Struggle And Defeat - Mohani's Story Comes To An End
 By Seri   •   29th Nov 2010   •   6,192 views   •   25 comments
Please read The Five Dollar Horse in the Shed and Mohaniís Battle to Health before you read this one if you have not done so already.

It was sunny, chilly and perfect Carolina blue skies. The day was Friday, November 19th, 2010. The horses were turned out in their paddocks and I had just ridden Mohani for the first time that morning. The ride went wonderfully and he was practically chomping at the bit and begging for more rein as we flew around the rounded-rectangle training ring. I tested his jumping abilities off and on, never making him jumpóit was entirely up to him whether or not he wanted to pop over the fence. We started with the ground poles first, then a 1 foot jump, then a 2 foot, 2.5 foot, 3.0 foot and a 3.2 foot jump. That was as high as I was going to risk taking him but the bay had other ideas working in his brain. Iíve seen him clear a 5.11 fence with plenty of room to spare, but Iíve never been over a jump that big. My stallion decided that he was going to scare the bejeezes out of his rider and taking the bit in his mouth, he moved towards the 5.11 foot jump at the center of the ring. The jump had been set up for a friendís horse that he wanted me to ride in an upcoming show and I had been about to test it out with his mare later that afternoon.

Struggle And Defeat

Even though I am an experienced rider I couldnít get him to stop and then we were too close to the fence to stop without injury to either of us so I had to go with his devious little plan. He gathered himself, took off and tucked perfectly as he soared over the jump (my friend later told me that we had cleared the jump by 5 inches over what we needed to actually clear the jump) and landed soundly. I was shaking with fear and joy at the same time by the time we landed and Mohani finally allowed me to regain my authority with a snort and a proud toss of his head. I was ecstatic.

After several months of not jumping (except for rare occasions when a friend was hurt and I was needed) I had finally obtained a wonderful jumper. The highest jump I had ever been with Silver was a 5.6 foot hedge. I dismounted quickly and checked Mohani over thoroughly to make sure that he hadnít hurt himself. He was fine and I cleaned him up and turned him out into his pasture for a well earned rest. Then grabbing my stuff and cramming some breakfast into my stomach I rushed out the door and barely made it to school on time.

When I came back from school Mohani was waiting for me at the very edge of his paddock. He had grown accustomed to meeting me there for a quick visit since that was the closest he could get to my car. (And yes there were a few occasions when he jumped the fence and then proceeded to stand in my space until I got home) Blowing a kiss in his direction and earning a nicker in return I went inside my house and dumped my icky school stuff on the floor of my bedroom. My mother asked me if I could help her cook and I agreed.

A few hours later I went out to the barn but didnít see Mohani in his stall. (stall and paddock are open to each other) Thinking that this was odd I went out to his pasture to see if I could find him there. When I did find him he was lying on his side and struggling to get up. At first I thought he was suffering from colic again but as I got closer I was able to make out that his right fore-leg was horribly mutilated.

He had been racing Warped Joys along the fence line when he slipped, fell and caught his leg around one of the posts. His right-fore had broken twice and his shoulder socket was shattered. I was forced to choose between a costly surgery that he might not survive, or euthanizing him then and there. After thinking about it for a while along with the tremendous support you guys (yes you Ponyboxers) gave me I decided to risk it.

The next morning he went under the knife and I was forced to wait anxiously. Several bolts and a metal shoulder blade later Mohani came out of surgery. I was allowed to see him briefly before being asked kindly by an assistant to go home. I was a machine for the next 5-6 days, wanting to see my horse but unable to because he was at the clinic and I was on a senior retreat for 2 of the days and the rest of the time I had to entertain my relatives that driven down for Thanksgiving.

He came home on Thanksgiving first thing in the morning. Mohani was still a bit woozy and we walked to the barn at a snailís pace. Eventually we got him in his stall with his sling set up. The sling is designed to lift a horse off the ground to keep it from putting pressure on a broken limb. (If youíve seen the movie Dreamer then you should know what Iím talking about)

Then on Friday 27th, 2010 Mohani suffered another colic attack only this time it was combined with a seizure. He was unable to pull through the attack and when I walked into the barn to give him a grooming I found him hanging limp in his stall. When I touched his skin, he felt cool and I noticed a single tear mark that had made its way down his face.

My jumping wonder would jump no more. Whenever I go to pull into my parking space I always check to see if heís there. But heís not. Nor is he in his stall or paddock.

He had gone somewhere I could not.

Then on Sunday, November 29th, 2010 I found a strange trailer in the barn yard. Curious I went to investigate it and a man backed out a Sweedish Warmblood mare. Her sire is Zuidenwind, a champion dressage horse. When I went to put her in the stall that is diagonal to Mohaniís old stall she stopped, her ears pricked up and she nickered. She wasnít nickering to me, rather she was straining to get to his stall when she made the sound. The other horses have acted in similar ways Joy whinnies the play challenge he always summoned Mohani with and will race full speed until he comes to the site of the accident. Thatís where he throws on the breaks and stands with his head over the fence, watching and waiting for his playmate. Even the Kiger mustang that Iím working on for someone else will stop and stand vigil for an hour at 10 in the morning.

Mohani has left a bit of himself behind though. The vet was over checking on a few of the mares and giving all of the horses vaccinations, she discovered that Second Chances was in foal. We did the math and at the time of conception, Mohani was the only stallion on the farm.

If you donít try to save one life then youíll never save any.
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DejaVu  MOD 
What a touching story. Please keep us updated how you do with your new mare. :)
  Nov 29, 2010  •  4,146 views
Aw....I started tearing takes a lot for me to do that. I am so sorry to hear about him...but good luck with you new horse!!
  Nov 29, 2010  •  3,939 views
Prarie Rose  
I'm so sorry. This is tragic. I hope his foal will bring you lots of joy. :D
  Nov 29, 2010  •  4,101 views
L u n a r  
I'm sorry you lost him, he sounds like, and looks like, he would of been an amazing Show horse with lots of scope and flash. I'm willing to bet the foal will be just as great, but hopefully won't inherit his dad's colic prone nature. The Swedish warmblood mare sounds awesome to. Keep us informed.
  Nov 29, 2010  •  4,220 views
Finally There  
Amazing story Seri. Amazing.
  Nov 29, 2010  •  4,117 views
Dark Star  
Wow, that's so sad. He sounded like a great horse
  Nov 29, 2010  •  4,093 views
I'm so sorry to hear about Mohani.
Good luck with your new mare and the foal, though, and I agree with DejaVu, keep us posted! :3
  Nov 29, 2010  •  4,096 views
that is sooooooooooooo sad. ='(
  Nov 30, 2010  •  4,123 views
Beeswax Crusade  
Oh, wow, I'm so sorry for what happened to Mohani! He sounded like such a great horse, and I was confident you two were going to go far!

But I hope you do great with your new horses, and I betcha his foal will be just as sweet and talented as he was :)
  Nov 30, 2010  •  4,132 views
HPH Polo  
is this story fact or fiction? I am sorry, but how is it one horse has so much tragedy in such a short period of time? Your last story about this horse made my heart break, but this one stirred no emotions in me as I found some parts of it to be very far fetched, like him taking off with you to go jump a 5" jump... sorry but that is what it left me with, if it is a true story I am sorry for your loss, if it is fabricated, you have some good details in there but you need to draw a line at some point to keep things believeable.
  Nov 30, 2010  •  4,235 views
:( :( :( You must keep the foal though (if you can), that would be awesome.....
  Nov 30, 2010  •  4,094 views
A very touching story, I agree with you, and attempting to save a life--always try you'll not have to fret the "What If's", keep us updated with the new foal.
  Nov 30, 2010  •  4,113 views
You guys were through a lot. But now hes not suffering. Cherish the time you had with him. Not many people have the privilege of being with a horse, but every little girl and boy should be able to ride just once.
  Nov 30, 2010  •  4,262 views
Ruffians Stable  
I'm so sorry for your loss. But it is truly amazing that he left behind his foal.
  Dec 1, 2010  •  4,254 views
Fantasy Farms  
I'm so sorry. Mohani was such a pretty horse. May his spirit live on forever
  Dec 1, 2010  •  4,119 views
Aww, thats so sad! But your stallion did have a great life once he gained your trust, didn't he. He must have decided that he couldn't stretch his life any longer, and decided, that he had everything he needed to go to heaven in peace. I tink you should keep the baby, though!
  Dec 2, 2010  •  4,127 views
Painted Destiny  
I'm so sorry for your loss Seri. Mohani sounded like a great horse. I've been following his stories, and I can't wait to hear about Second Chance and her foal :) RIP Mohani
  Dec 3, 2010  •  4,092 views
Wow, I am so sorry. It sounded like he loved you so much, what an amazing bond. Good luck with your new horse and her foal! :D
  Dec 6, 2010  •  4,127 views
Carpe Diem  
Very touching, I loved it. I'm sorry for Mohani.
  32 days ago  •  4,096 views
I am so sorry what happened to your horse. I'm not sure what I would do if it happened to me. Bt good luck with your new mare.
  Jan 15, 2012  •  4,121 views
Run Free  
Such a sad story :( something similar happened to my friend, her pony who she owned for over 10 years had a heart attack and died, but she had a beautiful palomino foal 3 years before. We never thought we would find the foal but at a sales this beautiful palomino by the stallion with the same markings shows up, she was bought immediately and she's quiet as anything. She's broken now and took to it all like a star and after being broken two weeks she has already cantered along the beach happily. I wish you have a happy ending to such a sad story, keep us up to date on the foal
  Dec 7, 2012  •  4,159 views
My horse died from a colic attack. I am so sorry. He had a good life with you. His foal will win. I AM POSITIVE! DON"T LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE!
  Jan 14, 2014  •  3,731 views
Dark Star  
Just curious, what happened with that mare and foal? It's been 3 years now.
  Jan 14, 2014  •  3,926 views
My Paper Heart  
I know this was written a long time ago, but I am sorry for your loss. This article brought tears to my eyes. He sounded like a wonderful stallion. You did an amazing thing saving him like you did. Most people would have left him where he was. *hugs* RIP Mohani.
  Mar 3, 2014  •  4,058 views
no longer need barn
So sorry, heart breaks
  Oct 24, 2016  •  1,729 views
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