My Pony Saved My Dog's Life
 By amzy80   •   20th Sep 2010   •   2,083 views   •   5 comments
My Pony Saved My Dogs LifeIt has snowed really heavily during the night when I woke up on that saturday morning. I got up, got dressed and went downstairs to have some breakfast. I was just about to go muck out my pony Buddies stall when mum called, "Don't forget to take the dogs down with you". We have two dogs, Cocoa and Terry, a little Border Terrier puppy. I went back inside and clipped thier leads on and headed out into the snow.

Just Another Morning:
When we got to buddys field I let Cocoa and Teddy off the leads. Cocoa stayed near my horse Buddies stable with me, but Terry loves to explore and shot off across the field and out of sight. I wasn't really worried as he always does that, so I just got on with my jobs.

My pony Buddy is a 13.2hh New Forest X Cob and is pretty sensible most of the time. I let him out into the field and grabbed my wheel-barrel and tools and set to work. I always put the radio on when I'm mucking out as it seems to make to make time fly by faster

The discovery:
"What's wrong?", I called to him as I walked over to Buddy. He whinned back urgently as if he was trying to tell me to hurry. I started to run towards him with feelings of panic starting to build up in my tummy. As I got closer to Buddy and the music playing near his stall faded away, I could hear a helpless whimpering sound. I could just make out a tiny bundle of fur by the barbed wire in the field just on the other side of the Buddy.

I ran as fast as I could to what I now realized was my beloved puppy, Teddy!

Frozen puppy:
Poor Teddy was trapped! He was coved with a layer of snow and his leg was caught around the barb-wired fence. He was shivering violently, the poor thing, so i quickly dug him out of the snowy blanket he was under and untangled his leg. Luckily, he wasn't bleeding and didn't look like he was hurt. He was just very cold and very wet. I gave Teddy a huge hug and popped him inside my jacket while I carried him to the tack room. Once in the safety of the tack room I covered him in blankets and quickly finished off the stable chores before putting Cocoa's lead back on and carrying Teddy home.

My Pony Saved My Dogs Life

Thanks Buddy
Buddy really did save Teddy's life, because if it hadn't been for him I would have gome home and left Teddy in the snow. Teddy often runs off and makes his own way home. If Buddy hadn't sounded the alarm and alerted me to what had happened, I'm sure Teddy would have frozen, alone under the snow. Buddy got extra hay and carrots that night, and I've made a promise to myself to leave Teddy at home when it's snowing!
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aww so cute!(:
  7 days ago  •  1,324 views
Great article :) But why does it say you have a dog named Terry, and then it was called Teddy...
  7 days ago  •  1,264 views
Great Article!!
  7 days ago  •  1,238 views
CDS Horses  
This was in PONY magazine o_O And if that's a pic of Buddy, that horse is a mare and she's for sale...Buddy is a gelding and I would imagine not for sale as a girl.
Buuut, it's great if it was you who originally sent in the article to that magazine though.
  6 days ago  •  1,360 views
my mum but it in the mag she made it and it was a story of mine
  6 days ago  •  1,274 views
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