Saying Goodbye to Music
 By Dry Music   •   28th Sep 2010   •   3,035 views   •   13 comments
Dry Music is my baby girl that I adopted from a lesson place in 2008. She was a 30 year old retired racehorse who had an amazing life. She was an awesome racer and had five baby girls. Native Dancer was her grandfather.

Dry Music had come into my life healthy as can be and had given my confidance back to me from a recent and bad experience. She went as slow as ever with me on her, never breaking a walk. When I trusted her and she trusted me, She moved me on, from trotting, to one day cantering. Dry Music gave me the confidence and trust to train my other horse, a Quarter horse named lazy-as-can-be. I didnít ride Dry Music too much, at the most twice a month. We loved her so much and when my Quarter horse dropped her colt on June,16th 2010, Music was thrilled and took care of that baby better than anybody, Music and the colt were best buds.

Saying Goodbye to Music

Not too long after my Quarter horse had her colt, Music started to get very skinny and I started finding her teeth out in the field. When our blacksmith came we had to stand on each side of Music to keep her from falling. When we looked into her mouth to check her teeth there was almost nothing in the back of her mouth. Life went on, but since she was missing most of her teeth she wasn't getting the nutrients that she needed. I knew that we had to put her down soon.

Music was put to sleep August 2, 2010. The pain will never go away. Never.

I wrote this letter just before Music was put to sleep. It was buried with Music in our backyard, I still canít read it without crying.

Dear Dry Music,
We love you and you mean the world to us. Everyday we all look outside and see you standing there, we say wow sheís still here. Youíre an amazing successful horse and you have brought a lot of joy to us all. Without you we would be lost, I would have never learned how to canter, and thunder would have been different with her foal. Every second of the day somebody is thinking about you. Music I want you to stay with me forever, and ever, but I guess you cant, nobody can.

You were the most fun and best teacher for me, you said it was ok when we needed to calm down, you would put your head and neck over us and say your safe with me. Oh music your 5 fillies, they were so successful. Skeeter and I are going to make sure that we become champions in halter classes, you are the one who will inspire us, youíre the one that skeeter and I will look up at and say, wow she was a champion, and we all loved her. I am sooo sorry to say this but its your time to go. We are all going to miss you and we hope to see you again in a few long years when I get up there, when we can ride the clouds, jump the rainbows, and live the life that we want to. I hope that we meet at the gate, Dry Music, youíre the one that I will look for and go to first. My dear baby Music, race the clouds day and night, and enjoy heaven, live it to your fullest.

Love, kadi, skeetet, thunder, mannie, and our big family

Saying Goodbye to Music

Dry Music-1977-2010
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Dry Music  
P.S- My story name is called "saying Good Bye To Dry Music"
  4 days ago  •  3,560 views
Inky Rox  
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss hope you fell better soon she will always be in our hearts
  Sep 28, 2010  •  3,691 views
Canter Crest  
i cried reading that letter! :'(
  Sep 28, 2010  •  3,628 views
All That Jazz  
I agree with Inky Rox. I'll be praying for you, your family, and your horses.
  Sep 28, 2010  •  3,539 views
lifes a risk  
soo sorry i will be praying for u and ur family
i cried reading that letter it was so sweet i can tell she meant the world to u and still does xxx
  Sep 29, 2010  •  3,549 views
  Sep 29, 2010  •  3,600 views
That is so sad.....At least she got to live happily until the end unlike what some other horses have to go through.
  Sep 29, 2010  •  3,537 views
Riders Up Ranch  
So sorry for your loss. That is one good looking colt, by the way :)
  Sep 29, 2010  •  3,616 views
Run Free  
that is soooooooooooo sad i cried reading that letter she sounds like a fabulous horse at least she lived her whole life happy
  Sep 29, 2010  •  3,546 views
that is so upsetting i feel so sorry for you. i had 2 cats that i knew all my life but they both died and i am still grieving a year later - i hope you make it through.
  Sep 29, 2010  •  3,544 views
Eleanor Benton  
I am sorry to hear about your loss and she sounded like a wonderful horse.
  Sep 29, 2010  •  3,625 views
Comanche Ranch  
OMG thats so sad! the letter almost made me cry. ='[ I'm so sorry for your loss.
  Sep 29, 2010  •  3,646 views
bambam roxs  
Im so sorry!!she sounded like a wonderful horse.Im sorry she was put down.I cried when i read this!
  Sep 29, 2010  •  3,727 views
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