Equestrian Knowledge Newsletter (issue #1)
 By Hypnotic Equus   •   29th Oct 2009   •   1,928 views   •   5 comments
Many of you who read riding tip of the week loved it, and as I said I would alternate between work on the ground and riding skills. I have decided to make my tips into a weekly newsletter about horses. So, lets get started!

Grooming tip of the week!

Pull, don't cut. Try to pull the mane rather than cut it. It looks more natural and more professional. It's hard to cut manes evenly with scissors. Ps: Always use scissors with rounded edges on horses, so they don't get injured. Don't know how to pull? Heres how.

#1 Choose an approximate length for the mane that you like. It's hard to measure how long it will be before you pull it, but wrap the approximate amount you want pulled out around the teeth of the comb, but don't wrap to much around the comb or it won't work. Pulling gently but strongly, without yanking, pull the hair out. Continue along the entire mane. Don't have a pulling comb? Most metal combs work, but not as well as pulling combs.

Groundwork/Training tip of the week:

Use that elbow! Have a pushy horse who rushes in front of you and practically drags you along? Here is tip that may help you. If you lead on the near or left side of the horse, stick your right elbow out in front of his chest to stop him/her.

And... My column, Ask Hypno. Send me a question about horses. All are welcome, and I will answer as many as possible. Please send me the issue number with your question. If I get a lot of questions about a certain subject, I will write about it. I may even have a letter of the week. That's all for now, comment please, and see you next week.

Be Safe, Hypno.

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Jagers Nagel  
great letter! another way to stop your horse pulling you over is to wrap a bit of string around their nose and attach it to the leadrope, this way, when they pull, means that is you pull back on them, they will stop! =)
  Oct 30, 2009  •  1,425 views
Hypnotic Equus  
You can also use a nose chain.
  Oct 30, 2009  •  1,503 views
Hypnotic Equus  
I really need people to critique it.
  Oct 31, 2009  •  1,503 views
I've used the elbow thing, and it really works! It doesn't seem to hurt them, either.
  Nov 3, 2010  •  1,326 views
Little Bitty Farm  
Great article!
  21 days ago  •  1,370 views
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