New trainers and gifts coming soon!
 By PonyBox   •   28th Oct 2009   •   6,339 views   •   42 comments
As the release of PB3 phase II nears we will be releasing some new gifts and trainers. You can view the sketches of some of these new additions below.

We are still on track with releasing phase II soon and will make a news post here a day or two before it goes live on the site.

Due to the large number of new features and additions with phase II it is going to be broken up into 2 releases about 2 weeks apart. The PB Mayor option has been moved to the later portion of the Phase II release because of some dislikes with the original design.

One feature we forgot to mention in previous news post is the breeding option. This is being developed now and we expect to be live on the site sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The breeding module will be more extensive and realistic than PB2. More research and effort will need to go into your decisions on choosing horses to breed if you expect to have a good conformation foal. New technologies such as DNA research will need to be developed to achieve better tools to determine defects in Studs and Brood mares.

Another feature that is packaged in with the Phase II release is field and weather conditions. Each horse will have different playing abilities in different types of turf. It will be up to you to find out each of your horses strengths and weaknesses on different field conditions so that you can team up the right horses on the field when the weather turns bad.

Just a few more of the plethora of new features to look out for in the near future are more stats for horses and members, goals scored by each horse, wager PB's on matches, horse height and weight controls, breeding and stud fees, view your facility and construct buildings on your property to add more controls to your account, adjust bit tension, add bling to your forum and message posts and so much more!

Get ready for Phase II soon!

Jeff Ness
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Dancing Equine  
Beautiful art!
  Oct 28, 2009  •  1,930 views
Moody Farms  MOD 
Sounds great Jeff! As usual, I'm excited!
  Oct 28, 2009  •  1,893 views
T W I  
Wow, I am so excited! Thanks so much for all these wonderful updates!
  Oct 28, 2009  •  1,955 views
Wind Grove Farm  
Wow I am SO excited!! Can't wait, Jeff!
  Oct 28, 2009  •  2,038 views
Balla Eclectic  MOD 
WOW Jeff, that all sounds fantastic. Plethora is a bit of an understatement I think - LOL.
  Oct 28, 2009  •  1,981 views
Snow Ridge  
Sounds incredibly awesome and UNIQUE!
  Oct 28, 2009  •  2,195 views
Magik Rose Farm  
Sweet! This game just keeps getting better and better!
  Oct 28, 2009  •  2,018 views
Balla Eclectic  MOD 
Just took a closer look at the sketches - luv the goldfish and the dog in the bag. Did you model for any of the trainer sketches Jeff? LOL
  Oct 28, 2009  •  1,978 views
Wow! What an incredible amount of detail and variety! Looking forward to this...
  Oct 28, 2009  •  1,996 views
PythonPonyPalaces   MOD 
Great news! I can't wait! Thanks so much, Jeff!
  Oct 29, 2009  •  1,969 views
Cante is on PB3  
Thanks for all the hard work Jeff!
  Oct 29, 2009  •  1,975 views
Wow, sounds great!!! Looking forward to it (:
  Oct 29, 2009  •  1,956 views
Megliss Equine  
It sounds amazing thankyou so much Jeff and others who helped out!
  Oct 29, 2009  •  2,174 views
Can't Wait!!!!:)
  Oct 29, 2009  •  2,195 views
Sounds wonderful :D
  Oct 29, 2009  •  2,231 views
Happy Stables  MOD 
I can't wait!
  Oct 29, 2009  •  2,174 views
Barn of Horses  
I cannot wait! Thank you Jeff!
  Oct 29, 2009  •  2,228 views
syallions rule  
Thanks very much Jeff
  Oct 29, 2009  •  2,187 views
I cant wait! Thanks Jeff!!!
  Oct 29, 2009  •  2,354 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Wow, it sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun !! I can't wait. Thank you Jeff.
  Oct 29, 2009  •  2,329 views
WOW! sounds awesome1 thanks Jeff,i really love PB3!
  Oct 29, 2009  •  2,379 views
Barnabus Jack  
Sounds absolutely amazing, cannot wait! Thanks Jeff!
  Oct 29, 2009  •  2,498 views
GreenClif Acres  MOD 
Wow, I'm so excited!!
  Oct 29, 2009  •  2,421 views
  Oct 30, 2009  •  2,416 views
Wow that sounds so awesome, I cant wait thank you so much Jeff for all your hard work and for creating yet another outstanding game, and great art work your the best :):):)
  Oct 30, 2009  •  1,745 views
YAY!!! Can't wait! :D
  Oct 30, 2009  •  1,747 views
Shweet! ^^
  Oct 30, 2009  •  1,898 views
awsome this rock the house foraver
  Oct 31, 2009  •  1,745 views
Prarie Rose  
Awesome! It sounds like so much fun! I can't wait!
  Oct 31, 2009  •  1,733 views
S e a I s l e  
Whoa We've got our selves an artist
  Nov 1, 2009  •  1,783 views
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