Triumph's True Triumph
 By Finally There   •   26th Sep 2010   •   3,650 views   •   18 comments
I thought living life was easy once. I thought having my own horses and watching them learn and grow would be fun. I know now that it's only fun until the end, the end brings sorrow and pain, tears and questions. Why? Why did this happen? Why did this have to end? Why did it end this way? Quesions we can't answer sometimes. Questions we strive to answer and answers we strive to understand but we sometimes never will.

Triumphs True Triumph

I have decided as a horse owner that endings are the worst. No matter what the answers may be for the ending I will never understand them, never fully. But one thing I know is that a horse can give you wisdom and courage, no matter how long he may have to give it to you he tries.

I recently read in a "Horse and Rider" magazine, a title that said "While you're teaching him to win in the arena, He's quietly teaching you to win in life." That struck me like a bullet. I burst out into tears thinking about all the things my Triumph has taught me in his short life. He was really the more Triumphant one.

Beautiful Little Black Colt

I recieved Triumph as a gift for my sixteenth birthday a little less than one year ago. He was a beautiful little black colt with a white star on his forehead, he was a dream! He would frolic around and nip at the other horses who would quietly shoo him away like a group of mothers trying to have a serious conversation. He always got in the way! It was like he always found a way to annoy us in every way possible. It got pretty annoying, but I still took on the challenge of training my 8 month stallion to be ridden.

He was very friendly with people already. He had a big heart, but he also had a big personality. He thought he was the boss, like all stallions do. Kanji, my mustang stallion didn't mind him until Triumph started kicking him out. My dear Kanji took it gracefully and ignored Tri (from what I could see). I got Tri in the ring and soon had him working a lunge line easily.

The only problem was that when I went even close to placing a saddle on his back he'd buck and rear and squeal like the little moody stallion he was.

He was the most stubborn horse I had ever tried to train and soon I was sick of him. The only problem was, he loved me. He wouldn't leave me alone. I would leave to go somewhere and I would hear him scream. My dad told me he would kick the stall and once he even jumped over the fence!

No one knew why he loved me so much and why he was so stubborn at the same time. No one except me. I held the secret to why he loved me so much. HE was ME. He had my personality, he was stubborn and moody. He was loving and kind but tough when he had to be. He would follow me everywhere like a puppy and throw a fit when I left, just like I had done many times before when other people or even animals left my life.

He Was a Crazy Horse

He was brave and strong, but weak in certain places. Just like me. I had raised him since birth and I had raised him to be a little me. I was so stubborn that most of the time I wouldn't take people's advice and then I'd end up looking stupid. I threw fits all the time over nothing. I ran away from everything I didn't like or that was "too hard". The thing was, Triumph was just showing me the flaws in my life by acting just like I did.

Finally he calmed down and stopped acting so terrible.

I got him under the saddle and rode him around like it was nothing. He acted like he knew exactly what he was doing. I felt something I'd never felt in him before, trust. I didn't know why but all I wanted to do was hug him and never let him go. He taught me a lesson, I just didn't see it yet.

For about a week he was as keen as a gelding. I rode him bareback and groomed him for hours. I would run through the field with him just like before but it felt different this time, like we had both changed somehow. Because we both had.

A Bad Storm

We went out to the paddock to pull the horses in because a bad storm was supposed to blow in. It was already raining pretty hard and I could barely see anything. I was running through the fields making sure all the horses and foals were inside and warm. We got in and counted and someone was missing. Triumph! He hadn't come in yet. I ran outside, now it was pouring so hard that I could only see a few inches in front of me.

I was screaming at the top of my lungs for Triumph and running through the field like a mad man.

All I was thinking about what that maybe he was rebelious and jumped the fence or something. I ran and ran and then I tripped over something. My heart stopped. I got down on my hands and knees and ran my shaking hands over that object I had tripped on. Tears streamed down my face and a shallow scream choked in my throat. Triumph!

This Was Just A Dream

I laid my head on his chest and listened for breathing. It was dead silence. The silence was deafening. I buried my face in his mane and tried to calm my breathing but I couldn't. I held onto him with all my might and tried to tell myself this was just a dream. The only problem was that I couldn't wake up. I laid across his body and cried. The rain pelted down on me but I didn't care. I was covered in mud but my heart was stained with tears. I felt like someone had ripped my heart out.

The rain slowed and I saw someone walking towards me, then they broke into a run. My blood ran cold as I realized today, my life was a nightmare, not a dream. It was dad. He ran over to my shaking body and lifted me off the lifeless creature. He took me in his arms and carried me away. My screams were blocked my the love that was caught in my throat. I couldn't bare the thought of not waking up the next morning to see my Triumph.

As we neared closer to the barn and Triumph disapeared I realized that he had had the True Triumph. He showed me how annoying I acted by acting the same way. And the week before he died he showed me how amazing life would be if I just lived it. No matter who I lived it for, just as long as I lived it to the extreme. He lived his life having fun. His spirit was never broken by man's ways. He was him. He was me. Like I said, everything comes to an end, some sooner than later. Triumph's end came sooner and we still don't know why. But I think I know why. But that secret lays buried deep in my heart, with all the things Triumph taught me over the few month's he lived.

Live your life to the fullest, live everyday like it's your last. Don't act stubborn and ignore people's advice and teachings just because you think it will make you grow stronger. Because eventually it will tear you down. Live up to your own expectations. Challenge yourself each day to change. Don't ever give up!

The True Triumph

Triumph's True Triumph is in memory of my Triumph's Magic Star (Triumph). You taught me so much. As I sat here writing this story tears ran down my face and my heart ached for you but now I know, You had the true Triumph in all of this. I love you my Triumph, thank you!
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Inactive Member  
Omg, that is so horrid, i'm so sorry, he sounded so perfect for you :( I'm crying now x
  Sep 26, 2010  •  2,312 views
Very touching story. I'm sorry to hear you lost your horse. I hope you can share more experiences with us. You have a talent in expressing how us horse people feel.
  Sep 26, 2010  •  2,311 views
Riders Up Ranch  
very well written *wipes away tears*
Horses are such awesome teachers. He taught you alot about yourself in his short life. Might I ask, what caused his death?
  Sep 26, 2010  •  2,365 views
What a sweet story. Thank you for sharing. I see a lot of my daughter in her horse. So sorry that his life ended too soon.
  Sep 26, 2010  •  2,387 views
Finally There  
RIDERS UP RANCH no we don't know what caused his death.
  Sep 26, 2010  •  2,295 views
Padfoot Designs  
I wanted to know the same thing as Riders Up Ranch... if you know.

This is SUCH a touching story and I am so sorry :).

I know he will be remembered forever :)
  Sep 26, 2010  •  2,308 views
Mystic Magic  
I am sorry about your loss of Triumph, he sounds like a great horse. I have an old thoroughbred gelding who has taught me so much and shares many happy moments together, and he has been my best friend for the last 6 years (he is 24 years old now and I have had him since I was 11) and I dont know what I will do when his time is up, I have never been so close to a horse as I am with him. I love that last message in bold, good advice. :) Remember nothing loved is ever lost.
  Sep 26, 2010  •  2,583 views
lifes a risk  
so sorry
write now im crying
sounds like triumph was a true hero
  Sep 27, 2010  •  2,297 views
R.I.P Triumph
  Sep 27, 2010  •  2,335 views
Maaran Champion  
Wow this is an amazing and heartbreaking story Danika. I can see the true love you had for Triumph even though you didn't have him for long.
He found his true place in your life, your heart.
  Sep 27, 2010  •  2,348 views
Finally There  
Maaran Champion- yes he did find his true place in my life. And yes it is my heart. I will always remember and cherish the sweet sweet memories of my Triumphant one. I know everyone around him will too. Even everyone that has heard of him. He was an extraordinary horse. :)
  Sep 27, 2010  •  2,295 views
A Very true article. "Horse are the direct reflection of their owner." I am not sure who wrote that quote but it is in one of my books. I see different parts of myself in both my horses even though I haven't had them their whole life.
  Sep 27, 2010  •  2,286 views
I can completly understand what you're coming from and hats off to you for keeping yourself together long enough to write such a moving article!
  Oct 3, 2010  •  2,286 views
Rein or Shine  
So sorry to hear of your loss. :( Hopefully the pain has eased a bit now, though it will never be completely erased. RIP Triumph.
  Nov 8, 2010  •  2,306 views
Finally There  
Oh my goodness! I wrote 16th birthday gift! It was actually my 15th birthday gift. Haha, I was 16 at the time I wrote this... gota little confused. sorry everyone!
  Dec 3, 2010  •  2,299 views
When She Cries  
Aww I wish I had met Triumph.
  Jan 29, 2011  •  2,465 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Awww *tears*
That's such a sweet and sad story.
Very well written. I'm so sorry.
  Feb 2, 2011  •  2,289 views
Never Let Go  
Aww, I remember Tri. :( I remember how much it killed me to see you hurting like that. He'll always be in your heart, he was JUST like you.
  Feb 24, 2011  •  2,297 views
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