Everyone Loves A Good Horse Show
 By Lil Booger   •   29th Oct 2010   •   2,120 views   •   4 comments
Everyone loves a good horse show. Some just go for the fun of it and others to bring home ribbons in hopes of qualifying for the championships. Iím not a heavy competitor I must say. The kind of show I go to is like a little schooling show. The kind you would attend at your trainers. Iím ok with that. Once I find a more secure trainer I might go a bit bigger. But for now this show place will do just fine. Especially for my jumper horse in training.

Everyone Loves A Good Horse ShowThere are two horses I compete on. Sammy, who is my hunter jumper, and Booger, who is my barrel horse. I just recently started ridding Booger in English. I have found that he is quite the gifted jumper. So recently on the 7th of October I decided to take Booger to his very first English show. Barrel season is out for me right now so I thought we should have a little fun in-between. I must admit I didnít prepare that well. I only had about a week to practice and I used to the best of my time. I wanted to do Sammy in a few jumping classes but I knew better. He was hardly ridden since the last show and I didnít want to push him. Sammy has a stiff leg do to strangles that he got a few years ago. His legs swelled up so bad it left scar tissue. He is limited on his height of jumping now and if he isnít worked regularly he doesnít perform well. So it was decided that I should only do a cross rail class with him. For booger I choose some flat classes. As much as I wanted to jump him but I knew he wasnít even close to being ready. With the help of a friend I was ready to tackle this horse show.

It started early in the morning around 6am. I got up and put on my jodhpurs and put some sweats on over them so they wouldnít get dirty. I donít have a show jacket so I packed my white polo shirt and a few other things including lunch. It was discussed that my friend would ride Sammy in a few classes and I would do two. This was her very first show and she was very excited. We had spent the weekend bathing the horses. Unfortunately it rained the night before and of course they rolled in the mud. Our barn doesnít have stables so the horses are kept in pastures. We have shelter s built for them but for our boys it wasnít ready. So when me and my mother got there I met up with my friend, Ashley, and tried to decide what to do. We diced we would take care of them at the show grounds. My mom pulled up with the trailer and we loaded them up. Booger went in first going in the middle and Sammy went in last going in the last slot of our three horse trailer. We set on our way and it felt like it was taking forever to get there. I began to worry when it began to rain again on the way up. I had called the day before and asked if they were canceling do t rain. They said no. Somewhere on the trip there my mother JPS was leading us in every which direction. We finally got there just in time.

Everyone Loves A Good Horse Show

We unloaded the horses and tied them up on the side. Me and Ashley went to singe up for our classes. When we came back it was raining a little harder. My mom and Ashleyís mom had wiped off the horses with a towel to get rid of the mud. I didnít want to tack them up all wet and ruin my tack. My mom suggested that we load them back up and tack them in the trailer and let them chill in there until our classes. So we loaded up Booger first. I tied him up inside and dried him off the best that I could and saddled him up. He was going crazy. He was pawing at the floor and jumping all around. My mother had said he was doing this when they unloaded them. Now before we jump to conclusions I would like to say the Booger is the kind of horse that will just be crazy for no reasons at all. He is also a fairly young horse being only 6. He has been too far more exciting shows than this. I knew it wasnít colic. He was in just one of those moods. After I got him all saddled we loaded Sammy up and did the same with Sammy.

For reasons I canít remember we took Sammy out of the trailer instead of leaving him in with Booger. Booger continued to go crazy and somehow knocked the bars out of the window. We just closed up the window and gave him some hay. He seemed a little calmer after that. I went to go fix up his bridle when I heard and felt this loud crashing and banging around in the trailer. My name was screamed and I ran around the back only to find that he had kicked the panel out of the way and was hanging upside down in the trailer hanging from his halter. I panicked and seeing no one move I ran to the side and un-did his halter and ran back in the trailer to help him. I led him out completely freaked that he had broken a leg or something. He only had a few scratches on his legs and on his face from the halter. We walked him around and made sure he wasnít limping. I was greatly considering scratching him. We discussed what we should do and I decided I would warm him up and see how he does. If he seemed fine we would do one class. If something was wrong then we would scratch from the rest. We finished tacking him up and walked him around to let him get used to things. Sammy was calm as ever. He didnít even blink when Booger flipped in the trailer.

Everyone Loves A Good Horse ShowWe warmed them up in the warm up ring. I paid extra attention to how booger felt when I rode him. I set him through his paces and found nothing wrong. He seemed a lot calmer too. We waited with others for our class to begin. It was still raining and I just left the sweatshirt I had on earlier on so I wouldnt get my show shirt dirty. The first class was an English Equitation Novice horse or rider. We went through the judges required paces and then waited for the placing. We didnít place in the class. My trainer later thought it was because of the bit I was using. I was using my western bit for him because I didnít have an English one for him. I didnít care. I knew he did extremely well. I decide to go on with the rest of the classes. There were only two more with him to do. In the next class I competed against my friend. We got sixth and she got second. In his last class (we competed against Ashley again) we got third. I was extremely proud of him. We had such a rocky start and still a long way to go but I couldnít be happier.

I competed in two flat classes on Sammy placing 2nd in both. My friend was doing well. She was very pleased. She had one more class to go. The low cross rails. I had decided at the last minute not to do them since she was but later entered after her class. She was freaking that she was going to forget her course. I helped her memorize with my technique. I told her to memorize them by color. I know itís not the proper way but for this kind of show its works for now. This helped her majorly. She even walked the course to make sure she had it down. The time finally came and she and Sammy walked in and began their course. It was a small course of only nine jumps. But she knew it by heart. They were doing well up until the fourth jump. She lost her stirrups and lost her focus. Sammy being lazy decided he was done and ran to the gate. She quickly turned him around after regaining her stirrups and finished the course. The poor thing came back in tears. I kept telling her it was ok and it wasnít her fault. True she did lose her focus but Sammy should have known better. But she shrugged it off and was happy that she had placed third. I was in the next class. I knew the course by heart but was freaking a little as I always do. Sammy was hyped after his ride with Ashley and decided to pull the same wild card with me. But I kept him under control the best I could. We went first in the class. I hate going first. It makes me extremely nervous. But I sucked it up and began the course. Things were going well. Kind of. I lost focus after the first jump and forgot that I had wanted to make a circle for the second jump. So instead I made a sharp u-turn and pressed on forward. He was getting hyper and began to galloped I guess you could say over the course. I held him back with all that I could but he continued to fly. He knocked a rail and the fifth jump but when cleanly over the rest. We placed third after that crazy performance.

Over all the crazy things that happened we had a good day. It had stopped raining somewhere in the middle and Booger did a fabulous job despite the trailer incident. He even got back in after all that! If he was able to put it behind him then I was too. I couldnít be happier with my boys!
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Riders Up Ranch  
Very good story, I enjoyed all the details :)
  Oct 29, 2010  •  1,771 views
Dark Star  
Nice story, but you might watch jumping and barrel racing friend blew her horses hocks out last year from doing it. So just make sure you watch his legs.
  Oct 30, 2010  •  1,645 views
Lil Booger  
thanks for the tip! i will be sure to waych his legs!! i dont plan on perrsuing(sp?) this with him too much. its just i little side thing i wanted to do. :)
  Oct 31, 2010  •  1,887 views
Dark Star  
Ya, my friend trained this mare from the time she was born, she used her for pleasure, then switched to jumping, then after she got dragged her parents made her switch to western, so she trained her to barrel race, and now the mare can't be ran anymore. Her mom might make her sell her now. So she told me that whatever you do is always pay attention when you switch them alot...she learned the hard way.
  Nov 2, 2010  •  1,645 views
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