Mustang Mountain
 By Run Free   •   4th Dec 2010   •   2,400 views   •   4 comments
MistyIm Leah and I live on a lovely ranch on top of a large mountain. I call it Mustang Mountain because at one time there were lots of wild mustangs. My family and I live on a mustang ranch and we have lots of mustangs of all colours and abilities. Some are wild and some are riding horses. The riding mustangs are used for shows and the wild ones are used for wild horse racing at the rodeos. We don't usually see many wild mustangs roaming the mountain any more. Dad said they must have all moved away during the last few years. I have never seen one, but the stories of them have been passed down through my father.

It all started when I ran to the stables to see my horses. I tacked up Lily and we went on a ride down the trails. After half an hour Lily spooked and I fell off. There I saw him, a pure black mustang stallion. He was beautiful. I tried to get close to him, but he galloped away. I watched him until he was out of sight, trying to take in every moment.

I told my father of the sighting and he said if I can catch him then I would be allowed to keep him on our farm. I was so excited, a true wild mustang on our ranch. Living on our ranch had always been exciting, but this beat anything I could ever dream of. I wanted to catch that mustang for myself so bad. He was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen and I would not stop looking for him.

After many attempts I finally caught my dream horse. A beautiful black mustang stallion. I walked him home to my families amazement. Nobody thought he existed, and if he did, nobody thought I could get him home. I named him Midnight.

Every day I stayed with him and groomed him and after a few weeks I put a bridal and saddle on him. I got on and the first few times he reared, but after many days and attempts I was cantering around the fields on Midnight. Weeks went by and soon we were galloping along for long periods of time, but every time my sister or my mum or dad tried to get on him he reared and refused. Midnight trusted me and I needed to ensure he stayed safe.

On Friday April 21st I had a lie in as I had been sick the day before. I woke up at 9:00am, much later than the usual 6:00am. I got dressed as quickly as I could so I could get a quick breakfast and be on time to herd the mustangs. I made it on time and quickly ran to the stables to tack up Midnight. When I reached the stall Midnight wasnt there. "Dad" I screamed, "Midnight is not here, where is he" I said. Dad met me in the barn and said "Put his tack away and get Black Beauty to ride, I'll tell you everything on the way to the fields."

I did what he said and waited patiently for him to explain. I was expecting Dad to say Midnight cut himself or had a minor injury so he was separated from the other to heal. While we were riding dad said "I found a heard of mustangs last night and they seemed lost and wouldn't stop whinnying at Midnight, so I let him go"

"What, how could you? where is he? whats happening to him?" I said.

I couldnt speak, I was so confused. "Calm down" Dad said "It will be ok, he has gone back to the wild, somewhere on this mountain and he will stay there until for the remainder of his like."
"No!" I screamed, as I galloped off in search of my beautiful Midnight.
"I wont come back until I find him, even if I have to bring the whole herd back" I screamed.
"I need to find him, he's my reason to live, I will not continue without him!"
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Wow, Thats a great story
  Dec 5, 2010  •  1,602 views
Dark Star  
Good story, sorta reminds me of Flicka, then again, it might just be the
  Dec 5, 2010  •  1,569 views
Run Free  
part two will hopefully be posted on ponybox news soon ill tell you what happens 2 Midnight
  Dec 5, 2010  •  1,581 views
Guys! This is a Horse Fiction story! This girl didn't write about herself going out and catching a wild's a story! Pay attention.
  Dec 5, 2010  •  1,576 views
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