Nightmare Night - Coyotes Attack My Horses
 By Finally There   •   7th Oct 2010   •   14,995 views   •   22 comments
As all of you my life pretty much revolves around horses. I am always with one or if not with one always thinking about my next choice or move or training session with one. Horses have always been a part of me. I have been writing articles on important horses in my life lately because I want their heroic story to be shared and heard. I don't want the fame, I mean it's nice to look at my articles after they have been published and seeing 221 people have looked at them and I have received many heartfelt comments. So I keep trying to get my articles in and I have succeeded twice before and if you see this one on the site that means three times. Sometimes I want to write the articles just to write them and see what I can do with my stories and memories. So far they have counted for something. Anyways, this article is about a crazy adventure I had one night. A crazy adventure I'll never forget.

I awoke to sound that chilled me to the bones. Coyotes. The deathly howl that sounded made me jump up out of bed and run down the hall to my dad's room. Before I got there a deafening scream filled the air. The horses! We had left them out that night because the next day it was supposed to get rainy again. There hadn't been any coyotes spotted around our land, but tonight, they owned it. I panicked and ran as fast as I could down the hall. Right when I got to the door another deafening scream entered the air.

Horse Pasture

I could barely breathe thinking about what they were doing to our poor babies. I threw the door open and dad was already up and putting his boots on. I didn't care about shoes, I yelled "C'mon!" And bolted towards the door. I turned around and grabbed a flashlight. Constant screams and barks and howls filled the crisp summer air. My scream soon also sounded when I was knocked down by a forceful blow. I turned around to see one of the horses running towards the road. I didn't have time to catch just one horse. I went to get up, but my dad lifted me swiftly off the ground and pulled me as we were running.

We watched in horror as the horses were screaming and trying to fight off the coyotes. My heart beat faster than it ever had. All I wanted to do was run in there and kill those beasts.

I bolted towards the paddock and started screaming at the top of my lungs and shining my flashlight where the coyotes were. They didn't run, they didn't come near me, they just carried on in their little "game" of terrorizing our horses.

The pitiful screams and whinnies of the horses filled the now humid and stuffy feeling air. Sweat trickled down my forehead and all I could think of was getting them away. My head was pounding and my horses lives seemed to flash before my eyes. Now I was so close I could here the growls and the whines of the coyotes when the horses's kicked them or tried to fight back. I tried to count and counted about ten coyotes along with the horses. My father soon came up beside me and screamed with me. They wouldn't leave. He said "I gotta get the gun!"

He ran as fast as he could towards the house and came out a few seconds later with his rifle. I prayed he would have good aim. He came out and shot into the air several times. The coyotes seemed to stray and some ran right out from under the fence, past us and into the woods. There was only one left. We figured he had rabies or some sort of ailment. Dad aimed and soon shot him down. The horror of actually killing an animal entered my mind. But soon it dispeared when I ran into the paddock trying to calm the horses down. They were still whinnying and pacing around the paddock, but I calmed them for the most part and got them to go into the barn. We counted the horses and checked them all over. One of the colts was taken down by the coyotes and killed. His mother was severely injured because she was obviously trying to protect him. We counted all the horses but Maaran Champion. (This was at a point before I sold him.) He was the one who knocked me over! I put a rope halter and lead line on Kanji and hopped on. Soon my dad was by my side with his horse Rennecka. We headed off in the direction that Maaran had headed in a little while ago.

I shined a light at the ground and looked for prints while dad shined a light ahead and we both called his name. There were several trails of horse prints, which ones were Maaran's was a different story. We followed a trail that looked like the size and shape of his hoof and soon came to a clearing. Dad had a western saddle on Rennecka and I was just bareback. So if we caught him it would be hard for me to rope him. In the clearing Kanji whinnied loudly and I knew Maaran was close by. We called him and soon I heard another whinney that had not come from Kanji or Renn. We urged our horses to gallop and soon he was in sight. Something must have spooked him in the woods because he took off like a bullet. Maaran was a thoroughbred trained for speed and grace. Right now all he was was speed. Kanji (being the short stocky mustang he is) took off but had no chance of catching Maaran. My dad soon edged up to him and roped him. We didn't know how long we had been riding or how far we were from home. All I cared was that Maaran and the other horses were safe. I took the rope from dad and we led him home. We were silent the whole ride back.

I enjoyed the silence. No deafening screams. No threatening howls or growls. Just the steady breathing of Kanji under me and Maaran beside me. We arrived at the house and decided that since it was 3:00 in the morning we might as well stay up. So after we got the horses bandaged and calm in the barn we went into the house and enjoyed a warm cup of coffee. (Strange because it was summer.)

Well that night was pretty epic. It made me think about how I get mad and yell at my horses, but when they are in trouble the only thing that crosses my mind is that I love them. I would have gone in there and fought those coyotes with my bare hands. Sometimes it comes down to the point that you don't realize what you have until it's gone. Realize what you have now. Why you have it. And that it means the world to you. Don't wait until something or someone is gone to express to them that you love them. Like I say in all my articles: Live every day like it's your last. Live your life to the fullest. And most of all never give up!
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Falling Up  
Thats amazing. And by amazing I mean amazingly scary.
Oh my god.
We have coyotes where I live and like a lot..

I must quote this part:
"It made me think about how I get mad and yell at my horses, but when they are in trouble the only thing that crosses my mind is that I love them. I would have gone in there and fought those coyotes with my bare hands."
Thats adrenaline honey.
  Oct 7, 2010  •  8,910 views
Finally There  
  Oct 7, 2010  •  8,894 views
Finally There  
Sorry Maaran isn't a thoroughbred hes a arab. lol. got a little mixed up. :P
  Oct 7, 2010  •  9,855 views
T E M P E S T  
the horse I ride was attacked by a coyote once but someone used to keep it as a pet so it didnt know how to hunt and so tempest (horse) kicked it.
  Oct 7, 2010  •  9,894 views
Dark Star  
Wow, my horse killed a coyote a few months ago, but it was just one and he is 'proud cut' so he still thinks he's a I'm sorry bout the colt.
  Oct 7, 2010  •  9,850 views
I used to work at a barn that homed mares and foals that couldn't take the stress of large stables during birthing. One time the owner was bringing in a mare in foal from the pasture and coyotes followed her right into the barn. She had to trun them off with a pitch fork!!
  Oct 7, 2010  •  9,852 views
Dixie Chick  
We have alot of Coyotes at the barn that I go to.They dont mess with our horse though.One time,I saw a coyote laying in the pasture with the horses.Calm as can be.Of course we called the owner and told him.
  Oct 7, 2010  •  9,878 views
that poor little colt! I am glad that we don't have coyotes in Australia but we have dingoes and my grandma has lost a few cows and calves to them.
  Oct 8, 2010  •  9,873 views
Purple BITS  
The poor little colt!! :( Did they all survive besides the colt??
  Oct 8, 2010  •  9,890 views
Softball Girl  
That was sad!
  Oct 8, 2010  •  9,878 views
This is a very heroic and inspiring story!
Thank you for sharing.
  Oct 8, 2010  •  9,857 views
wow, thanks so much for sharing that with us. It made me cry what you said at the end because my horse got injured in the field in February and a month later had to be put to sleep. I knew i was lucky having her, but i didnt realise just how much she meant to me until it was too late. So now i tell the same thing to everyone. It came as a shock to me as it happened so fast but if other people have the chance to not let that happen it will be great. thanks, Kim
  Oct 8, 2010  •  9,966 views
When Smoke was still a stud back at Triple R, he killed five coyotes to protect a mare. Its scary but the only thing I could do was wait.
  Oct 8, 2010  •  9,860 views
All i have to say is wowwwwwwwwww!When i read that it shocked me i am so happy that all of the horses your okay excaped the colt sorry about what happened with the colt though!
  Oct 9, 2010  •  9,892 views
You tell quite a great story. But I must state the facts here: The coyote is a very shy animal. They like to scavenge,but they will hunt if they must. Normally, they would not take on something as large as a horse unless surrounded by a strong pack. They must have been pretty desperate to hunt your horses. They're not stupid animals. They took a BIG risk to hunt an animal that is 15 times larger than them, and that is close to human population. So don't blame the coyote. I know the horses are your babies and you would do anything to protect them, but put yourself in the coyotes place. Humans have taken over your territory and put a prey creature woth no means of defense right next to you. It seems like fair game to them.
  Oct 17, 2010  •  9,892 views
Finally There  
You can please remove your comment Sugar. They might have been wolves it was dark and I couldn't tell. Please remove your comment.
  Oct 19, 2010  •  9,854 views
Fox Crest Stables  
I agree with Sugar, coyotes are VERY shy animals and don't go after large game. They won't even go after a dog most of the time, let ALONE a horse. We have loads of coyotes out here and they'll come in to steal a chicken, but they won't touch a horse.
  Oct 25, 2010  •  10,128 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Wow, that must have been scary.
  Feb 2, 2011  •  9,858 views
Never Let Go  
Actually I remember that. It was those rabid hunting dogs Gracie. They got to our cattle cut scattered apparently coming to get your horses or vice versa. Sounds quite frightening for you. So they weren't cyotes dear. But I must have seemed it in the dark. Ahh, that's when you had Maaran and Kanji. I miss that creature, Kanji. :/
  41 days ago  •  9,863 views
Wow. that must have been scary.
  40 days ago  •  9,869 views
Great article. Coyotes can be nasty when they get into packs. We saw them tear a dog to shreds once when we were out training. =/
  Apr 21, 2011  •  9,877 views
Great Article, Scary aswell
  Apr 30, 2011  •  9,848 views
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