A Wild Oregon Mustang Named Gracie
 By Comanche Ranch   •   30th Sep 2010   •   3,087 views   •   5 comments
A Wild Oregon Mustang Named GracieI have trained my horse Gracie from the ground all the way through. My mom rode her for 20 seconds in the beginning, and will never get on her again. She still thinks she's dangerous, but I don't. Gracie is my best friend and means everything to me, unfortunately her story is rather sad.

Gracie was born in the Oregon mountains. Wild and Free. She very well could have stayed that way, had the BLM not come and rounded up the horses on the mountain. When she was taken from the mountains she was only 6 months old, and separated from her mother. At a very young age, she had the life sucked out of her.

When the woman down the street found her alone in a pen, she bought her, although she wasn't the first pick. The woman knew nothing about horses and just thought it would be cool to own an Oregon mustang from the wild after seeing the movie, "Hidalgo".

After a few days of contemplating, she bought Gracie for $125.

After she bought her, she had her trailered from Oregon to Massachusetts. Gracie was brought to a big farm with 32 horses for inspection. When the inspection people came and passed her she was taken to her new home.

The owner decided to name her Stinky because she was a smart horse. Home for Gracie was a run in shed with a tiny paddock that she couldn't even trot in. Right next to her paddock was a roundpen with tons of grass. She was not allowed to go in it. To "entertain" herself, when the woman would come to feed her, she would turn around, put her butt to the gate and tune out the world. The owner called several other people before calling us. When we came, Gracie did the same thing. Her feet where about 4in flat on the ground, plus the regular hoof. Picture the fattest horse you ever saw. She was fatter. The owner fed her the amount of food a Clydsdale should probably eat. She tried to bite us and kick us when we went near her.

A Wild Oregon Mustang Named Gracie

After a month of work with her she still hated my mom. I was only allowed to walk on the outside of her pen and watch. The time came where we would have to decide to keep Gracie and take her home to our place, or the owner and the horse would have to go on suffering with each other. We couldn't take going to that house and taking care of her there. The owner agreed and we took her home.

At first, we tried putting her with three of our other ponies. On the second day, Gracie tried to seriously kill one of them. On the third day, we tried again, but the same thing happened. When my mom tried to get her, Gracie wouldn't listen. My other pony Ace wouldn't let me go near her, he would run me down until I was on the other side of the corral. We decided we would have to separate them. So Gracie got her own pen. At first, she tried to kill me, but gradually she ended up trusting me. I tought her to ride all the way through, and she had some good tricks to get me off. Thankfully, she still hasn't figured out the roll.

When we first brought her to pony club I was still a bit nervous of riding her, so we got kicked out for a while. Now, Gracie trusts me and is currently jumping 2'2. Gracie is my best friend and my entire life. I don't know what I would do without her. She used to hate other horses, but now Gracie and I go for trail rides with my friends and their horse and pony all the time. Whenever she sees me she trots or runs down and rubs her head against me. She loves any attention she can get from me.
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Finally There  
That's great that you can get her to jump from a trott! :) I have one awesome tb that jumps from a standing point! :) She jumps nicely and looks great for a mustang!
  Sep 30, 2010  •  2,326 views
Run Free  
shes soooooooooo pretty and she has a lovley jump
  Oct 1, 2010  •  2,326 views
Softball Girl  
Sooooooooooooooooooooooo cool she is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!
  Oct 1, 2010  •  2,348 views
Comanche Ranch  
lol, yeah, she jumped 3ft from a a slant while i was on her and she spooked at a diesel truck.
  Oct 1, 2010  •  2,426 views
I love Mustangs. Such sweet little animals.
  Apr 21, 2011  •  2,342 views
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