The Story of Lexie - Part 1
 By Aralia   •   8th Nov 2010   •   1,954 views   •   3 comments
Krystal was a gorgeous young girl. Flowing brown curls, clear skin, and blue-sky eyes. She was just an ordinary eleven-year-old girl, until things changed. Her life started as the perfect life, complete with an ideal family. She did chores like any regular child, she lived in a decent house, and was an only child. Her parents were still together, unlike many parents these days. She had good grades in school and loved reading almost as much as she loved horses.

Then things changed for Krystal. Her father was hospitalized on Christmas day. He had been in a car wreck and it was likely he may not make it through the night. They were right.

Krystal loved her dad very dearly and didn't come out of her room for the rest of Christmas break, except to greet the occasional family member that came over to talk about how unfortunate their loss was.

When it was time for her to go back to school, Krystal wasn't the same person. Her friends started leaving her alone because of her change, and Krystal's grades began to slip. She no longer had a smile and things weren't the same for her. She decided to walk home the first day after Christmas break. Her mother offered to pick her up since she was usually picked up by her father, but she denied her mother's offer and wandered her way home.

During that walk she noticed things she hadn't noticed before. She noticed the tulips in the yards of people's homes and pastures that she previously never saw. But one things that seemed to interest her most were two pastures with a small shelter. The first looked as if it belonged to a horse, but was empty. The second held a young Arabian mare, no older than four years old. She was a beautiful horse, with a long black mane and a coat to match, but the small mare looked skinny and depressed, just how Krystal was beginning to be.

The pastures reminded Krystal of the good days when she was about six years old. She would sit on a horse with her father and ride around the trail near her house. Her father's horse was named Gem, an old bay Quarter Horse, but Gem passed away when Krystal was eight. Her father was very upset for days after Gem died. Kristal didn't fully understand it then, but now she felt the pain and lose her father had felt.

After what felt like an hour, Krystal made it home. Her mother was preparing dinner while Krystal went to her room and did her homework. Even though she didn't do her best on it since she stopped caring about schoolwork. Her mother called her for dinner and Krystal ate about five bites of mashed potatoes and then went to bed.

The next walk home from school Krystal carried carrots in her pocket from her school's cafeteria. She went to the horse pastures, which seemed to be well maintained and tried to gain the small mare's attention.

"Here girl, I have carrots. Do you like carrots?" said Krystal in a quiet soothing tone to not scare the horse.

The horse looked at her, a depressed look in her eyes. "It's alright. Do you want some carrots?" asked Krystal as she held one of the small carrots out in her palm. The horse took a few steps toward Krystal.
"You're quite skinny aren't you?" The mare inched her way to the fence. Krystal put her hand through the fence, holing one of the carrots out. That's when Krystal noticed the halter on the horse. The blue nylon halter had a name inscribed on a metal piece. The name was Lexie.

"So your name is Lexie, huh?" said Krystal, forgetting to use a soothing voice. Lexie startled.
"Sorry, it's alright. I didn't mean to spook you. Come here Lexie." Lexie made her way back to Krystal, and ten minutes later Krystal was making her way back home, back into her room, waiting for tomorrow to come.

The next day was the same, waiting for school to be over so Krystal could see Lexie once again. At lunch she put more carrots in her pockets to prepare for after school. Finally school ended. For Krystal it seemed to last three days.

Krystal made it to the pasture that held Lexie. There was a woman there, standing at the edge of the pasture near the mail box. She looked about 40 years old and seemed as if she was waiting for somebody. She was tall, lean, and looked somewhat friendly, but seemed to be the type of person that if you got on her bad side she would make you regret it. She had short blonde hair that was held back in a pony tail.

At first Krystal wasn't sure what to do, she checked to see if Lexie was still there, which she was, and slowly approached the woman. The woman noticed her and started walking Krystal's way.
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Rein or Shine  
This story has good potential. I can kind of see where it is going, or at least it seems that way. But maybe you'll throw me for a loop and go completely off track the way people often do. :P Anyway, hurry with the second part! Haha! :P
  Nov 8, 2010  •  1,400 views
I REALLY like it! Keep writing!
  Nov 9, 2010  •  1,379 views
Seven Sins  
great story
  Feb 3, 2011  •  1,379 views
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