Once A Unicorn - Part 3 - Final
 By Rein or Shine   •   21st Nov 2010   •   2,564 views   •   3 comments
UnicornAriela took a deep breath and glanced at Rose. The human was still sitting by the creek, letting the water splash through her fingers, humming contently. Ariela’s heart beat faster as she watched Rose. No love for a human had ever been so strong, not for her, or anybody.

Finally, Ariela stepped forward gingerly, and each hoof followed the other. She slowly made her way over to Rose. Rose looked up in surprise when she saw Ariela standing there. Rose gazed into the unicorn’s violet-colored eyes. “Ariela,” Rose whispered. Her voice, for a fraction of a second, sounded almost pained, but a hint of relief and love also flashed through the silkiness of the girl’s voice.

Ariela was surprised. “How do you know my name?” Ariela asked.
Rose, too, was taken by surprise, so Ariela quickly explained. “After I speak my hundredth word, I cannot speak anymore.” She tried to be careful about what she said. Ariela noticed the bulge in Rose‘s throat as she gulped. Then the girl spoke.

“I know your name because when I hugged you a year ago,” Rose began, “something whispered it to me. It’s strange, but it’s true.”
“I must make sacrifice,” Ariela said, her sentences choppy to save words. “Rose,” she said, her words about to run out. “I love you. Forever and always.” She tried to speak again, but her hundredth word had been spoken. She wanted to tell Rose the sacrifice, but she guessed Rose would find out. Rose touched Ariela’s nose, and Ariela felt a cold chill run through her body. Rose watched in amazement and a bit of fright as Ariela’s horn slowly became shorter, dissolving into her forehead. Her mane, tail, and hooves turned from vibrant, shining pink to a dull white. She was no longer a unicorn. She was a horse.
“You…” Rose became choked up. “You made that sacrifice for me?”

All Ariela did was lower to the ground. Rose, crying now, slowly climbed onto Ariela‘s back. Rose didn’t have to touch Ariela’s sides with her heels in a second, Ariela started to move, and soon her hooves were flying across the fields in a fast gallop. She ran for pure joy, tossed her head vigorously, and jumped over the creek. As she landed on the other side, all possible regret melted in Ariela’s heart. And she thought, Once a unicorn, always a unicorn.
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Great story!
  Nov 21, 2010  •  1,855 views
Dixie Chick  
I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Nov 21, 2010  •  1,863 views
That was an AMAZING story!
  Nov 22, 2010  •  1,854 views
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