The Five Dollar Horse In The Shed
 By Seri   •   31st Oct 2010   •   9,566 views   •   24 comments
This past spring my mare Silver and I entered a show jumping competition. We were approaching a large double oxer in the jump-offs (we had tied with another horse and rider for first) when disaster struck. Somehow Silver got her back legs tangled in the fencing and the moment of that wonderful feeling of weightlessness that accompanies jumping was gone in an instant. We went down hard, and she somehow landed on me. I was pinned under my horse and Silver had broken both of her back legs and a few ribs in the fall and was unable to get up. My little mare did try though, and at one point she was able to lift up high enough for the workers to drag me out from underneath her. My pelvis was broken and I had dislocated one of my shoulders, but at the moment I couldnít feel anything. Silver was humanely put out of her misery on the spot and I didnít even get a chance to say goodbye.

The Five Dollar Horse In The Shed

Silverís death tore my heart open and utterly exposed. I had already been forced to go through the deaths of three of my friends, my dog, a favorite teacher and my uncle during the time span of one year. I had lost my three friends one month before my accident with Silver. Since then I have been going through the grieving process and considered giving up show jumping and horses all together. Then on October 19th, 2010 I came across what appeared to be a scruffy looking stallion cramped into a tiny shed with just his head sticking out. It looked like someone had literally stuffed the horse into the structure, so I went over to investigate it.

What I had thought to be scruffiness was anything but. The animalís fur was falling off, revealing large patches of skin, you could see the parasites that riddled the poor stallionís body clearly, and as soon as he saw me he tossed his head up and attempted to retreat further into the tight space that apparently made up his stall.

I knew better than to get to close to him but what I could see from where I stood was enough to make my blood boil. Through one of the gaps in the wood that made up the walls of the shed I could tell that the horse was standing in a pile of his own manure, manure that had accumulated to be over six inches thick. His hooves looked like they had never been trimmed and one of them had shown signs of cracking. It was hard to believe that the stallion was only three years old. When I went around the back of the "barn" I could see the bones of another horse lying in a heap out in the back by the firewood. An unforgettable stench was emanating from directly behind the pile, and when I looked I saw the rotting remains of what appeared to be a month old foal.

I was sick, and the smell was stuck in my nose as I whispered a promise in the stallionís direction before leaving. I told my parents what I had found and at first they didnít believe me. Frustrated by their lack of trust I took them to the site only to find that the stallion had been moved. The bodies of the two horses however were still there and when I opened the "barn" door the layers of muck were still covering the floor. Then next day I returned to the site with my camera and found to my relief that the stallion was back in his meager small. As I looked through the zoom lense of my trusty Canon Rebel XSI I saw that his face and neck were covered in what appeared where welts from being whipped. I left him once more and went home.

Later that day I took a risky move and approached the owner of the property (and the horse) and offered to buy the horse from him. I was surprised by the look of relief in the manís eyes at my offer and he promptly told me that I could have ďthat hellionĒ for whatever price I was willing to pay. I called my parents the minute after handing over a $5 check to the owner and they came with our vet immediately. The vet is a friend of ours and had been over at the house socializing.

When our vet tried to approach the horse the stallion reared and hit his head on the window frame of the shed hard enough to make the injury bleed. In the end we had to tranquilize him, something the vet had been unwilling to do because of his poor condition. Numerous injuries were visible and I could tell that his tail had been re-set and his teeth were extremely overgrown. The water in the tub looked like it had algae in it and the food was moldy.

When the tail is re-set it means the tailbone is broken in order for the tail to be carried higher up. Typically happens when the horse is a foal.

We brought him back to our place and the vet began a thorough examination in the pasture. Our stalls are made so that horses can enter the stall whenever they want to and be able to enjoy the paddock that connects with their stall as often as they like.

Several shots later and a visit from the Ferrier I cleaned him as best as I could. Great clumps of hair and mane seemed to fall off whenever I touched him as I attempted to remove all of the dirt. It took me almost three hours before I was finally satisfied with the results but even then I didnít think he looked clean enough. This scraggly and abused animal that stood in front of me was no Silver. That was obvious and I embraced that. I know that Silver would want me to help a horse in need instead of buying a fancy horse from the auction ring or private breeders. Once I was done treating him I unclipped his lead line and took the halter off of his face. We had decided to introduce him to the halter once he was recovered physically and also showed signs of recovering emotionally.

I named him Mohani and signed the papers that had been mailed over by his previous owner. My parents gave me full responsibility of Mohani and Iíve been consulting with a family friend that owns a rescue barn a couple of hours away so that I know what I am doing is correct. I spent three 45 minute block periods with Mohani on Sunday so that he could get use to my presence. I simply sat in the far corner of his pasture within his sight and made it so that my body language told him that I wasnít a threat. After being ignored completely the first two times I wasnít expecting any acknowledgement this time. I was proven wrong when Mohani actually nickered in my direction and with ears up he came over to inspect me. His muzzle bumped against my leg and he whuffed slightly through his nostrils. I felt tears welling in my eyes by the amazing amount of trust that this animal had in me after being abused and neglected for as far as I knew his entire life.

Just as things were starting to look bright for Mohani, he suffered a colic attack early Sunday morning and was taken to our vet clinic down the road. I was terrified that in his weakened condition that Mohani wouldnít be able to get through this new setback, but somehow my horse did just that.

Earlier this morning he was shipped back over to the farm after the clinic ran some additional tests and told us that it would be safe for him to return. When I came home from school I immediately went out to go see him. I spent the next 45 minutes in the pasture with him and was just about to the house when I looked back and saw him lying down and nipping at his sides. Panic shot through me but I quickly grabbed his halter and lead rope. After getting the halter on him and lead rope clipped into place I urged him to his feet. I was careful to keep my distance, not wanting to spook him.

That was when he moved towards me instead of away from me like I had thought he would. I stayed where I was and coaxed him to his feet. Soon after regaining his feet, Mohani lurched towards me with little grunts of pain. At one point Mohani actually slung his head over my shoulder and leaned up against me.

I was amazed, here was an animal that had had to be tranquilized in order to get within 5 ft of him just two day before and was now actually craving my company. When the vet came and her assistant attempted to take over my position Mohaniís ears went straight back and tried to evade her. At one point he even attempted to give her a warning nip and the whites of his eyes were clearly visible. Needless to say she backed off and allowed me to load my horse into the trailer. I stayed with him for as long as I could before being told that I should go home and get some rest.

So here I am typing up this article and hoping that it will be accepted. I still havenít received any word on Mohaniís condition but the vet had told me earlier that he had about 50/50 chance of pulling through.

Silver taught me so many things about horses and I am glad that she was able to be with me for so long, and for instilling the love I have for all animals in general. Because of her I was able to find the courage needed to help the neglected stallion stuffed in a shed.

All of the images that you see are of Silver, I didnít think that I should post the ones of Mohani, it would be too disturbing.
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Aww, poor guy! You're an amazing person to take responsibility for him when his owner did not. I'm sure Silver is very proud of you. :)
  Oct 31, 2010  •  7,221 views
No Walkin Farms9  
So sorry to hear about Silver. She sounds like a special horse.

Terrible what was done to Mohani. I'm glad he has you now. Keep us udated on how he's doing.
  Oct 31, 2010  •  7,228 views
Mystic Magic  
Oh I am so sorry to hear about silver, what a terrible way to loose a horse and I am sorry to hear about all of your other losses! That is good tat you took care of that stallion though, the poor thing.
  Oct 31, 2010  •  7,873 views
So sorry about your losses! I'll be praying for Mohani's recovery.
  Oct 31, 2010  •  7,593 views
Thank you guys! I typed this article up about a week ago and I am happy to report that he recovered from the colic attack and has put on a few pounds of weight. I am continuing to work with him daily using aromatherapy and the join-up technique. I would like to eventually go back to the show buisness but I won't care if that becomes a reality or not. If Mohani doesn't want to do it then I won't make him =) He does seem to like to run and I've noticed that he does an extended trot all on his own in the paddock sometimes...
  Oct 31, 2010  •  7,574 views
Prarie Rose  
This is an awesome thing that you did. You're giving him a chance to live and I'm so proud of you for what you have done. Too many horses are abused in the world and you are helping one. Great job! I hope he continues to get better, and please keep us updated.:D
  Oct 31, 2010  •  7,571 views
R.I.P Silver

i hope mohani will be alright :) im pretty sure he will
  Oct 31, 2010  •  7,622 views
Awww, wow!
I'm sorry for all your losses but happy for your gain of Mohani. I hope everything works out well for you and stays well too. =)
  Oct 31, 2010  •  7,723 views
Riders Up Ranch  
This is the best story I have ever read here on PB. I am so sorry for your loss of Silver, and so hopeful that we will be able to see pics of Mohani someday soon. Can't wait for a follow up article!
  Nov 1, 2010  •  7,696 views
I'm so sorry about the loss of people you love, especially Silver. I hope Mohani grows up good and well. :)
  Nov 1, 2010  •  7,591 views
I'm so sorry you had to go through all that, but it is amazing what you've done for Mohani. I'm sure you two will be awesome friends. :)
  Nov 1, 2010  •  7,585 views
OMG!I have NEVER cried about horse abuise before.This is such a amazing and sad story.I am so gald that you saved him you are a hero to him.Great job hun and keep up you wonderful work.You make a diffrence =]

Get Better Mohali.
RIP Silver.
  Nov 1, 2010  •  7,645 views
Fantasy Farms  
I'm glad your helping a horse in need. I think that is just what Silver would have wanted
  Nov 1, 2010  •  7,593 views
I'm sorry to hear about Silver, it is good to know you are helping a horse in need!
  Nov 3, 2010  •  7,601 views
I'm sorry to hear about Silver, she was beautiful. But that's a wonderful thing you did, rescuing Mohani. I hope he recovers. 3
  Nov 6, 2010  •  7,656 views
OM Gosh! That is so so sad! :(
  Dec 2, 2010  •  7,605 views
Finally There  
Aww this made my cry! Wonderful Seri!
  24 days ago  •  7,593 views
OOH my gosh. Thanks you so much for giving a horse a second chance in life
  42 days ago  •  7,599 views
Well I am very sorry for silver. I am very glad you found Mohani, and Mahani probably likes you because you were so nice to him, and also he would still be at that terrible place.
  Dec 2, 2012  •  7,610 views
Starlight Farm  
There are so many things in this story that are so sad! Have you considered getting an official investigation into the deaths of the two other horses?

I'm glad Mohani found you, someone who will be patient with him, understand, take care of him, and love him :')
  Dec 2, 2012  •  7,774 views
Oh stop making me cry silver sounds like a horse nothing can replace lol
  Dec 7, 2012  •  7,606 views
Mutley Jackson  
I had to ask this....

Just HOW HARD did you kill the owner?
  Dec 8, 2012  •  8,313 views
I had chills when you found the dead foal. Is Mohani ok?
  41 days ago  •  7,105 views
no longer need barn
You did the right thing! Sorry about Silver!

(We rescued Tommy next to my comment, and he was a lawn mower with overgrown feet and parasites. I hope Mohani makes it through! I'll keep My fingers crossed!
  Oct 24, 2016  •  5,017 views
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