Once A Unicorn - Part 1
 By Rein or Shine   •   7th Nov 2010   •   3,485 views   •   3 comments
As the sun glinted off her horn, Ariela watched as the young girl made her way toward her. Should I trust this young human? wondered Ariela. Does she mean me no harm?

Whispers escaped the young girl’s lips. Trust me, she seemed to be saying, trust me.

Ariela whickered and shifted uncomfortably. The girl certainly seemed harmless, but was her outside appearance much like that of what was on the inside? Trust me. Yes, the words were there. Ariela was sure of it, she understood the words as the girl moved closer. Trust me, beautiful one, trust me. Trust me. The young girl’s light brown hair seemed to float in the light breeze. Her soft blue eyes were gentle she reminded Ariela of a gentle old mare, never one to try to stir up a real upset.

UnicornThe girl wasn’t three feet away from Ariela. The soft, soothing whispers kept on coming, hardly changing with every second. Her tone was light and airy, soft and dependable. Uneasily, Ariela reached out her dainty white nose to the girl’s outstretched hand. Ariela breathed out noisily. Her mother’s wise words kept coming back to her: Stay away from humans. All they do is harm. Was it really true? Did humans really set their minds of doing harm their whole lives?

Ariela whinnied and back up several feet. Trust me, beautiful one. There were the words again. Trust me. No need to be afraid, just trust me. Ariela tossed her head. Her mane wrapped itself around her long, shimmering horn and her soft, glossy white ears. She pranced around uneasily, her small, light hooves touching the ground. Trust me, beautiful one. Ariela walked around in a circle. She was the only unicorn left in the world. Humans had never touched a unicorn before should she start that idea? What if this innocent-looking girl turned out to be a vicious murderer or something like that? What if she got killed because of this girl? Her kind would be wiped out... never to be of existence again!

“It’s okay.” The words surprised Ariela. They weren’t whispers anymore. They were normally spoken, spoken without any hesitation or boundaries. The young girl took a small step towards Ariela. Ariela stepped toward the girl. She knew that if the girl moved in a way that was threatening, Ariela could run away and never be caught.

Suddenly, before she knew what was happening, Ariela felt a soft touch on her muzzle. Was it true? Had a unicorn finally been touched by a human? Had a human finally touched a unicorn? Was this a first? The first Ariela had been debating, waiting for, waiting for minutes?

And then the girl, gentle as could be, was by Ariela’s side, stroking her neck and whispering into her mane. She scratched behind Ariela’s glittery horn, making the unicorn stretch her neck in pleasure. The girl stood on a rock and jumped on Ariela’s back. The moment had happened so quickly that Ariela barely noticed it. Nothing hurt, she felt no pain. Strangely, she didn’t feel threatened or frightened. The girl was light, almost weightless on her back.

Then Ariela felt a light tapping on her side. The aids from the girl seemed to have been already planted in her memory. She began to gallop, floating lightly and swiftly across the ground. She heard the girl laughing on her back, obviously having fun. Ariela found herself also having fun, enjoying the gentle, slight bounce of the girl going up and down on her back. She enjoyed hearing the human’s joyous laugh.

Suddenly Ariela felt unsure. She remembered her mother telling her not to go near any humans. Now, many years down the road, she had disobeyed those orders. This particular human didn’t mean any harm, it seemed should she keep being with this girl, just because she was threatening? Or should she heed her mother’s warning?

Ariela felt a sudden jolt of disappointment go through her entire body like an arrow. It seemed that her mother was telling her, Get away! Get away, quickly! I told you, Ariela, humans are not meant to be trusted! Without another thought, Ariela lowered to the ground. She reached back and nudged the young girl gently with her nose. Understanding, the girl slid off Ariela’s back. “What’s wrong?” she whispered. “Are you tired?”

Ariela stood up and took a step toward the girl. She put her head over the girl’s shoulder and bent her neck in a strange hug. The girl hugged the unicorn in return. She whispered something in Ariela’s ear. Ariela strained to hear the words.

“My name is Rose,” she said. Ariela nibbled her hand lovingly. Then she spun around and galloped away. “Wait!” Rose called. “Come back!”

Ariela ignored the call. She kept speeding away, her mother’s order keeping her moving along. She felt a tear run down her furry cheek. She loved Rose... that love had been bonded the first time Rose had touched her muzzle, but she had to obey her mother.
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Thats really well written
  Nov 7, 2010  •  2,773 views
Unbridled Equus  
Really Good!!!!!1
  Nov 7, 2010  •  2,737 views
Rein or Shine  
Thank you both. :) There are two more parts which will, hopefully, be posted soon.
  Nov 8, 2010  •  2,758 views
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