My Dream Ride
 By Rein or Shine   •   13th Nov 2010   •   5,885 views   •   12 comments
As she galloped her champion barrel racer around the first barrel, I practically drooled with envy. Her shiny, white-blonde hair streamed out in a gorgeous ripple behind her, underlining her every move. Her beautiful white stallion, Speed Twist O’ Rama, curved neatly around every barrel, his long tail dragging the ground. He shone and sparkled in the bright arena lights, glittering like a child’s wonderful new craft.

Bull Fest Barrel Racing

Twisty carried his rider as if she weighed nothing. The famous barrel racer, Mattie Long, guided him with a gentle touch on his neck with the rein, and he immediately obeyed. They were a wonderful team.

Oh, how I wished I could own a horse like Twisty! He was just perfect, galloping as if he could beat a cheetah in a race, turning on a dime. Mattie was famous country-wide, having won more than eighty thousand dollars running barrels.

“Mattie Long finishes on Speed Twist O’ Rama in ten point three seconds! Congratulations, Mattie, great finish!” I listened as the announcer revealed her time. “Whooo!” I yelled, personally congratulating the barrel racer, though my voice only mixed with the other screams and yells of the crowd. I watched her exit the arena, a big grin on her face.

Waiting for the next competitor, my eyes latched onto a bright green piece of paper on the floor. I picked it up and blew the dust off it. It read: Meet Mattie Long! Mattie Long and her wonderful horse Speed Twist O’ Rama would love to meet you. Carry this ticket out to the arena and Charlie Smith will meet you, then take you to meet Mattie!

I couldn’t believe my luck. I scrambled down the bleachers and jumped over the railing, gripping the bright green ticket tightly in my fingers. The arena dirt billowed up and blanketed my pant legs, but I didn’t care. I stood in the arena, waiting for Charlie Smith, one of the announcers, to come out to me.

Finally, a dark, smiling guy walked out to me. “I see you have a Mattie ticket,” he said. “I will take you to her.”
Grinning from ear to ear, I handed him my ticket and followed him. Mattie Long and Twisty were standing next to a trailer not far from the arena, cooling off. “Hi,” Mattie said, a wide smile on her face. “Nice to meet you.”
“My name is Amber Cole,” I said excitedly. “I’m you and Twisty’s biggest, hugest fan! Can I pet Twisty?”
“Absolutely, Amber,” Mattie said, smiling. She stepped aside to allow me room, and I pet Twisty’s beautiful, white, glossy neck and kissed his muzzle.
“Would you like to ride him?” Mattie asked. My jaw dropped opened. “Are you serious?” I asked. “Really?”
Mattie laughed. “Of course! He’s gentler than a lamb, and from the way you are around him I can tell you’re not short of being an expert!” She helped me onto the tall horse, and I rode along the passageways.
“And first place goes to…”
I tuned into the announcer’s words, straining my ears to hear them.
“…Mattie Long!!”

My mouth dropped back open, and, smiling widely, I started to slide off Twisty to let Mattie ride into the arena. But she just shook her head and gently pushed me back into place in the saddle, then led her horse out into the arena.

Mattie took the microphone from the announcer.

“Thanks to the judges, who helped me win this thing! Thanks to all my wonderful fans, who have encouraged me all the way. And, finally, thanks to a wonderful young girl who has reminded me just how much Twisty, friendship, and fans mean to me. Let’s give it up for Ms. Amber Cole!”

There went my mouth again. I sat proudly on top of Twisty, waving and watching as somebody pinned a blue ribbon onto his bridle. Me and Mattie hugged...then, to top off my dream ride, Mattie let me run Twisty around a barrel.
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lifes a risk  
cool i really like this
  Nov 13, 2010  •  4,514 views
Fantasy Farms  
Thats really cool!
  Nov 13, 2010  •  4,524 views
Dark Star  
First of all - Who is that in the picture?! You never turn a barrel like that...EVER! My friend has done that once and her horse fell down! And, non-realistic time, as it's impossible in a official sized arena, as the fastest time ever was like a 13 in a huge arena (That horse was amazing)....And yes I understand this is fiction, but still it would be better if it was more realistic
  Nov 13, 2010  •  4,501 views
PonyBox  MOD online
Great story, you did a good job!
  Nov 13, 2010  •  4,560 views
thats great!
  Nov 13, 2010  •  4,520 views
thats great!
  Nov 13, 2010  •  4,520 views
HPH Polo  
very well written story! I enjoyed reading every word of it.
  Nov 13, 2010  •  4,644 views
One of the best stories i'hve ever read!
  Nov 14, 2010  •  4,526 views
Wow, I wish I owned a barrel horse like Twisty!
  Nov 14, 2010  •  4,501 views
S Q U I  
It was good. I would of put a bit more detail into it. Explain things a bit more. What I mean, get a bit more deive.
Tell the story a bit more...
But otherwise, pretty good! :3
  Nov 14, 2010  •  4,609 views
No Walkin Farms9  
I like this story. It's nice.
  Mar 11, 2011  •  4,528 views
Little Bitty Farm  
Great article!
  May 9, 2011  •  4,541 views
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