A Tribute to Fred
 By Polo the Weirdo   •   20th Sep 2010   •   5,774 views   •   14 comments
On this day we bid farewell to Fred – who has been a loyal companion to me through the good times and the bad. Fred has brought so many of us such joy. He has helped us to remember and enjoy so many moments.

A Tribute to Fred

Fred has played a very important part in my riding life, especially recently, as he has helped me to see what I am doing right, what I am doing wrong, and what I need to work on in my horses’ performance. He has brought colour to our lives, and captured those moments that mean the most to us so we can look back over them again and again. He has given me comfort during times of hardship, enjoyment during times of boredom and he has prolonged my greatest moments so that I might enjoy them even after they have ended. He has taught many of us great things – and showed us the goals we wish to work towards. It saddens me how short my time with Fred seems, and that he had to go so soon, but I am grateful for our time spent together.

A Tribute to Fred

So I bid farewell to Fred, my beloved Panasonic DMC-FZ5. I know that I won’t be the only person to miss this amazing camera, since he provided so many of us with the most amazing stock! Through Fred’s photos, I was able to learn, and I was able to share my findings with all of you. It was Fred who made my articles possible, and it is in Fred’s honour that I shall continue to write, even if it means having to improvise on the photos I have used previously.

I got Fred on 28 November 2009 after my previous camera was stolen (Much to my delight) and since then Fred and I have been inseparable. Everywhere I went, I took Fred with me, and together we recorded memories both good and bad. Every day I used Fred I learned more and more about him, and we were soon best of friends. Then on 28 August, only 8 short months later, my time with Fred drew to a close. It was my mother who was with Fred at the time, when the destructive puppy she was holding decided to develop expensive tastes. Very expensive tastes. He leaped at my beloved Fred, and though my mother managed to grab Fred away from the puppy, it was too late. The muddy paws had battered Fred’s frail body, and though he continued to work for the rest of the day – it was clear that Fred had been mortally wounded.

The next day, when I switched Fred on, I was horrified to find that his zoom was broken. After that, it did not take me long to realize that Fred’s zoom was the least of our worries. Every single button refused to function – with the exception of 2. Fred would switch on, Fred would switch off, and Fred would take a single photo before refusing to function. Even in his suffering, my beloved Fred still did his best to fulfill my wishes, but unfortunately it just was not good enough.

The next day, Fred was rushed into emergency surgery. I am ashamed to say that, in my urgency, I ended up assaulting him somewhat with the little screwdriver, but in the end I managed to get him open. I prodded around inside Fred, hoping to find some simple problem – like some sand in the electronics, but to no avail. Even after the surgery was complete, Fred’s condition remained the same.
Thus, it was with a heavy heart that I laid my dear Fred to rest and began searching for a replacement, though I doubt that any camera can ever replace my dear Fred. The main reason for this, aside from the times that we shared, is that Fred was bought in Japan by my father many years ago, and since I began watching anime, I have had something of an obsession for that particular country. This also means that I cannot have Fred repaired in South Africa, since importing the appropriate parts would simply be too expensive.

A Tribute to Fred

And so, on this day, we say our final goodbyes to Fred: A friend, a teacher, a pony-proclaimed equine dentist, a Bronze-proclaimed ‘snack buddy’ (Though I personally thought it seemed more like Fred was the snack…) and of course, a fine camera. I am sure we will all remember that which Fred has done for us – what we learned from his photos, how they helped us in our photo-manipulating and how they brightened our darkest days by showing us the beauty of the world captured on screen. Fred, may you rest in peace… Or in pieces, since I was too lazy to put the poor thing’s screws back in after he refused to be resuscitated.

A Tribute to Fred

I apologize to you all for my lack of photos in my articles recently, and of course my lack of articles, due to the grief and mourning of losing Fred completely killing my motivation. I hope that this tribute will explain the reasons clearly enough.

So long, Fred. You will be missed, my fine photographic friend.
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Sonic Illusion  
*tear* bye, Fred. ♥
  Sep 20, 2010  •  4,934 views
lol...bye fred! I will miss seeing all te wonderful pictures you made with Polo's help!
  Sep 20, 2010  •  4,904 views
Finally There  
lol. that was so funny. sad but hysterical that Jeff put this article on here! I love it! :) poor Fred. my camera's name is Bill.
  Sep 20, 2010  •  4,909 views
No Walkin Farms9  
*Very solemn* Good bye Fred. May your pieces find peace.
  Sep 20, 2010  •  4,907 views
I loved it! I'm sorry who lost somone so close to you :( That was a funny article :) thanks for sharing it!
  Sep 20, 2010  •  4,930 views
Polo the Weirdo  MOD 
Thanks everyone. :) Good news - a photographer friend of mine took pity on me after hearing of Fred's fate and has given me permission to use her show photos, at least until I get a new camera. :D *dramatic voice* In your honour, Fred, the articles will go on!
  Sep 21, 2010  •  4,902 views
Minny Thy Maleficent  
Oh my poor little polokins camera. Rest in a very calm sleep Fred. My camera's name is Cammy :) but im still debating weather or not he/she is a boy/girl. :P
  Sep 21, 2010  •  4,979 views
=( POOR FWED... he took such lovely photos, he will always be remembered!
  Sep 21, 2010  •  4,933 views
Polo the Weirdo  MOD 
Hehe! Nice, Minnykins, very nice. :P I must admit, Cammy is a far more logical name for a camera than Fred, but then again, Fred was a very unique camera. He had such character... Poor thing. :P Haha! So, what make is your Cammy? ) I'm on the lookout for a Fred replacement... :P
  Sep 21, 2010  •  4,904 views
Aw, bless poor Fred. He sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime camera. Although, who am I to talk? I've only had cruddy digital ones. :P

Oh, and my friend and I have decided that my alien friend who works my computer, is named Jeffrey. Or however you spell it. D: I must find that out some time.

Anyway, R.I.P dear Fred. The manipulation world is in mourning.
  Sep 22, 2010  •  5,048 views
At first I thought Fred was a person but then I saw "his zoom wasnt on" and I was like wait its a camera :)
  Sep 23, 2010  •  4,930 views
Ow poor fred and his buddy Deshys camera, though mine just has a malfunction, possibly from being rammed in pockets and bags and everywhere i went, and being dropped a bazillion times.
Goodbye dear Fred
  Sep 25, 2010  •  5,023 views
Seven Sins  
awe poor fred
  Jun 3, 2011  •  4,927 views
Paint A Scene  
awww what a touching story.... Rest in peace Fred:)
  Jun 27, 2013  •  4,962 views
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