Ella Dies at the Age of 30 from Mouth Tumor
 By solo25   •   17th Sep 2010   •   6,621 views   •   24 comments
Contessa Riding Centre

Ella (Arabella), the oldest foal of Marrieter, who had 3 Arab foals at Contessa Riding Centre, was put to sleep at the age of 30. Ella tryed to eat some hay earlier today but blood just ended up on it. She had a big lumb in her mouth that we all hoped was nothing, but sadly it was serious. Later we heard the gun shot and cringed as she was dragged away.
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doesn't have much info?
  36 days ago  •  3,077 views
Um, have you never heard of eunthunization? Shooting horses isn't really legal these days. The fact that she was 'shot and dragged away' is very morbid. :/
  36 days ago  •  3,125 views
Red Rescue  
Thats it? Where is the rest of the story???? They should have put her to sleep the humane way not shoot her with a gun and drag her away!!
  36 days ago  •  3,128 views
Way too short to be an article. I'm guessing you just posted a "quickie" for sympathy. Sorry the horse got a tumor, but that's the complete hill billy, inhumane, and illegal way of doing things. Uncle Ed can't afford for euthanization, so decides to shoot her in the head and drag the poor mare away. Very disappointed in this. That poor mare deserved at least a dignified ending.
  36 days ago  •  3,065 views
What is wrong with people? How could they just shoot the animal and forget all about her, like she is a piece of trash. That is animal cruelty. I am tearing up just think about how that poor horse lost her life.
  36 days ago  •  3,285 views
that is really sad! they should have euthanased her though it is much nicer and it would have been better if you could have included more info about the horse and the condition of the story.
  36 days ago  •  3,444 views
Softball Girl  
I wish horses never get sick and die because horses are like us but only live a shorter time!!!!!!
  36 days ago  •  3,446 views
Dixie Chick  
That is super-sad....
  36 days ago  •  3,441 views
Sorry to read about the horse, as for putting a animal down via gun shot it isn't illegal in some states. Some people may want to take into consideration each country is different and we don't know the full story behind what happen to this little mare. I've posted article on here before and had wait for it to be proof read by the owner in order for it to be posted. So vets don't offer to put a animal to sleep for free, I've got a friend of mine who's dog had contracted rabies and he wound up shooting the dog because it was too dangerous to be handled.

Again sorry to read about the horse at least she isn't hurting anymore.
  35 days ago  •  3,487 views
R.I.P Ella
  35 days ago  •  3,465 views
slip of the tongue i was at school i don't know if it was a gun or not and your right ladybell you don't know the full story! i just said that, sorry it was a slip off the tongue so please stop posting rude comments and thank you halfbrokehorses and lady bell.
  34 days ago  •  3,430 views
oh and ella had a tumor so she had to be put down she was in pain she couldn't eat i don't know much about putting down i put shot as slip off the tongue i am sorry but i don't know what happened it is NOT animal cruelty i know that!
  34 days ago  •  3,430 views
Slip off the tongue...that's so cute. ^^ Sweetie, there's such a thing called "vets", who use a needle to quietly put the horse to sleep. If you are going to own horses, you need to know about putting them down. Research. I do not think it was a "slip off the tongue" when you're typing, AND you said you guys heard a gun shot. I'm pretty sure you know what that is.
  34 days ago  •  3,424 views
look just leave this alone ok i don't know what happened just leave it! slip of the tongue EXPRESSION!!!!!!!!!!! for just a way of putting it not nessersarly what happened just a way of putting it ok!
  34 days ago  •  3,430 views
i know she was put to sleep ok! thats what i was told leave it
  34 days ago  •  3,430 views
In a cruel manner, might I add. If you heard a gun shot, then she was shot. You can't begin changing the story, dear.
  34 days ago  •  3,424 views
its just a way of putting it i was told she was put down and thats all i am sorry that i put it that way it was as i said a slip off the tongue, an expresssion. i don't know how she was put down but normaly i guess, as i said i don't know loads about putting down i just assumed it was the normal thing to do sorry.
  33 days ago  •  3,430 views
Miss Mustang  
Ella was a fantastic horse. you'll never be forgotten. and stop the nasty comments please!
  12 days ago  •  3,434 views
yeah dont be mean she was put down in a nice way so dont be horrid
  19 hours ago  •  3,435 views
I'm being horrid? Nice one, sweeties. Shooting a horse IS a horrid way to put it down, rather than the calm injection.
  Oct 27, 2010  •  3,416 views
For God sakes everyone takes every word so seriously i mean i was at school how the would i know what happened, i told you i thought that was the normal thing to do, i guessed. she was put down a kind way and you don't even know the whole story, listen to me I GUESSED!!!!!!
  Oct 27, 2010  •  3,430 views
  Oct 31, 2010  •  3,524 views
yeh, people juice up storys to get them posted! people take little details so seriously!!!!! people make mistakes and put words wrong, i agree esme i think you should pick on some one else you will find a lot of people have put words wrong and made mistakes and i am shore they HATE being RUDELY commented on by people that don't even know the whole story as well
  Oct 31, 2010  •  3,431 views
I really dislike it when people always go back on their words as an excuse. If you're writing an article, don't type things up that are wrong or didn't actually happen. Simple as that.
  Nov 6, 2010  •  3,419 views
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