A Love Story Of A Girl And Her Horse
 By Ponyissie   •   9th Dec 2010   •   11,584 views   •   6 comments
At the age of 14 I finally got my first horse. She was a beautiful mare called Stained Gold, I called her Gold for short. She was a gorgeous 14.3hh, palomino Quarter horse and had a heart of gold, hence the name Gold. One day we went riding in the forest and I rode Gold, nobody was with me and nobody knew I was out riding. We had a go at galloping through the forest and I was fine, it was when we started jumping logs that things went wrong.

While we were galloping I realized that Gold had a deep cut on her leg, while I was looking at her wound, Gold stumbled on a tree root and I fell off into a tree. I broke my leg and had to go to hospital. Gold wasn't hurt too bad and was taken care of by my friend, Laura. But at that time I didn't know she was ok. I spent my stay in the hospital worrying about Gold, which made my recovery that much slower.

I spent my days out of the hospital recovering with my beautiful mare, Stained Gold. After I finally recovered and went back to school I was relieved, but upset at the same time that I had to leave Gold at home while I was stuck in a boring classroom. I used all my spare time riding, caring for and spending time with Gold. Like my saying go's

"I would rather nuzzle a muzzle than kiss a boy."

It really was a love story of a girl and her horse, I was convinced I would never lose her or sell her during my lifetime, but I was wrong, completely wrong.

I was riding Gold again, but this time through the fields near where I live. We were at a canter through the fields and were about to attempt a jump over a ditch. It was going well until we were in mid air over the ditch, I lost my grip and fell off. I couldn't remember a thing, apart from that everything went black and on top of that, my horse was not in sight.

I woke up in hospital hearing my family around me. I was in a partial comma and could hear, but not see, speak or move.
"Speak to me Amber." My Mum was pleading. If I could have spoken I would, but I didn't have a choice.
Then my Dad spoke."Honey, we've got to go now." He was speaking to my Mum, I didn't wan't them to go, but I had no way to signal them. I heard them leave the room and close the door behind them. I tried to move, but I couldn't. I stayed in this state for over 4 weeks and had to be fed by my nurse, Jane. It was her that made my days pass quickly, she would talk about her horse, Amazing Grace. Apparently soon she would be entering a cross country competion.

When I finally came out of my comma and was aloud home, my family were overjoyed and made a big fuss over me, probably too big of a fuss. Whenever I asked about Gold they would change the subject immediately. I knew they were hiding a secret from me and when I was finally strong enough, I went to find her on my own.

Mum was writing, she's an author, and Dad was at work. I sneaked out into the stables and peered over Gold's stable door, she wasn't there! I screamed, "Aaaaahhhh, where's Gold? GOLD!" I had gone mad and began shouting and ran back into the house.

I soon found out that Gold was alive, but ill and wasn't getting any better. Her broken leg was still in bad shape and the vet was encouraging us to put her down. I was furious that Mum and Dad didn't inform me of her status earlier.

The next day I heard Mum on the phone, she didn't sound happy. I assumed her latest book, "Running Wild" was not going well, but I was wrong. After dinner she came up to me to talk.
"Amber, there's something we haven't told you." She said softly to me.
"Gold has been suffering for a while from her injuries, but we decided to wait for you to get better so you could see her before we put her down."
I said nothing, I was so sad. The next day I got to see her. I stepped into the stables, heavy heartedly. She nickered to me, she had missed me, she didn't know she was gonna die soon.
"Hello girl." I mananged without crying, I stroked her soft, velvety muzzle. She nuzzled me and limped closer. I ran my fingers through her silky, cream mane and pulled a couple of tiny hairs off as a reminder of her. I groomed her slowly, trying to make the moment last. But the time came to fast.
"Bye, Bye Gold, I'll never forget you, you'll always live on in my heart." I cried through my tears.

I stepped outside, letting the vet in with his injection to put her to sleep. After a couple of minutes he came back out, I did not date look in the stables. I didn't go to school the next day, I couldn't bring myself to tell my friends about it. We buried her in her favourite field under an apple tree, I lay flowers there every day.

Years later...
I'm 20 now and have finished school, I have never forgotten Gold and have never had a horse since her. The pieces of mane I pulled of her were made into a bracelet that I have never take off. Gold was more than a horse to me, she was a friend and could not be replaced.

Now that I'm older I decided to write about Gold, so I searched the country and found Gold's old owner from before I had bought her. I was told she had a foal and the owner suggested I take him home for a while on a lease. Her foal is a 6 year old gorgeous 15.3hh Chestnut colt. I decided to call him "Storm". He wasn't trained, so I decided to dedicate the next few months solely on Storm.
Today I decided to lunge him.

As I continued with his training Storm became more and more like Gold. When I finally had him under saddle it was only then I realized how good he was, he had the quality to become a top cross country horse. My first ride on him was a hack, we jumped a log, a stream but not a ditch. I haven't jumped a ditch since the death of Gold and was not prepared to do it now either.

A year later we went to our first show. It was a cross country show. And guess what? We came in first! Luckily the show didn't involve a ditch. The victory took us to a higher show until finally we reached Badmington horse trials. I was so worried as I waited by the horsebox grooming Storm, awaiting our turn to jump. Storm nickered and nuzzled me, he could sense my nerves, but wasn't becoming nervous himself, funnily enough.

Finally they announced "Please can Amber Green on Midnight Storm please warm up in arena A."

I gathered up my courage and warmed up Storm over a practice fence. We then rode to the starting line, my heart beating like a drum.
"Ding, Ding!" The bell rang and Storm leaped into a canter, he was eagerly keen. We headed for the first jump, a hedge, and cleared it in style. Then we cleared the water jump easily, I could get use to this, Storm was so good I was barely doing anything. Then my heart skipped a beat, ahead us lay a ditch. Last time I jumped a ditch I was 14 and it had been the reason for Gold's death. I still blamed myself for this. I gulped, closed my eyes and hung on for dear life as a tear slid down my face.

Storm took off and while in mid-air and I opened my eyes just as Storm landed gracefully on the other side without tripping, I was so proud, he had sensed my nerve and taken care of me. Storm had taken good care of me, even though I only leased him, I loved him like my own.

That night before going into my house I looked up at the star filled sky, If Gold was here she would be so proud. She will always live on in my heart, grazing off my soul.
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Valkyrie   MOD 
Erm ... why is one of my pictures the image for this on the news page? I have received no notification of its use.
  Dec 9, 2010  •  9,748 views
Finally There  
Is it a true story? Or made up?
  Dec 10, 2010  •  9,750 views
Good story, I do have a small nitpick, though. If Storm was 6, when Amber was 20 he would've been born when Amber was 14, which was when she owned Gold, so the old owner wouldn't have had Storm. Other than that, good job. :)
  Dec 10, 2010  •  9,747 views
BME Sports  
i love this story. it slightly similar to my real one.
  Dec 11, 2010  •  9,770 views
I'm really sorry that you lost your first horse. I'm fourteen now, and don't have any horses, but I'd be really sad if one of the one's I knew died. Its kind of interesting how you ended up with her baby though.
  Dec 19, 2010  •  9,771 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Great story =)
  Feb 3, 2011  •  9,751 views
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