Lost and Found - Chapter Two
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The next morning Eliza woke up with the same pain, the same confusion, and in the same hospital. This time her mother lay in the chair next to her, fast asleep. Her makeup was smudged, her hair was pulled back into a messy pony-tail, and a stack of unorganized papers lay on her chest.

“Mom?” Eliza whimpered.
Her mother’s head shot up like a dart. “Oh, you’re awake,” she said with relief.
Eliza looked at her with a confused look. “What’s wrong?”
“You had a bad fever and a cough last night. I was worried about you.” Her mother said as she leaned close and kissed her forehead. Eliza didn’t remember any of that.

“Was I awake?” She asked. “You know, when I was coughing?”
“Hardly, I wouldn’t expect you to remember any of it,” her mom explained.
Eliza paused for a moment, “Why don’t I remember? Why are some things coming back but not others?” She contemplated.
“What things do you remember?” Her mother questioned, curiously.
“I remember the accident,” Eliza said softly closing her eyes and letting the memories pour in. A flash of cheers filled her ears. Then she heard herself say, Okay remember, posture, heels down, chin up, and… The magic words. Those were the ones that made the flashback appear. Maybe then if she remembered things she said the memories would come back?

“Do you remember the drive to the hospital?” Her mother asked.
“No... I don’t. Was I awake?” Eliza asked.
“Yes, you kept worrying about Cinnamon.”
“What did I say? Word for word,” Eliza added.
“You said ‘Mom, we have to wash Cinnamon’s leg wraps,’” Her mother said with a laugh. “It was pretty funny actually.”
Eliza laughed a little. Then she played back the words, We have to wash Cinnamon’s leg wraps.... She closed her eyes and thought as hard as she could, hoping to see something.

Then the memory appeared, vivid and strong. She saw her mother’s worried face sitting beside her. She saw doctors scurry around her. They shined lights in her eyes and asked her tons of questions. The questions became a blur.
“She’s awake,” her mother said, relieved. Then the doctors all turned toward her again and started asking more questions.
“Eliza, can you hear me?”
“Where are you feeling pain, if any?”
“Can you show us?”
“Eliza? Eliza, can you hear me?”
She tossed her head back and forth, shutting her eyes as tight as she could, as if trying to make the doctors go away. But the words kept coming.

She felt feverish, and a familiar pain in her head and legs approached. Eliza opened her eyes and saw her mom stroking her face with a cold wash cloth. She shut her eyes again. She felt the continuous pattern of stroke, stroke, questions, stroke, more questions, head throbbing, stroke, stroke, questions...

She felt trapped, suffocated. She needed to break free. She felt like a thick blanket was strangling her face and she needed to cut it open. She needed the burst of fresh, cold water. She started to panic. She felt caged in and claustrophobic. She reached out for her mom’s hand and didn’t feel it. She opened her eyes. Her mom was rushing alongside her. She was in a bed there were doctors on all sides of her peering over their white masks.

She wanted to say something, anything. So she said the first thing that came to her mind. “Mom, we have to wash Cinnamon’s leg wraps...” Eliza’s words faded.

A mixture of laughter and tears came from her mom. Eliza knew that was all she could do. So she closed her eyes tight and hoped for the best. She didn’t really know what was going on she didn’t even know who all these people were. Suddenly she heard a bang and doors were thrown open. She squinted at the faces but they were too blurry to read. Then a white light struck her face, clearing all sight. She felt an ice cold hand on her cheek. She looked up and saw a blurry, but familiar face. It was her mother. Then she looked to her other side and saw a man dressed in all blue holding out a mask. She turned away, but he pressed it against her face and soon she heard an extremely loud buzzing that faded to nothing, as did her vision and feeling.

Eliza’s eyes shot open. “I remember!” She screeched.
Her mother sighed, “That’s great, sweetheart.”
“So why did they put me under Anastasia?” Eliza asked.
“Well, when you fell you hit your head very hard. Then Cinnamon fell on you and fractured the bones in both of your legs.” She began, “We had to get you into surgery as soon as possible. So the doctors inserted screws in your legs to hold them together. They said you are lucky to have legs.” She sniffled and continued, “You will need at least 3 weeks before you can walk again.”
“Three weeks?” Eliza shouted.
“Yes,” she said painfully. “I know this will be hard for you-“
Her mom’s words faded. Eliza tried to picture 3 long weeks with nothing to do but stare at the window and sleep.
“What about Cinnamon, he’s okay right?” Eliza replied.
“He had minor cuts on his legs from the jump, but he is fine.” Her mother answered.”
“Oh, good,”
“Eliza, I know this will be even harder for you. I was waiting for you to get your memory back to tell you. You know, so I didn’t have to tell you more than once.” She started, “We have no choice but to get rid of Cinnamon.”
Eliza heard the words and a loud pounding began in her head. A longing pain in her heart told her she would never see him again. She felt the tears swell up.
“Eliza, I know you love him. He will be missed, but you won’t be able to ride for at least 5 months. He needs a home where he can be ridden everyday. Plus, your father and I have decided that jumping is too dangerous. Why don’t we get you a nice little trail pony?”

Eliza could not believe how heartless her mom was being. She thought they understood each other? She felt a strong tug on her heart. Her mom was taking away her best friend?

Eliza let go, she released the build up for the first time since the accident. She covered her face and cried into her hands. She thought about Cinnamon, so confused. He was probably being ridden by some selfish little girl who only wanted him for his talent, not his company. That made her cry harder. She shut out the rest of the world and tried to find Cinnamon in her thoughts. Eliza replayed the accident, this time cherishing the way his ears perked, though she would never see it again. Cherishing the way he leaned one ear back, listening to the sound of her thoughts, though she would never see it again. Cherishing the way he glided over those other jumps so easily, like water over a stone... though she would never feel it again.
“Eliza, please understand.” Her mother cooed.
Eliza didn’t say a word she just buried her face into her pillow and let it soak up the tears and the pain.

After a while, her mother left. Eliza just kept crying, letting her heart tighten up and release as she let out another loud cry. Eliza lost track of time, she was so lost in her memories of Cinnamon, ones she would never share with him again. It’s just not fair! She thought. Later on, when Eliza had no more tears to cry she just groaned. She was starting to get a huge stomach ache from all her crying, but how could she not? She was loosing her best friend, without even saying goodbye.

A nurse came in her room with a little cup and a glass of water. She looked kind, but she was new. Eliza had never seen her before.
“Ready for bed?” She asked softly, calmly, like she wasn’t loosing her best friend.
“Yes,” Eliza said, wiping her tears and taking the pills.

The next few weeks went by like a blur. Eliza didn’t talk to anyone but a few short answers for the nurses. Her dad tried to talk to her, but she refused to let him in her room. She didn’t want to talk to anyone but Cinnamon. She spent hours a day wondering where he was and attempting to send mind connection to him. She felt like her life was planned for her. She had no say in anything she just lay in bed and slept. Powerless.

By the second week her schedule had changed. Now the nurses encouraged her to walk. She used crutches and a brace to walk up and down the hospital hallways. She felt ridiculous. Some kids were stopping and staring as she struggled to keep her body up. It was a lot of work for her skinny little arms. Eliza refused to quit trying at the end of the day. She wanted to walk all the way down to the end of the hallway. The nurses tried to tell her that should could practice more the next day but Eliza was not convinced. She was so determined that once the nurses dragged her to bed, she snuck out and started all over again at the other end of the hallway. The nurses found her just steps away from the end of the hallway by morning.

After that Eliza lost her walking privileges and was kept in her room the whole 3rd week. She spent her time coloring on her napkins and dreaming of getting out of the hospital. All she could do was wait.
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I really like the different plot, this one's really unique, and your writing style is nice! I hope she gets to see Cinnamon again, even if she can't jump him. :)
  Dec 3, 2010  •  1,884 views
lifes a risk  
cant wayt for part 3 it is so good . you should write a book
  Dec 3, 2010  •  1,903 views
If anyone didn't get a chance to read chapter one here is the link:
  Dec 3, 2010  •  1,894 views
Luv this story I'm so excited 2 see more!:)
  Dec 4, 2010  •  1,909 views
BME Sports  
This is really good! The plot is really gripping! :D
  Dec 4, 2010  •  1,908 views
Painted Destiny  
This is great! I can't wait until Chapter 3!
  Dec 4, 2010  •  1,880 views
Painted Destiny  
This is great! I can't wait until Chapter 3!
  Dec 4, 2010  •  1,880 views
Painted Destiny  
This is great! I can't wait until Chapter 3!
  Dec 4, 2010  •  1,880 views
The next chapter has been submitted! Not been read over yet.
  Dec 4, 2010  •  1,894 views
Seven Sins  
owww is there gonna be a part 3? love the story :D
  Jan 31, 2011  •  1,883 views
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