The Saving of Argus - Kept in Pen for 16 Years
 By Llama In A Box   •   17th Sep 2010   •   3,637 views   •   14 comments
This is the story of Argus, the 16 year old thoroughbred gelding who was kept in the same pen for 16 years. The major question that Katie Moor, the foster carer for Argus, was asking was, "How do you rehabilitate a horse that has barely moved for 16 years?"

In our terms, this would be like living in a 10x12 metre pen for 16 years of our life. Not being able to run, jump or cartwheel.

The Saving of Argus
Pen where Argus was previously held

"The cloud of November seemed to settle on Argus. Sick with pigeon fever, Argus moped around, fighting fevers that occasionally zoomed to 105 degrees. I hovered around him, wishing desperately to give him relief. Finally, the abscess ready to lance, Dr. Miller came for a visit. After having his huge chest lanced, Argus felt some relief! I am pleased to say that he is now well on the road to recovery."

The Saving of Argus
After having his huge chest lanced, Argus felt some relief!

At his new home, Argus was terrified - too scared to let Katie rug him, and afraid that if he was shut in the stable that he would be kept there for a very long time. He didn't like to be touched, or any sudden movements. The paddock in which he was to be kept allowed him space to trot, something which he was incapable of doing in his previous stall, if you could call it that. Dr Miller, the vet in charge of looking after Argus, discovers that he has barely any muscle and that his tendons and ligaments are not at all strong. On their first walk together, it took Katie nearly 30 minutes to walk Argus 50 feet. From then on, she knew it was going to be a long journey until Argus gained trust.

The next day, Argus was let out into the paddock and decided to explore. At his first attempt of cantering, his hind gave way and he ended up sitting "like a dog". Gradually, Katie was allowed to groom Argus he and allowed her to be close enough to touch him.

The Saving of Argus

When Katie was shown photos of the old home where Angus was kept, she was horrified. A white horse, covered in dirt, swinging his head from side to side and side stepping. A feed cart filled with white bread and rotting lettuce, the water bucket filled with dirt. Garbage lying around near the inclosure.

The photos shocked Katie to realise just how much dirt had been caked onto Argus's body before she was allowed to groom and wash him. His mane was matted, 30cm long and stuck to his body in dirt. Katie was in tears by the end of the photos, and later that day when she went to visit Argus she was in tears again when he attempted a nicker towards her.

Luckily for all of us, this story has a happy ending. Argus now spends his days turned out in the paddock with other horses, attempting to buck and trying to gallop, while enjoying human attention.

To see Argus and his progress, visit:

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Beautiful story :) Glad he is in good hands. People are so ignorant and just dont care :( Poor horse. He will be happy with Katie though :)
  Sep 17, 2010  •  2,285 views
Ruffians Stable  
Great story. I always love it when people actually care enough to rescue horses. I'm glad he is doing great and in a new home.
  Sep 17, 2010  •  2,426 views
go little argus :) you are so cute! if that ever happened to any of my ponies or is still happeneing to any pony for that matter.. stuff the people who caused it. they deserve to die...
  Sep 17, 2010  •  2,316 views
Wow! some people just don't deserve to own a horse. Kinda like some on here.
  Sep 17, 2010  •  2,292 views
Mystic Magic  
I have herd this story a few times before, well I think its the same horse, its so sad, that poor horse, I am surprised he lasted the 16 years in the pen. Poor thing. Good that he is well looked after now and has a chance to live some of his life well.
  Sep 17, 2010  •  2,384 views
Dark Star  
Stupid people shouldn't have horses,we used to have this one horse at our barn, she was bought by 1st time owners at an auction, 300lbs under weight! So they just put her out to pasture with no supplements or anything and never visited the barn management took control of the situation and she gained 10 lbs in 3 days.
  Sep 17, 2010  •  2,266 views
My horse was a rescue, but it was not this bad.
Have a good rest of your life!
  Sep 18, 2010  •  2,293 views
oh the poor thing I am sooo glad it turned out well for him, my friends and I want to open up an animal rescue and we will rescue horses as well as many other animals.
  Sep 19, 2010  •  2,297 views
Sonic Illusion  
I am addicted to her blog now!!
  Sep 19, 2010  •  2,298 views
Llama In A Box  
Sonic Illusion - That's fantastic! I particularly liked her blog too haha. =] Very worthwhile read.

I'm impressed by the lovely responses to this post...=]
  48 days ago  •  2,298 views
Whose Katie? The story hopped around a bit and I got lost-- but I'm glad Argus is safe!
  Dec 13, 2012  •  2,361 views
Poor Argus. He looks so sad and unkempt :( Get well Argus!
  Dec 14, 2012  •  2,650 views
gosh how can people let it happen
  Dec 15, 2012  •  2,301 views
Wow I can't believe how some people treat animals. This is a sad story but I am glad that it had a happy ending!!!
  Jun 7, 2013  •  2,340 views
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