Esparanza's Story
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Deep in mustang country, the BLM rounds up mustangs to be adopted. One was a bay mare with burrs and tangles in her long mane. Her name was Esparanza. Here is her story.

It is hard to tell where my story began. I think I will start here. I could feel it in my gut that day. My foal was coming. I dropped back from the herd and found a quiet section of brush. In a few hours, he was born.

I barely had time to admire him when I smelled it. Wolf in the air. Count on them to ruin a moment like this. I reared up high, calling out my warning. He came anyway. I struck him on the head and watched him drop. I peered over at my foal and checked him over. My foal was all black except for a star on his forehead, like his father. I named him Spirit.

The next morning I roused Spirit and decided to return to the herd that day, especially after the wolf incident the night before. I went slowly so Spirit could keep up. Staying by the forest for cover, I was anxios to get back to the herd and Emporer’s protection. I could smell my herd in the wind when I heard them. Huge black birds flying in circles. They made the most hideous noise. It still haunts me in my dreams. I nudged Spirit into a gallop and we tried to flee, but there were just so many of them. I didn’t know it at the time, but they were herding me west, away from my herd. I suppose at this point I could’ve fled with Spirit and rejoined my herd, but I was too nervous, too worried about Spirit and I thought the birds would jump on us any second.

I was trying to run from the birds, but they just kept gaining, and Spirit was tiring. How could the birds go so fast for so long? Then I saw miles of fencing and one gap. I ran for it. Other horses were running for it two, and Spirit and I were the last ones in. Two-legged animals closed a gate behind us, and I realized we were trapped.

Spirit and I were in a large, round pen with five other horses. A chestnut introduced himself as Pierre, and the others were Belle, Lady, Lilo, and Sugar. Lilo stood out with her sabino coloring, but Belle and Lady were browns, and Sugar was gray. They all had long white marks on their necks. The two-legs had tried to give Spirit and I white marks too, but I wouldn’t let them touch me or my baby, who was very scared and hiding behind me. Now would probably be a good tome to tell you that I think the two-legs are the stupidest, most evil animals on the planet.

I wanted to get out of there, and one day, not long after being captured, I brought the topic up with Pierre. Spirit was playing with Lilo and the others were in one of their silent conversations. Pierre told me that we had until the two-legs weaned Spirit and branded us. He thought he could knock out the two-leg when he fed us and run through the open gate. Then we could storm the fence and run for freedom. We decided to carry out the plan the next day.

I rose early that day. As expected, a two-leg came to feed us. He opened the gate, but Pierre didn’t move. “Go, Pierre” I whinned. But Pierre stood stock-still. Fed up, I lashed out. The two-leg didn’t stand a chance. Pierre snapped out of his trance and trotted through the gate after me. The others followed. Then I saw the two-legs. I called out my shrill challenge and stormed the fence with the others. It broke under the strain and we were out. One little problem, the two-legs had mounted their horses and were chasing after us. Pierre paused, and I shouted for him to run. “No, Esparanza!” he said, “We’ve been in captivity to long. We’d never make it. Go, you have a chance.” “No, I can’t leave you.” I replied. Then a two-leg lassoed Pierre and I snapped back to reality. I urged Spirit into a run, and we fled the two-legs.

The next day I found my herd. Emporer nickered his hello, and I introduced everyone to Spirit while he played with his new friends. Before I joined the herd at the river I looked back across the plains where I had come from. Then, after a long moment, I rejoined the herd.

I avoid the flat plains now, because the memories of my short stay with the BLM still haunt me. I will never forget them, or the horses I shared them with.
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lovely story
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