How To Become Popular On Ponybox
 By Chris Antley Memorial   •   7th Mar 2011   •   12,252 views   •   42 comments
Like many people who play online SIM games, you always seem to come across the players who are desperate to become popular. In public schools kids are faced with popularity. In some schools the students fall into the following categories:

• The Popular Ones
• The Band Geeks
• The Nerds
• The Average

This is the case with SIM games also. Some categories include:

• The Popular Ones
• The Best Artists
• The Funniest
• The Most Successful
• The All-Around Players
• The New Players
• The Troublemakers

Everyone wants to be well-known and popular. People love to be loved and accepted. They like the feeling of having control and power over others who are less popular and manipulate those who look up to them. They are flattered by they dress, how they talk, where they frequent and what they buy. Most of all they like all of the attention that is given to them by others. Some want to be popular because in some time of their life they feel mediocre and need social acceptance. The way I see popularity is that those who want to be popular are generally insecure about themselves.

There are two ways people try to become popular on a SIM game like At the end, I will tell you which one works.

How To Become Popular On Ponybox

Way 1: Beginning

Lucy decides to join Ponybox. She already figured everything out and is now on the forums meeting all the other players and joining in on their discussions. Two weeks go by and she still views herself as a new player.

She really wants to become popular because she sees all these players talking about how kind and generous a certain player is and she sees some who own many horses, they compete at high levels and are posting pictures of them riding and all the stuff they bought for their horses. What it comes down to is that Lucy became envious.

Lucy is nothing compared to those players. She doesn’t own a horse, she doesn’t compete at shows that often, she doesn’t own her own tack, she doesn't...she isn’t.

So, hoping to "fit in" with the rest of the players, she first posted a forum discussion claiming that she is:

• An Olympic Rider
• A Jockey
• Owns expensive horses
• Is related to a famous celebrity

And so on.

She then goes on Google and searches for pictures she can post on the forums and on her About Me page. She goes far into the pages of Google in hope that no one finds out what she did. She finds artwork on DeviantArt which doesn’t have a copyright on it and posts that on the forums so people would think she is a great artist.

Way 1: Result

A few days later, Lucy is found out. Some of the players found her pictures on Google and knew she was lying about herself. Instead of becoming popular like Lucy hoped, she became a player with a reputation of lying and stealing photos off of Google. The Ponybox players don’t trust and respect Lucy. She lost that trust and respect when she decided to lie about herself. A trust and respect that will take a long time to regain back.

Way 2: Beginning

Like Lucy, Agnes decides to join Ponybox. She also already figured everything out and is now on the forums meeting all the other players and joining in on their discussions. Two weeks go by, and like Lucy, Agnes still views herself as a new player.

She also really wants to become popular and well – known.

Hoping to become popular, she tries to be as active on the forums as possible. She is kind to the other players, answers their questions, comments on their videos and pictures, and comments on those who post the artwork they made.

Besides commenting on other players discussions, Agnes designs her barn page and finds an icon for herself. She posts pictures and videos of her riding and shares her dreams, goals and plans for the future and stays true to herself and others.

Way 2: Result

As the months go by Agnes slowly becomes one of the well-known and respected players. She has great pasture buddies and a wonderful reputation as a kind, caring, truthful and respected player of the Ponybox community.

You can probably see for yourself which way works the best when hoping to become a popular and well-known player.

The key is to:

• Be Honest
• Be Helpful
• Be Considerate
• Be Encouraging
• Be Truthful
• Be Yourself
• Have a Positive Attitude and Outlook


• Lie
• Cheat
• Steal pictures/artwork
• Hurtful
• Jealous
• Cruel
• Have a Negative Attitude and Outlook

Everything I said in this article also applies to life itself. When you try to be something you are not, the real you is lost and you begin to forget who you are. There is only one you in this entire world and only you can be you.

So, if you want to become popular, whether in life or on a SIM game like Ponybox, be true to yourself.

And remember, you are beautiful just the way you are.
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I like this!Alot of people are using photos off google when the contests tell them specifically not to!But then again i hate it when people don't believre that the photo is rightfully mine,or that my sisters horse is the great-grandson of Secretariat!It is so hard to build a good reputation when everyone THINKS your a phony!
  Mar 7, 2011  •  5,850 views
Great Job on this!
Every thing you said was so true, and right to the point.. :)
  Mar 7, 2011  •  4,152 views
Seven Sins  
great article :D
  Mar 7, 2011  •  4,153 views
Soul Horse  
*Claps* Great! That has been needing to be said i have seen multiple players trying to get attention by stealing photos and art. Thank you for finally bringing the topic up!
  Mar 7, 2011  •  4,205 views
No Walkin Farms9  
Great article. Very true.
  Mar 7, 2011  •  4,207 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Wow, best article I've seen.
This was defiantly needed.

I love the quote: "When you stretch the truth watch out for the snapback."
  Mar 7, 2011  •  4,231 views
Prarie Rose  
Great article! It is definitely needed. Everyone should just be themselves. You'll feel better about it in the long run. :)
  Mar 7, 2011  •  4,189 views
I love this article! *Claps*
  Mar 7, 2011  •  4,201 views
Great article, and very true. I've seen many people make up horses, then post photos of "their horse" that are the wrong gender, or have different markings than their other photos. It annoys me to no end. Hopefully people will see your reasoning! :)
  Mar 7, 2011  •  4,182 views
MS Horses  
This is a great article! I think everyone who joins Ponybox should read this so they can acheive popularity truthfully. Great article!
  Mar 7, 2011  •  4,213 views
Hevn Extra Barn 3  
  Mar 7, 2011  •  4,301 views
Painted Destiny  
I like this. I have no idea where I fall in the categories XD But this is super helpful :)
  Mar 7, 2011  •  4,185 views
T W I  
Very true! A lot of us needed this reminder. :)
  Mar 7, 2011  •  4,208 views
Perfect article :) Lots of people need to read this ! Just be yourself :)
  Mar 7, 2011  •  5,828 views
*Claps!* Good job! I like it!
  Mar 7, 2011  •  6,087 views
this is a great article, I personally don't care about popularity, I like to do my own thing instead of blending in with the crowd, I'm a leader, not a follower. I have never been extremely popular at school, I have been on ponybox for almost 2 years now (boy time flies!) I have never lied, been mean or rude. I try to encourage other players, and while I may not be overly popular I don't mind, I have made some awesome friends on ponybox and everyone is there for me when I need them just the same that I try to be there for them, it hurts me when people steal images and claim them as their own just to fit in, I don't have a horse but I don't lie about it, (as much as I would love one, or just love to think I have one) I believe however, sim games shouldn't be about popularity, they should be a community derived from people across the world who all love horses and are there for each other and just come here to enjoy themselves and have fun, not to lie or cheat, and to all those players wh
  Mar 8, 2011  •  5,850 views
Estella Noire  
Awesome article :) So many people steal images, and some dont even bother to cover them up, this needed to be said not because I'm don't like them but because (as you said) it ruins their own reputation.
  Mar 8, 2011  •  5,824 views
I agree! Popularity is not everything! Sometimes people who are less popular are a lot more nice!
  Mar 8, 2011  •  5,858 views
Untamed Heart  
Good post!!! that needed to be said
  Mar 8, 2011  •  6,248 views
Moody Farms  MOD 
Great article.
  Mar 8, 2011  •  6,533 views
I love this article! It is so truthful and brilliant- I am a fan (:
  Mar 8, 2011  •  6,739 views
T E M P E S T  
Great article!
  Mar 8, 2011  •  7,264 views
Good article. As one of the well-known players on Morgan, I just like to say that I have a lot of respect for people who post the truth art that's "not so great" but on it's way, riding that's a work in progress, and so on. In the end, I think honesty and kindness will trump all the expensive horses in the world.
  Mar 8, 2011  •  7,537 views
Good advice for anybody!
  Mar 8, 2011  •  7,893 views
Great job! I think this really needed to be stated.
  Mar 8, 2011  •  6,067 views
this is a great post! i still find mydelf like a new player even though i've been on here for years! This helps a lot! thanks
  Mar 9, 2011  •  6,060 views
i really like this it is a great article
  Mar 11, 2011  •  6,040 views
So very true, excellent article!
  Mar 16, 2011  •  6,043 views
Emma Watson  
WOW Cool i guess larry 12 shouldn't be anyones friend he lied to me,Debbs
  Mar 16, 2011  •  8,681 views
Clair L  
so true. i need to fix mine.
  Mar 17, 2011  •  6,071 views
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