Trail Horse Turned Show Horse
 By Dark Star   •   19th Sep 2010   •   4,258 views   •   12 comments
My horse, Archie, is the type of horse that was bred to stand in a pasture. Good for nothing...or so we thought.

Trail Horse Turned Show Horse

Back when I got Archie, 3 years ago, he was a fat, little trail horse, barely standing 14.3 hands, that was ridden twice a year at most. He was happy just standing around with his pasture mates, who were big time barrel horses. Well, he was my first horse, I had been riding for a few years, but I wanted to get into showing. My mom kept saying, "We'll look" or "We'll see", when finnally our friends were giving their horse away. My mom told me about Archie and I was so excited, we were going to see him in a few days. Those days drug by. Finally, we went out to the small farm he was kept. He was so odd-ly colored, but he was eye catching. The owners said he was a registered Quarter horse, though they didn't have his papers, soon it came to my attention that was a lie. I lead Archie around and groomed him, he was pretty, but he was out of shape, but me, never owning a horse before, didn't think much of it. I saddled him up and rode him around, he was calm, though he would think before he did what you asked, once again, I overlooked it. I fell in love with the little gelding.

We had to wait 3 weeks till we could finnaly find a place to board him. I was so excited to get him. I would pet him and groom him, but I didn't have a saddle yet, so I couldn't ride him. I finnaly got a saddle in about a week, and I went right home and saddled him up.

I jumped on Archie and walked him around. I had never loped this horse. I trotted him after a few minutes of walking, but his trot was unbareable. I asked him to lope a few minutes later, and this horse went wild, he started bucking and threw me into a nearby thorn bush. I, like the coward I was at the time, just unsaddled him and put him back in his pasture. Yes, now I regret that, cause from then on I rarely rode him. I didn't fear all horses, I just feared this horse. I rode him again a few months later, but this time he didn't flip when I loped him, I kept his head up. Then one of the people that lived at the barn asked to ride him. They had a bit more experience with horses so I said he could, of course, Archie wasn't happy about it. He asked to lope him and, like the idiot I was, said sure. He asked Archie to lope and Archie threw his head down and bucked, then spun and galloped out from under him. He had to go to the hospital later that week from a back injury sustained from the fall. We took Archie to my trainer later that month. He tried to throw her and she put him in his place, he didn't buck again for months. I rode him happily around the feild and he would lope easily. I still didn't ride him much, due to no time, but I did take him to a camp and it ended in disaster of course, he tried to throw me several times.

This mayham repeated again and again for 2 years.

Finally, in May of 2010, I was able to move Archie to a local riding stable, with an indoor arena and everything. I got into competing more, training more then ever since I was out of school. I took Archie to the fair at the end of June and he took 3 firsts, 5 seconds, and a fourth. Then I took him to more and morse shows, though I never brought home a first, millions of seconds though. He beat out many high class speed horses in most events, taking 2nd in pole bending by 1 second.

Trail Horse Turned Show Horse

Trail Horse Turned Show Horse

Then everything went downhill... Archie went wild after school started again, due to the fact I couldn't ride him everyday. Archie was the type to flip out when he was spooked. He flipped out when my mom was about to ride him, so my trainer told me to lunge him in the round pen. I lead Archie out to the round pen and started lunging him. He decided he didn't want to be lunged, so he decided he would stop. He ran full speed into the gate of the round pen. I stopped him and lead him back to the barn (without a lead rope) so he was walking sideways, and I'm fighting him with his halter till finally I get him into the stud stall and manage to get the door closed before he slams into it, rearing up and kicking the wall. At the same time my trainer is having a lesson, so these kids are seeing me trying to control this crazy horse. I explain my situation to my trainer and she finishes up her lesson then comes to help. I grab a lead rope and open the stall, stopping him mid rear. I clipped the lead rope on him and lead him out, smaking him everytime he charged against the lead. I finnally make it out to the round pen and let him loose in the round pen, my trainer taking the lead rope. I sent him loping around the round pen again, and again, he attacked the gate, this time getting wacked in the head, then he finnaly reared up and landed on the round pen fence. We finish lunging him on the lunge line and I then tacked him up and rode him a bit. He was so tired he walked for an hour, so my mom jumped on him and I rode Dallas (my leased horse). Thats where we are now with Archie. Hopefully things will get better soon.
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Fantasy Farms  
He is very pretty!
  8 days ago  •  2,813 views
He is pretty,and I am sure things will get better. Just keep trying and working. He seems like he gets penned up energy when you do not work him continuously. I know how that is. Keep your trainer and let her lunge him before you ride him when you have not ridden that much. Are you in 4-H? Just wondering. He looks like a nice horse, and he will get better with training. Looking forward to hearing about more progress later.
  8 days ago  •  2,818 views
Dark Star  
Thanks guys! Dreamer- yes, thats where I was in the bottem 2 photos. I actually had a show this last Saturday. Archie tried to kill me, but he ended up with a 6th, a 5th, 3 4ths, and a 3rd. We had 4 pole classes and 4 barrel classes. He nearly flipped over in our first pole class cause it started at 10pm -_- (very dangerous) then he was ok for the rest of the pole classes. He almost went threw the fence in his first barrel class, but was fine in the rest of his barrel classes (getting 4th in open barrels)
These people had no idea how to run a show, because barrels ended at 12:30am and they had 2 lights in the arena (you couldn't see the end of the arena)
  7 days ago  •  2,792 views
What kind of bridal is that? In the first pic.
  6 days ago  •  2,794 views
Dark Star  
It's a twisted snaffle with a hackamore...This horse doesn't have brakes, so they are like his mechanical brakes.
  6 days ago  •  2,792 views
Ouch poor horsey. Stopping is a good thing for horses to know. The hackamore part should be lower towards his muzzle...rode my ex reining horse in a hack for years...
  5 days ago  •  2,795 views
Dark Star  
No, it shouldn't, that bridle is actually very loose. I barrel race him in that, so he needs increased control, galloping at high speeds. I show him in a correction bit for pleasure and stuff
  4 days ago  •  2,791 views
Your opinion and mine....won't force mine on you...I run my barrel racer in a snaffle
  3 days ago  •  2,793 views
Dark Star  
This horse was trail ridden in a snaffle for 12 years, I have tried it on him, he reared up and bucked when I asked him to gallop. He thinks he can be lazy in one, so we turned it up a knotch
  3 days ago  •  2,791 views
DejaVu  MOD 
Your bit is VERY severe. Anyone that says otherwise doesn't know what they're talking about.
You don't stop horse with a bit, you need to train him. not just put a stronger bit and expect him to know what you want.
Has a vet checked and cleared his back/mouth/legs?? Have you gotten your saddle fit checked?? A healthy horse does not rear and buck if it's been fine for riding before. If your trainer has not considered all of those options, you need a different trainer who has horse's best interest in mind.
  Oct 26, 2010  •  2,844 views
Sonic Illusion  
I ride my barrel racer in a double twisted wire. Only because he needs it. I use a wonder bit for performance. I believe that using different bits helps your horse to know what his purpose is.
  Oct 26, 2010  •  2,922 views
Dark Star  
Yes he was just seen by a vet, and Sonic, I use a correction bit in pleasure riding. Deja - Its the only bit he really listens in...I mean, he doesn't entirely ride very well in the correction bit, but its ok. He is extreamly picky on HOW he is ridden. He is my stubborn bi-polar trail pony that tries to be a contesting/show horse...he just acts up some days.
  Oct 26, 2010  •  2,791 views
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