Healing Hearts Ranch - Part 3
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Luci and Nathan had headed to the pond for a quick swim when swimming went wrong. . .

Nathan was scared, he swam her to shore and set her down on the grass. She was breathing at least. “Luci?” He said sounding concerned.
“Mmm” she moaned. And coughed again.
“I’m so sorry.” Nathan whispered stroking her hair.
Luci shook her head and looked up at Nathan feeling totally drained. She reached up and wrapped her arms around Nathan’s neck “Oh, Hans I was so scared, I thought-”
“You’re thinking again.” Nathan said smiling into her wet hair.
Luci started to laugh but then coughed.
“Shhh.” Nathan shushed her and stroked her hair.
Luci let go of him and sat down with her head in her hands. “Can we go back now?” She asked quietly.
“Yeah, that shipment is coming in soon anyways, don’t wanna make the old man made now do we?” Nathan smiled.
“Naw, that’d be” she coughed “bad.”
Nathan helped her up and walked over to her horse. “You gonna be able to ride him?” He asked her genuinely concerned.
“Yeah, Narrow knows the way.” She smiled then coughed again “I don’t usually even have to use a bridle.”
Nathan lifted her gently up onto Narrow then pulled on his boots and put his shirt back on. He picked up her boots and put them in his saddle bag and looked back at her “Ready?” He asked.
“Mhm.” She hummed through pursed lips then she coughed again.
Nathan started off down the trail and Luci followed coughing every once in a while. Nathan looked back at her and said “Are you okay?”
“Fine.” Luci said hiding a cough.
They continued back home and Luci laid down on Narrow’s neck letting him take the lead. They got back to the ranch and Luci slipped down off Narrow’s high back. “I’m gonna go change this shirt.” she said nodding her head towards the rip Nathan had made in it in order to get her free. She led Narrow into his stall and slipped off the halter. She hung them up and made her way into the house. The screen door was open and she walked in. Dust filled the air she coughed roughly. “What is going on here?” She asked as she walked into the kitchen.
“Just doing some cleaning.” Her sister Jessica from her high perch standing atop the kitchen counters. “Why?”
Luci coughed again “Wow.” She smirked “What’s gotten into you?”
“Nothing, just cleaning.” Jessica replied continuing to dust.
“Well maybe next time you should take off the roof first.”
“Oh come now it’s not that bad.”
“Hah!” Luci exclaimed and walked into the hallway and entered her bedroom door. She coughed “Jessi! You dusted in here too?”
“Yup.” Jessica yelled from the kitchen.
Luci pulled out a blue high-necked tank top and switched the ripped black one with it. She kept on her damp shorts which had dried mostly on the way back. She walked out of the bedroom and back into the kitchen and coughed again “Good grief Jessi.” She said “Seriously what has gotten into you?” Luci laughed as she walked out the open door.
“I already told you!” Jessica called after her.
Luci saw the hay truck and ran over to the barn. She ran in and looked at the barn clock, eight o’seven. Steve was always late. “Hey Steve!” She said smiling at the man with blond hair and light blue eyes.
“Hey Luce.” He replied grinning.
“You’re late.”
“Seven minutes?” Steve said frowning “You’re going to charge me for seven minutes and you weren’t even out here when I arrived?”
“Yes, siree.”
“You rascal.” He said turning back to the truck and unhitching the hay wagon.
“You gonna stick around to help unload Steve?” Luci asked him walking over to the hay wagon and looking up at it.
“I have another load to deliver and then I’ll be right back little lady.”
“Good! I mean this is what two hundred bails? Hans can’t do this all on his own you know.”
“Yes ma’am. I’ll be back.” Steve winked at her and climbed into the truck. He started the engine and drove down the drive.
Luci skipped into the barn and looked around for Nathan. “Hans?” She called. She walked back out to the wagon and said “Hans?”
A hay bale fell down the to ground about a foot away from her “Eeek!” She squealed. “Hans!”
Thunderous laughter came from the top of the hay wagon. Luci braced herself and climbed up. She had gathered her strength back and she reached the top. “Why hello there partner.” She said in a western drawl.
“Howdy ma’am.” Nathan said and tipped his hat.
Luci broke out giggling. Nathan burst out laughing. They made a perfect pair. It was just neither of them knew it yet. “So, Stevie Wonder’s coming back?” Nathan asked her knowing she had a little something for Steve.
“Yes.” She said punching him in the shoulder playfully and blushing slightly.
“You’re blushing.” Nathan said smirking.
“Am not!”
“Are too.”
“Am not.”
“Are too.”
“Am not!” Luci said putting her hands on her cheeks.
“Was too.” Nathan said hiding a laugh.
Luci picked at the hay, “We should get working.”
“Don’t want to wait for Stevie Wonder?” Nathan said teasing her.
“No, for all I care he might as well not come back.” Luci said and climbed down the side of the hay wagon, now she was upset.
“Ci!” Nathan said climbing down after her. “Ci, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have teased you.”
“I don’t care lets get this hay unloaded.” Luci said without any feeling or emotion on her face.
Nathan glanced at her then opened the huge gate on the hay wagon. He climbed up on the top and shoved some bales down. Luci picked one up and dragged it into the barn. She put it on top of one of the three bales they had left. She ran back out and grabbed another one. She dragged it over and stacked it up. She ran back over to the wagon and looked up. “How come I am so little and I’m doing the hard job?” She yelled to Nathan.
“I thought you wanted to.” He replied.
“You’re thinking again, now get down here so I can push the bales at you!”
Nathan climbed down and started dragging the bales and stacking them. Luci looked down and saw there were ten bales on the ground Nathan needed to stack. She waited for him to stack a few more. He took them two by two which Luci could never do. She thought he was slightly showing off when at one point he was taking two bales in each hand. She shoved some more off then leaned back. It was very hot up on top of all the hay.
“More!” Nathan called.
Luci pushed more bales off without a word. She heard a truck engine and turned around to see Steve’s truck pulling up the driveway. “Stevie wonder’s here!” Nathan teased.
“You just don’t know when to stop do you?” Luci said annoyed.
Steve pulled up and hopped out of the truck. Luci smiled. “Hey Luce.” He called to her.
“Hi.” Luci said back.
Steve walked over to the hay bales and started bringing them into the barn to stack. He took them two by two and him and Nathan walked out side by side. They both had that famous cowboy walk going on. They didn’t try to walk like that though, that’s just how they walked. She almost laughed. Steve tipped the brim of his hat down and smiled up at her. She blushed and pushed some more bales off. “Watch out boys.” She said laughing “Don’t wanna break anybody around here, or we won’t be Healing Heart’s Ranch we’ll be Hurting Hearts Ranch.”
Nathan laughed “That wouldn’t be good.”
“I completely agree with Nate.” Steve said smiling and picking up some more bales. He brought them into the barn. Nathan followed with four bales, two in each hand. Luci shook her head he was a show off. She sighed and shoved more bales down. Steve came out and said “Dad wants me to go to an auction next weekend.” He picked up some bales “He wanted me to invite you to come along Luce.” He said walking back into the barn he came out and asked her “Would you?”
lifes a risk  
cant wayt for part 4 because this parts great
  Dec 3, 2010  •  1,729 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
This just keeps getting better and better
  Feb 3, 2011  •  1,720 views
No Walkin Farms9  
This is so awesome. Had me going 'awwww'
  45 days ago  •  1,725 views
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