Love at First Ride - The 100K Show Horse
 By Crz4Horses   •   5th Oct 2010   •   5,453 views   •   5 comments
Most of us horse-lovers have all had that one special horse. Your first equine love. the horse or pony that taught you the most, even how to fall off gracefully. The one, no matter what they do wrong, are always deserving of a few carrots.

My first pony love was a 21 year old pony named Cosmo. He's a Buckskin Welsh-cross that's way past his prime. In his heyday though, he had traveled all over, from Pony Finals, to Lake Placid, Devon, WEF and beyond! He had taken numerous girls from crossrails to the Large Pony Division, and taught them to really ride.

Love at First Ride - The 100K Show Horse

Cosmo's perfect movement, flawless conformation, and phenomenal jumping style were only hindered by old age slightly, and the only signs were a swayback and a couple of grey hairs. The first time I rode him, it was love at first ride. He had so many "buttons" as my trainer calls them, you just had to know how to push them. For instance, his lead changes were cute and hoppy, but it you didn't have the timing right, he'd counter canter forever. You had to be right-on, he didn't take a joke. He never threw me, but he did take me for a gallop or two, no matter how hard I pulled, he'd go around-and around and around and around- until he got bored. When he trotted, he looked like an arabian stallion.

Two weeks after I began leasing him, we took him to a "C" rated show. His show name is Gold Standard, referrrig to the price his owners paid for him way back when he was young, $100,000! I showed him in the short-stirrups, and besides a couple of bad distances and missed lead changes, we did good! We got fifth overall out of eight, which wasn't awesome, but expected given the amount of time I had been riding him. But, by the next show a month away, we were perfectly in-sync. I knew exactly how to ride him, and he perfomed amazingly! I swear, he arched his neck and flicked his toes just as we passed the judge in the hack. We won both flat classes. I rode him very well in the over fences, but he was really behind it all.

Over the course of the summer, Cosmo taught me priceless lessons, from jumping in-and-outs without going up his neck, to riding bareback holding an egg and spoon. We got either reserve or grand champion at every show, and people began to resent us entering the class. In fact, at the year-end awards, we took Reserve and Grand champion overall! I give Cosmo, the super pony, all the credit for my riding style.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and this was true for my riding carreer with Cosmo as well. In one short year he had taken me from a short-stirrups to the 2'6", but he just couldn't do the 3' anymore, and it wasn't fair to push him.

I then passed the torch to my barn brat friend, and he taught her all of the valeuble life lessons he had taught me. She showed him in the crossrails, and when she moved up to Georgia, Cosmo became a school pony. After a few months his owner called. She needed him back because a little girl at her barn had lost her pony to colic. I, of course, knew that that little girl neede him more that I, and reluctantly let him go. I still cry whenever I see the pictures of the little buckskin plastered all over my walls.

Cosmo the schoolmaster/showpony/lesson pony/jumper pony/superpony extroidinaire was indeed an angel, sent to me from above. I'm forever thankful for his wise, whimsical attitude, his clever, annoying pony habits, and his undying love, no matter how bad I screwed up.

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happy day  
wow great artical!!
  Oct 5, 2010  •  3,677 views
Aww!!! He sounds so sweet!!
  Oct 5, 2010  •  3,671 views
Mystic Magic  
I know exactly what you mean in this story. I had a few good ponies when I was little but never really had lessons or did many shows and pony club and stuff, then I stopped riding when I was 7 and got back into it when I was 11. I went through a few horses who knocked my confidence until I came across Mate, he was 18 back then and he is 16hh thoroughbred gelding. He is a bit fast and strong when you take him out to shows and pony club and stuff but he has taught me so much without me even realizing it most of the time. He can be cheeky at times but knows when to stop and has never tried throwing me off even when I screw up, he always brings me home safely. I have had him for 6 years now and he is 24 years old, he is semi retired as he is starting to feel his age, he was doing shows up until last year. Now he is at my aunties and I just ride him when I visit. He is like no horse I have ever met before, he is such a character and so friendly, kind and loving. He is my best friend.
  Oct 6, 2010  •  3,949 views
Run Free  
he sounds awesome
  Oct 6, 2010  •  3,661 views
Softball Girl  
  Oct 6, 2010  •  3,684 views
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