulls are bad.

So it doesn't matter really what kind of horse it is.

  Sep 18, 2010  •  2,113 views
Americano Freedom Stables  
koda22 my trainer makes me do stuff even when i dont want to so you cant get mad at her besides its about trusting your trainer is it not?
  Sep 18, 2010  •  2,215 views
Kay listen Koda.
I was perfectly confident on her, I was fine. UNTILL I came OFF. Then I started loosing it.
Yes, I DID tell her. Didnt listen. I WANTED to ride.
And I still did.
My new trainers think I'm a present from above because I'm still riding from that.
  Sep 19, 2010  •  2,167 views
Falling of the same horse twice and still riding doesn't exactly make you an angel....I know a girl that was dragged the full distance of an arena by her barrel horse at a full gallop....She still rides. I've fallen of more times than I can count...many at a gallop...and I still ride.
  Sep 19, 2010  •  2,087 views
Haha. It's funny to listent to people telling others that they're a "present from above" just because they survived a slam in the wall. Our dressage stallion fell on his side during some warm-ups, and dislocated my shoulder. I got right back on and continued to ride with my shoulder in a dislocated state. I continue riding after that happened. No, I'm not a present from above.
  Sep 19, 2010  •  2,094 views
"My trainers are surpised that I'M STILL RIDING."
I dont care what YOU think.
Thats your fault, not mine.
Would you want to be going like 30mpf on a RACEHORSE?? Didint think so.
  Sep 20, 2010  •  2,167 views
Suprised is a much better word. And yes I have terrible need for speed so I would love to go 30mph on a trained racehorse...granted without reins would probably be a bad idea.
  Sep 20, 2010  •  2,087 views
I've gone full gallop on a few horses, and gotten slammed into fencing, etc. No, the fall wasn't my fault. Our stallion spooked and fell. =/ I do not see how it can be my fault.....hmmm....I guess your fall was all your fault, also.

And you're supposed to get back on the horse after you fall, sweetie. It's a common rule of riding. Your trainers shouldn't be surprised at all. Yes, I'll give you a gold medal for continuing to ride. Psh.
  Sep 20, 2010  •  2,094 views
I guess it was, but I didnt really care. Yes, I did get on and ride again. After I fell I still rode for 2 more months. I wanted to stop.
No thanks..
  Sep 20, 2010  •  2,167 views
I guess it was. But I really dont care...Personally.

I did get back on, after the fall in was put onto GUS. AKA Mack. Did you read it all??!!

No thanks..
  Sep 20, 2010  •  2,167 views
Yes, I did read it all. ^-^ I do know you were put on Gus....but what does that have to do with it? You're supposed to get back on the same horse and work your problems out, if it's possible.
  Sep 21, 2010  •  2,090 views
I know, I would get back on her but the barn I was at has shurt down. :
  Sep 23, 2010  •  2,167 views
Seven Sins  
great story glad you are still able to ride
  56 days ago  •  2,085 views
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