How To Come Back From A Fall
 By Padfoot   •   21st Nov 2010   •   2,575 views   •   12 comments
How do you do it? Come back from a fall? Get back on top of a horse after a fall? Cope with a refusal? If you know me, I have recently started hunting. I have joined for the thrill, the adrenaline, the rush and most of all, the confidence. I love it. I am not going to try and change your view on it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My mother and step mother are against it.

I come naturally to getting back on after a fall. I want to get back on even after I was kicked in the face. The wound in the image below was my first hunting wound, first time getting kicked and one of my worst falls. We think I passed out, but I don't know. From what I've been told, Toffee jumped the fence, throwing me out of the saddle. I hit the ground before him and as he went over me he kicked me in the face. Completely accidental and not his fault. This accident could of happened to anyone. I wasn't aloud to remount, even though all I wanted to do was to make sure Toffee was ok.

Scar Jumping

Seven hours later, four of which were on a spinal board, I was let out of hospital with only a broken cheek bone to show for it. I realize now how lucky I was.

Horse Riding in Grass

Back in the saddle

I trust Toffee naturally, though a lot of people will be afraid. Push the fears aside and focus on now. Forge what happened in the past, work on now. The future, what's good about it. What makes it so perfect. Why you want to be back in the saddle.

Some people wont want to look on the bright side, focusing on the negative factors. You have to push them out of your mind, if you are scared the horse will sense this and will most likely result in another accident. Take your time, relax, and learn to trust your horse again. Only once you regain this connection should you work towards getting back into the saddle.

If your accident was from jumping, start with the smaller fences, before working back up to the height you were aiming for.

Horse Fence Jumping
2'6 - 2'9 (80cm - 88cm)

You don't always have to go immediately back to the hight you had problems with. I am bubbling with confidence and was able to get back to my previous jumping height within weeks. But when I was younger and newer to riding it took me so much longer. I was scared to jump higher, afraid of the larger fences, though as my experience has increased, so has my confidence.

Horse Fence Jumping
3' - 3'3 (91cm - 1meter)

If you know me you will know I fall off a lot, which helps me a lot. I know what I can and can't do. I am learning by my own mistakes, what I have been doing wrong. I no longer blame the horse, I stop and think what I did wrong, not the horse.

"Why did he refuse?", "Why did I fall off?"

I fall about once a week. I'm not ashamed of my mistakes. I actually find them rather amusing actually. I get back up, dust myself off and get straight back on. If I fall at a fence I will jump the fence again, or lower it if it is a show jump. This is the way I deal with things, I just thought I should share as I fall so often and I am questioned a lot.
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Softball Girl  
That cut looked like it hert!!!
  Nov 21, 2010  •  1,697 views
Castaway Wish  
On my 2nd lesson they put me on a really advanced horse and near the end she rolled with me on her, and she rolled on my neck. I was lucky I only had a sore neck! But it took me a really long time to get back up and my confidence shattered. I have my confidence completely back now, but I still refuse to ride a fast horse or a bad tempered horse or a spooky horse. I'm still really proud of my self!
  Nov 21, 2010  •  1,692 views
Dark Star  
I have ridden my trainers green broke POA pony 2 times and the first time (since I'm one of her most advanced riders) was about 2 or 3 days after she traded her pleasure horse for the pony and a barrel racer. So this pony is only about 14.1hh so I was a little big, but it would be good for her. I jumped on the barrel racer and this mare FLEW I nearly fell off cause I wasn't expecting it, my friend was riding the pony. She was doing fine for her so she wanted to try the Barrel horse, I helped her on this 16hh QH and I jump on the pony, well she doesn't like bigger people. My friend went to the middle of the ring because these horses didn't have good breaks yet. So I ask the pony to lope. I kick her and kick her all she does it TROT!! She is the most uncomfortable trot ever. I eventually hit her on the butt and she lopes, then abot 2seconds later she bucks 3 times, i jerk her head up, smack her on the butt and make her go again. She does it again. Then I couldn't get her to run again, I
  Nov 21, 2010  •  1,674 views
I always get right back on after a fall, it's the best way to deal with it.
Once I fell off a horse in a bucking gallop with no saddle, I fell in front of him, and he ran over me, I didn't know what happened and tried to get back on, only I couldn't, cause I couldn't get my right arm up to lift me up, and no one wanted to help me, so I had to walk home. Turns out the horse had hit me, so my right shoulder was both dislocated and broken. Luckily I was wearing my helmet, it had a big mark on it too.
I never fall off anymore though, since I've been riding a stallion - it could be very dangerous to others if I loose control or fall off, so I don't - no matter what happens.
  Nov 22, 2010  •  1,840 views
Rein or Shine  
I have only fallen once, thankfully. It didn't hurt in the least, though because it was my first fall, I was in tears. :P It was actually quite simple- Cherokee started trotting, and I slid off. Dad made me get right back on, though I stayed in the round pen.
  Nov 22, 2010  •  1,698 views
lifes a risk  
nice story xxx i once fell of a 14.2hh horse i was o a hack with some other people and my instructer we were havin a canter on a filed and he triped and i went flying of under m he tried to not touch me but slipped a little and his hoof ( he had shoes on ) wnt in my leg and he walked up to my instructer and rubbed his hea on her thn looked at me as to say sorry x and i got back o the horse was ok and we ust went on with the hack and sinces thn i have fell of agin but didnt do anything xxx gllad your ok your horse looks lik one at my stalecalled tyson
  Nov 22, 2010  •  1,686 views
Finally There  
I fell off my 17.2 hand horse Ross once during a show while we were jumping, I broke my arm but got back on (with the broken arm) and finished the show, I came in second to last (the one who came in last fell off and didn't get back on) out of 15 people but I got a prize for getting back on. I then went home unloaded Ross put him in the stall and THEN went to the ER to find out I had broken my arm. Great huh? That's good that you got back on! Always get back on! :)
  Nov 22, 2010  •  1,684 views
I've had my share of falls, and most I got right back on. Two though, I couldn't, due to injuries, one I was about to get on and my TB at the time, Hunter decided he'd rather take off..and side kick me--lacerated liver and cracked ribs later--I wasn't allowed to ride for a month. I did get back on, but the prolonged winter break..and then not riding meant slow confidence building from the ground up for me--lounging, mount/dismount. Make sure the 4 yo and I didn't have any other issues. Second one, Hunter spooked at my neighbor, he wasn't gonna quit, I finally bailed--should of have rolled, but landed on my feet instead and due to a running injury fractured my ankle, including knocking a bone fragment free. This time I had my trainer keep up his work so I didn't have a crazy horse when I was out of surgery and given the okay to ride. Most of these I attribute to his age, and temperament, he mellowed as he aged, but it's always good to remember horses and equestrian activities are ALWAYS
  Nov 22, 2010  •  1,693 views
Wow my falls are lame... I have only fallen off twice, once Peanut tried to run me into the fence and then ducked out from underneath me at the last second... she was so spooky that day! And then the lame one was when I was on a shetland pony bareback and when I asked him to trot, he bucked and I... fell.

Anyways, Nice article! There is a girl at my barn who fell off her horse and broke her arm and now she is TERRIFIED of her horse! And like, she owns the horse and it was her first horse and now she won't go near it. It's really sad and we are trying to help her regain her confidence. I should show her this article!
  Nov 22, 2010  •  1,707 views
Sometimes a fall can make it impossible to get back up on a horse.

My first ride on a galloper at the track ended up with me being rushed into a hospital 6hours away from home.
I was told i was never to ride again as I had busted my knee, And injured my back rather badly that the first second and third vertebra were squished and fractured.

Like you I have the confidence to just get back up on a horse after a fall, But this fall made it impossible so the doctors thought.

Within 6weeks I was up on a horse, Within 6months I was back up on the gallopers.
  Nov 22, 2010  •  1,996 views
I wish I had a horse to fall off. lol, sounds lame doesn't it but I wouldn't care if I died riding a horse knowing that I would have died doing what I loved best!
  Nov 23, 2010  •  1,704 views
Ohhh fun! That's a really bad fall, and good for you getting back on like that! My favorite fall was I was racing a pony against my friends bareback, and naturally she got really sweaty after awhile, and we were cantering around and I turned her around but she was so SLIPPERY I just slid off and landed on my feet, and Glory stopped and was like, "I don't buck. I don't rear. You're a good rider, and I didn't do anything wrong. Why are you on the ground?!"
  21 hours ago  •  1,674 views
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