Healing Hearts Ranch- Part 2
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Luci had just ridden Tigg around the jumps and found out she needed to give him all his head for him to jump well. She un-tacked him and sent him back into his stall. “He’s amazing when you let him do what he knows how to do.” She said walking into the tack room.
“Looked it.” Nathan said.
“I thought so.” Luci said smiling “I can’t wait to call Carrie and tell her!” She exclaimed. “I’m not going to call her quite yet though. I think I might surprise her by showing him and having her be one of the judges, I think she’ll be shocked!”
“I think so too.” Nathan said.
“I think so.”
“Hey Hans what did I tell you about thinking so much?”
“Not to I know.”
“Mhm.” She hummed through pursed lips then walked out of the tack room.
Nathan was leaning up against the wall with a piece of straw in his mouth.
“Cowboy?” Luci smiled.
“Yes deary?” Nathan said in an old man impression.
“Wanna go for an early morning ride?”
“Have I ever passed that up?”
“That’s what I thought.”
“You’re thinking again.” Luci teased him.
“I’m thinking I’m trying not to too hard, thus I am thinking.”
“Well you’d better cut it out.”
“I am thinking I should try a little less hard to, thus I won’t think about not thinking.”
“Hans!” Luci squealed and chased after him.
Nathan ran out of the barn laughing with Luci running behind him. “I am thinking you can’t catch me.” he said teasing her.
“Hans!” She squealed again.
“Think think think!” he laughed.
“Urggh!” she grunted. She stopped running.
Nathan walked over to her and smiled. “Think, think, thinking I am gonna-” He grabbed her and tickled her.
“Hans!” She squealed again.
Nathan laughed and tickled her more, their bouts of laughter was broken by her grandfather’s deep voice. “That doesn’t look like work to me.” He said from the house porch.

Nathan stopped tickling her and was standing completely still holding onto her. Luci was breathing hard and looked up at her grandfather and grinned a little. He turned around and walked back into the house and Luci looked up at Nathan and burst out laughing. Nathan laughed too. He let go of her and smiled. “Think, think, think. . . .” he said softly as he walked back towards the barn.
Luci followed him and got out Narrow’s rope halter and reins. She walked into Narrow’s stall and slipped them on him. “Wanna go runnin?” She asked him. Narrow threw his head and sent out a piercing joyful whinny. “That’s my boy.” She smiled and led him out of the stall. “Ready Hans?”
“Yeah, hang on.” Nathan answered. He walked out a minute later leading Nayomi with her western tack on. “Let’s go.”

Luci put her cowboy hat on her head and walked out of the barn, it was already getting warm and it was only seven o’clock. She looked up, the bright sun was shining down harshly. Normal summer weather. It felt like it was about eighty degrees already. She sighed and led Narrow over to the ring which led out to the trails. She led him over to a mounting block and pulled herself up onto his back. She looked back to see Nathan mounted and coming towards them.

“Hang onto your hat cowgirl!” He yelled and then sped past them “Yehaw!”
Luci grinned and heeled Narrow to go. “C’mon let’s show ‘em.” She whispered to him. They got up beside Nathan and Nayomi and Luci said “No, you hang onto your hat cowboy.” She threw her hands in the air and Narrow galloped with ease. She breathed in the fresh summer air and smiled, this was freedom. Her strawberry blond hair blew wildly underneath the brim of her cowboy hat. She loved the feeling of the horse’s rapid breaths beneath her, the sound of pounding hooves so rhythmic she could sing to them, she loved the feel of the wind stinging her eyes, the speed of the ground passing beneath them like lighting, that was what freedom felt like. She looked back to see Nathan and Nayomi cantering after them, Nathan was bouncing around in the saddle and she grinned. He didn’t really have a good seat that was for sure. She laughed a little and slowed Narrow to a trot. “Hold yourself on with your legs cowboy.”

Nathan slowed to a walk and put his hands up in defeat, “I’ll never be as good as you are! I admit it!”
Luci laughed and slowed Narrow to a walk. “I know that.” She said sticking out her tongue.
“I figured that.”
“Good, you’re a smart boy, Hans, if I dare say.”
“Why thank you!”
“My honor.” Luci giggled, they had the most hysterical conversations together.
They came to a pond and Luci slid off Narrow’s high back and onto the soft ground underneath her. She pulled off her boots and wiggled her bare toes.
Nathan came up behind them and dismounted. He put his hat on the saddle horn and pulled off his hat and t-shirt. He rolled up his jeans and ran into the water.
Luci watched him smiling. “Well, that was fast!” She said.
“I’m hot!” Nathan smirked “You are too.”
Luci looked at him and raised her eyebrows “Seeing that it’s more than eighty degrees, yes I am.”
Nathan winked at her and then dove under the water.
Luci took off her black t-shirt revealing a high-necked tank top. She rolled her shorts up a bit more and walked into the murky water. They always swam there, a few leaches never hurt anyone was what her grandfather told her. She waded in up to her waist. Nathan still hadn’t come up yet. She turned around looking for him near shore. He wasn’t up there. She started towards shore but something grabbed her, she screamed and was plunged under the water. She popped up breathing heavily spitting out the murky thick water. “Hans!” She screamed getting scared. Just then something pulled her under again but brought her back up she was staring right into Nathan’s deep brown eyes. “Hans!” She snapped. “Did you do that? I almost had a heart attack.”
Nathan tried to contain his laughter and said “Well as a matter of fact little lady, I did.”
Luci wrinkled her nose at him “It wasn’t funny, I could’ve ended up with a leach in my mouth!” She exclaimed opening her mouth.
“Well you didn’t dearest!” Nathan said still laughing.
“Hans! It’s not funny!”
“Is too.”
“is not!”
“I think it is.”
“Hans, you think too much haven’t we already been over this?”
“Yes, but-”
“No buts!”
“Too late for that.”
“Hans!” Luci squealed.
Nathan laughed.
“Put me down now please.” She said pushing away from him.

Nathan reluctantly put her down in the water. He splashed Luci then dove under the murky water. Luci went after him but since he was taller than her he could go out much farther than her. She knew it wasn’t a good idea but waded out into the middle. Soon she couldn’t stand. She treaded water and looked around for him. Her legs started getting tired and she decided to head back towards shore. She dove under to swim back but something got caught on her tank top. She couldn’t move. She had been taught not to struggle when you were in situations under the water. She pulled and felt around for whatever it was. She opened her eyes under the water, she couldn’t see anything in the murky water and her eyes began to sting. She felt around her for whatever it was but couldn’t get a hold of it. She wasn’t even going to think of taking her tank top off when Nathan was somewhere around. She pulled and pulled at the object sustaining her. She couldn’t get it loose. Now she was panicking. She could just hear Nathan calling for her. She threw her hand up in the air and her fingertips came over the water she hoped Nathan had seen them. She gave up trying and held her breath. She prayed Nathan had seen her. She felt like her lungs were closing in, she couldn’t breathe. Water filled her throat and nose. She had tried to breathe underwater. She panicked. Kicking her arms and legs trying to get free. She gave up and accepted defeat. How could something so fun and enjoyable end up like this. She never even had a chance to tell Nathan how much she loved him. Just then she felt hands moving along her she freaked out flailing her arms and legs everywhere and then calmed down. The next thing she knew she was out of the water, sputtering water out of her mouth her nose burned and her lungs still felt without air. She coughed up mud and water.
Painted Destiny  
Awwww.... It ended :( But it was great!
  Nov 29, 2010  •  1,706 views
hURRY AND mAKE THE NEXT ONE im DIEING OF EXCITMENT! Stupid Caps lock..... Sorry. :)
  Nov 29, 2010  •  1,708 views
lifes a risk  
this is really great cant waytfor part 3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Nov 30, 2010  •  1,719 views
Wow!Really good, I liked the first one more though but still good!
  Nov 30, 2010  •  1,745 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
This is very exciting to read
  Feb 3, 2011  •  1,720 views
No Walkin Farms9  
Whoa. That was tense. I liked it.
  45 days ago  •  1,725 views
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