9 - 10 October Showjumping Competition
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On 9 - 10 October 2010, I attended a showjumping competition with Moony, Badger, Finola and Polo. Saturday the 9th was the lower grade jumping, where I had Moony entered at 80cm and Polo at 90cm.

Finola in the 1,30m class
Finola in the 1,30m class

To start with, Moony was having a bit of a baby moment and was struggling to concentrate properly in the new show venue - especially considering it was quite a big show with lots going on. Crowds, flags, open spaces, cows on the hill - and a course of jumps that the poor baby is supposed to do whilst still taking it all in! Thus, he approached the first jump in a good canter, but his mind was elsewhere and he knocked it down. From there he was a very good boy and jumped fantastically, until number 6. It was a tricky parallel coming off a corner, and Moony got a little distracted and jumped at the fence - just clipping down the front rail with his back hooves. The rest of the course he was fantastic! He really got his head in the game and settled down to work properly.

I was especially pleased with the combination - since in his previous shows Moony always jumped through these in a disorganised fashion, but this time he got the perfect stride and popped through very neatly.

He kept a lovely rhythm throughout the whole course, stayed on the correct lead the whole time and stayed balanced. So, even though his jumping wasn't quite up to scratch, it was a lovely round and I was very pleased with it.

90cm speed and precision class

Next came Polo in her 90cm speed and precision class. Now, this was my beloved fluffy's first show in a while - a very long while - but as she has always liked this show venue, we decided we'd give her a try. Well, Polo enjoyed it all right! She's always been quite the speed demon, and thus we darted around the course like a bullet - taking short cuts that did not even exist, jumping at angles, and finally finishing in first place. She stood very politely to get her rosette, then tugged and jigged around like an impatient lunatic while the rest of the horses received theirs. Finally, she darted off on her lap on honour, which she thoroughly enjoyed, before tugging me out of the arena, bolting up a hill and taking off to where Moony was standing and waiting for her - looking oh-so-patient and oh-so-polite in contrast to my mad Polo horse.

80cm competition

The following class was Moony's 80cm competition. He kept a lovely long, flowing stride and had a beautiful, smooth clear round. In the jump off, Moony last a bit of focus and just clipped down 2 poles, but he jumped nicely all the same and I was pleased with his performance. Polo's 90cm competition started with a nice steady clear, then went into the jump off... She burst through the start like a bat from hell and whizzed round the course like a blur! The second I asked her to turn, she responded, whipping around in mid-air to make near-impossible turns, and causing me to lose my stirrups several times - not that I need them much whilst on Polo anyway. Thankfully, our speed paid off, and we finished clear - taking the red yet again! The Polo creature was very proud of herself and had great fun strutting around with her prizes - gnawing squeakily on her bit and tugging me around like a rag doll. Just like old times...And that concluded our rather successful Saturday!

Finola in the 1,30m class
Finola in the 1,30m class

1,30m competition

On the Sunday, we took the Badger horse out for a spin and met Finola at the show. Finola was scheduled to compete in her first full 1,30m competition - having tried 1 class at 1,30m the previous show. Her first class was a competition class, and she was simply amazing! She jumped flawlessly, powerfully and tidily. We were completely in synch, and every jump just came and went in our steady rhythm. It felt fantastic, and there was such sheer harmony between us that the big course felt effortless.

When we went in for the jump off, I can't deny that I was a tad nervous. We'd only just started jumping 1,30m for the first time - and now 1,35m?! Well, there was nothing for it but to ride, and hope for the best! So I threw caution to the winds and rode at the first jump, planning to go for a slow, steady round. However, as we approached the first jump, I increased Finola's tempo slightly to meet the stride and at that moment, we both went into jump off mode. We just clipped the second jump down, but we kept going anyway, and ended up finishing with the fastest time, finishing 4th and just missing the places despite our 4 penalties.

Thus, it was with high spirits that we readied ourselves for the next class: The 1,30m Speed and Precision class. Once again, Finola went like a star! We found our speed and decided to go for it! Thankfully, it paid off, and we flew over the last jump clear, and with the fastest time, despite Finola taking a notion to throw a couple of bucks during the course. Finola accepted her red rosette with the dignity of a queen, then decided to perform a tugging, bolting, sideways lap of honour - looking more like a disobedient school pony than a winning showjumper!

Finola in the 1,30m class jump off
Finola in the 1,30m class jump off

Last was Badger, whose second class was cancelled - so he only got to do a 1m speed class. He went very nicely, but I messed up the stride into one related line and we ended up having both poles. It was not a bad round, nothing to be ashamed of, but nothing for the record books.

Overall, it was one of my most successful shows in a while, and I was very impressed with all four horses!

Finola in the 1,30m speed and precision class
Finola in the 1,30m speed and precision class

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Inactive Member  
sounds like fun! Moony sounds like jumping his a hidden talent for him!
  Oct 29, 2010  •  4,814 views
Riders Up Ranch  
you are such a brilliant and athletic rider! I love how you always keep your sense of humor about you! :)
  Oct 29, 2010  •  4,906 views
Glad Moony is shaping up and doing great! Excellent job!
  Oct 29, 2010  •  4,800 views
Polo the Weirdo  MOD 
Aaaaw, thanks guys! :D This show was actually a bit of an anticlimax for dear Moony, since his previous one was simply fantastic - not a single pole! He was just having a bit of a 'young horse phase' though, so I've been doing some gridwork and using bascule poles to get him respecting the jumps and using himself more... He's doing much better now! And since he's had show exposure now, I'm going to work on him at home for the net month or so and get him going really super - then bring him out for the lower grade championship in December! About time my boy started raking in the ribbons! Haha! And then we can start eventing next year... REALLY looking forward to that! :D
  Oct 30, 2010  •  4,785 views
Rein or Shine  
Reading your articles makes me want to do one thing-RIDE. :P Seriously, you kill me with all your photos. *sulks* Lol! Anyway great job! :)
  Nov 8, 2010  •  4,804 views
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