Jello's Story - Part 2 The Foal
 By Velski   •   20th Dec 2010   •   3,297 views   •   1 comments
The next day Jello and the others woke up. Snare trotted around the herd, making sure everyone was okay and had made it through the night. Clarinet stood next to Jello, and Jello stood next to Trumpet. A young dapple gray filly leaped up, just missing Jello’s nose. Jello smiled at the little foal. “And who are you?” Jello asked as she lowered her head to a level she could see the foal eye to eye.
“I’m Flute! My mommy is Quarry. Do you know her?” Flute said all in one breath.
“Quarry...Oh yes! The blue roan Arabian mare.” Jello said.
Quarry walked over. “Is Flute causing you any trouble?” She asked.
“No, not at all.” Jello said, and the two mares exchanged a smile.
Flute bounced up and down until Snare walked up behind her and tapped her withers with his muzzle. “Calm down young one.” He said, smiling at her.
Flute smiled back, but then started bouncing again. Snare shook his head at her and checked over Jello and the other mares. Cello trotted up behind Snare and scared his sire bad enough that he got a harsh kick in the side when Snare thought he was Stanza. Cello’s ears flattened, but he relaxed again and started going over the mares and foals.

Flute and Piccolo were the only foals. Piccolo was a black and white paint filly.

Cello chased after Piccolo as she ran off toward the lake. Stanza came out of nowhere and slammed into Cello. Cello fell hard, the thud audible to Jello’s ears. She shot toward Stanza, her ears flat against her skull. Stanza heard her coming and turned toward her. “Jello, stop!” Cello yelled desperately.
Stanza slammed a hoof against Cello’s side, and Cello winced. That pushed Jello on faster. Snare barreled after her, his hooves digging into the dirt. Snare caught up with Jello and slammed into Stanza at the same time as Jello. Stanza fell, directly on top of Cello. Stanza rolled off to the side, and stayed lying down. Cello slowly stood, not quite trusting his legs. “Are you okay?” Jello asked him, her eyes watching Stanza carefully.
“Yeah. A little stunned is all.” He whispered back. She nodded. Stanza glared at Snare. “You think you’re so good, don’t you? What would have happened if she was alone and charging me, huh? Then what?” Stanza asked harshly.
“She could easily have handled you by herself. You aren’t halfway as tough as you think you are.” Snare responded just as harshly.
“Then why did you come over and help her?” Stanza snapped.
“Because it was much faster that way. We don’t have time to waste over fights.” Snare responded calmly.
Stanza lunged at Snare, and Snare sidestepped the attack. Stanza flattened his ears, but walked away. “You haven’t heard the last of me!” Stanza yelled over his shoulder.
Jello shook her head. “The nerve of that that thing.” Jello said, spitting the last word out like bad grass.
“Typical.” Cello snapped, shaking with anger. “We will be leaving tomorrow instead.” Snare said, giving Cello a pointed look.
“Why? We planned for today.” Cello responded.
“Yes, but you’re in no shape to leave today, and I think we’re all a bit shocked.” Snare said.
The other mares nodded, and Jello shifted her weight. She didn’t feel that way, but felt rather energetic and ready to go. She didn’t argue though and kept quiet. She thought she saw a shadow flash over her head, and she cringed slightly. Her head raised and ears perked, but she saw nothing. Jello chomped on her teeth slightly, and then started grazing to cover up her thinking. A hawk flew above her, its wings spread out wide. Jello saw it out of the corner of her eye and shuddered slightly. A small nicker made her raise her head, and she saw a foal standing in front of her. It was pure bay, except for a perfect white oval on its forehead.
“Who are you? What herd are you from?” She asked curiously.
“I am Future’s Promise, the messenger from the herd of the heavens. I have come to bring you a message. Look into the oval on my forehead.” Future’s Promise said without stopping to take a breath.
Her voice was dreamy and sweet, but had seriousness to it. A soft echo filled Jello’s head, filled with voices of the horses that have passed. She relaxed and looked toward Future’s Promise, then straight into the oval. The foal’s voice seemed to deepen, and layers became evident. Jello could tell she was slipping into a trance, but she didn’t mind. She trusted the young foal, the messenger from the heavens. She heard the soft whispers of other horses that have passed again. And then she relaxed completely.
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