The Life Of A Cowboy - Is It The Right Job For You?
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There are many different types of cowboy, each with its own pros and cons. From the dashing Roy Rogers to Cleve Anseth, a common cowboy who works his hardest 365 days a year. Do you think you have what it takes to be a cowboy?

The first thing to know if you plan to be a cowboy is that there are six different types of cowboys. I'll tell you about all of them, and you can pick your favorite.

Hollywood Cowboy

The first type of cowboy is the Hollywood Cowboy, that guy you see on TV with the pretty horse, silver studded tack, and slicked back hair. This kind of cowboy is perfect for someone who likes acting, trick riding and singing. These cowboys nowadays are rare, but Hollywood is still looking for someone to be the next Roy Rogers, Cheyenne, Gene Autry or Maverick. If you want to be this type of cowboy, try watching them on the Encore Westerns channel, on your TV.

Barrel Racing and Bull Riding Cowboy

The next type is the barrel racing, bull riding type of cowboy. From ages 4 to 90, you can ride Bulls, Broncos, or if your under 7, sheep. Sheep? Yep, you heard right. There are plenty of little cowpokes who ride sheep. You'd be surprised how hard it is. If you’re older than 7, but not quite a 20 year old yet, try mini bulls. These bulls are usually Shorthorns, or Dexter cattle. If you’re good with a rope, tie down roping and team roping are options. Most of the people in this business are cowboys looking for some extra dough, or kids. From Tie Down Roping to Pole Bending, these events are a lot of fun.

Dairy Cowboy

If the camera's not right for you, and galloping around barrels doesn't seem to interest, maybe you'll want to be a dairy cowboy. Now, this option isn't really a cowboy job, but you work with cows and you’re a boy or girl, so I guess this is a type of cowboy. Make sure you’re willing to wake up at 4AM before you buy your milking cows, because if you can't, you won't get your milk, and sickness will come to your cows from lack of milking. You'll definitely need your coffee too, because it isn't any fun getting kicked by your cow when you’re trying to milk it. This isn't a real profitable job, but if you do it right, you'll get along well enough.


The next type of cowboy is really a sheep-boy, and don't ever get them mixed up. These horsemen ride the range, making sure their fluffy, woolly buddies don't get lost, a quality sheep are known for. An expensive business, and one that can easily be ruined. These sheepboys try their hardest, and have experience. If this sounds to you like what you've been dreaming of, you’re going to have to work very hard to accomplish a job in this industry. I don't know a lot about this industry as it isn't exactly in the cow business, but I’m sure someone else on Ponybox could help you.

Traditional Cowboy

One quality all cowboys can use is patience, and if you've been reading all this way, you’re finally being rewarded. Heres the traditional cowboy. The traditional cowboy is someone who has one of the hardest jobs in the world. These folks don't make a lot of money, but are rewarded in good times, and love. Living out on the range will do a lot to you and your family. Family is the most important quality out here for these men. A common saying is

"You can be as tough as you want, but you can't ever be mean” and it’s a quote that speaks for everyone.

Being a range cowboy is something that is both mentally and physically tough. From the unbroken bronc in your string to that cow that just keeps making its way out of the herd, this is a very hard profession, and one that doesn't tolerate foolishness. You live off the land, get up early and sometimes don't go to sleep until 4am. You face uncountless dangers from Grizzly Bears to Bulls.
Droughts can drive you bankrupt, but floods can to. Winters are harsh and sad and sickness can devastate large herds. If you think you can do this, try your best. It is not a job that can be done easily.

Signing Cowboy

Now, we've talked about every kind of cowboy yet... except for the singing cowboy! I'm talking about that singing, poetry writing, or just plain writin' hand. People like Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and Will James. You would be surprised at how popular cowboy poetry and art is right now. These folks may not be ranch hands, but they definitely write some great programs.

Remember: America isn't the only home to cowboys! Mexico and South American have Vaqueros and Australia’s got its own type of cowboy too.

Now, you pick which one you want to do. Will you rodeo, or ride with the calves and lambs? Does singing and acting sound good or are you anti camera? Are you going to be training colts or halter breaking show calves? From all the countless ways to be a cowboy, there is defiantly one for you!
The Life Of A Cowboy - Is It The Right Job For You?
The Life Of A Cowboy - Is It The Right Job For You?
The Life Of A Cowboy - Is It The Right Job For You?
The Life Of A Cowboy - Is It The Right Job For You?
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I want to ride a sheep!!!!! That sounds like fun!!!! Kidding, but I would probably be more of the singing type...
  38 days ago  •  3,874 views
Barrel racing cowboy!! Or cowgirl... :/ We should invent llama riding too since were all too old to ride sheep!

Nice article!
  37 days ago  •  3,900 views
Little Bitty Farm  
I want to ride sheep too !!!
  May 9, 2011  •  3,906 views
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