Lost and Found - Chapter Three
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I feel so out of place, thought Cinnamon as he gnawed on his new stallís door. This doesnít taste like my barn. There are no carrots in my feed bin. There are no sweet little brunettes stroking my face.

Cinnamon stared at the deep blue sky and all the little stars that lit it up like a Christmas tree. He pondered if Eliza was seeing the same sky and wondering the same things. Where was everyone? Where I am? Where are you? Cinnamon thrashed a hoof at the door in frustration. Get me out of here! He thought. He thrashed another hoof and reared at it like it was a deer on a trail ride. After one last kick he felt the door splinter under his weight. Chunks of wood scattered in his stall. He watched the remains of the flimsy door dangle from the hinges. He was pleased with it.

Cinnamon didnít hesitate. He broke into a full gallop as soon as his hooves hit the cement of the stable. The other horses were awakened by the clattering of his freshly shod horseshoes. They pounded the ground with confidence and power, just like did in the show ring with Eliza. Except this time Eliza was not on his back. Cinnamon loved the way her shiny smooth boots rubbed the sides of his belly, the way her soft little gloves patted his neck when he was good, the way her seat lifted as they glided over the jump in a perfect clash of harmony.

Cinnamon focused his mind on the gate up ahead. It was tall and daring. Cinnamon was not intimidated though. All he saw was another obstacle to jump. He stared at it and suddenly heard a flash of cheers fill his ears. He recognized them. They were the same cheers he heard in the show ring, sometimes he imagined them in his head but these were real. Cinnamon heard the cheers loud and clear. Then he heard Elizaís voice say, Okay remember, posture, heels down, chin up, andÖ Just as her voice faded, Cinnamonís hooves met the jump. He glided over it like water over a stone, just like he had every other time except for.... NO! He refused to let his mind dwell in the past.

He slowed to a trot, steady yet ground-covering. He loved the feel of his hooves flying out in front of him so proud and strong. He felt like the strongest thing out here. He was not afraid anymore. He felt secure, he felt Elizaís presence.

Cinnamon trotted along the edge of the woods, kicking up grass and sand. Suddenly his eyes met with another animal. He felt an unwelcoming groan from deep inside it. Cinnamon stopped dead in his tracks and stared, cocking his head to the side. He felt it stare too, but it was much more confident. Pangs of fear washed over him. He lost all confidence. He lost Elizaís presence and suddenly he was all alone. Just Cinnamon against the world. It was a horrifying feeling. So he stood in front of the animal, exposing himself. If you lounge, you lounge. If you run, you run. Whatever happens, happens. Just let it happen... Cinnamon thought to himself. He stared at the sky and felt as if he was staring right into Elizaís big, blue, forgiving eyes. He saw her caring little face press against his nose.

Breaking Cinnamonís thoughts, the animal lounged. Cinnamon jumped onto his haunches and thrashed his hooves helplessly. Then he let out a harsh scream. It was drown out by the thud of himself hitting the ground. Cinnamon wanted to give up and let himself go. Then memories poured inside of him, ones of Eliza staying up all night to groom him, talking softly as she did. More and more memories came, tugging at his heart. No, he was not ready to let them go, to let Eliza down. He yanked his head back and opened his mouth, making contact with a chunk of skin and yanking again. He thrust his body onto his feet and kicked out as hard as he could, hearing a confident thud. Cinnamon was pleased. He turned back and saw a lump buried in the tall prairie grasses.

He shook his head vigorously and rose as high as he could, throwing his hooves into the air. Then he let them fall to the ground with a loud crash of determination. I have conquered you, he thought.

Cinnamon broke into a gallop and weaved through the trees, only his instinct guiding him. Suddenly he saw rays of moonlight bleed through the thick trees. He slowed down and stared up at the sky. He saw a clearing of trees. The moon lit the tips of the prairie grasses as they glistened in the soft breeze. Even the specks of cotton, blowing in the breeze, were lit by the fireflies. Cinnamonís nose turned a shade of yellow and green as a firefly landed just on the bridge of his white blaze. It lit the white on his face like a glow-in-the-dark sticker. Cinnamon watched the little bug fly by as he slowed to a stop and let the wispy breezes hit him, cooling his sweat. He felt all his fear drain and his confidence settle. He watched the fireflies circle and dance. They were hardly disturbed by Cinnamonís presence but seemed to acknowledge it. They almost enjoyed it.

For the first time since the accident he felt calm. He trotted over to the small pond which shimmered silver. He stared into it, watched his reflection. He saw a clear undisturbed mirror of himself. He saw tuffs of hair moving elegantly in the breeze. He saw the stars, sparkling right beside him. He saw a firefly land in the middle of his reflection, sending off velvet like ripples that faded to nothing. The bottom of the pool of water was nothing but white sand. The water was clear to the bottom and inviting.

Cinnamon hovered his hoof over the water and letting it splash, making all the fireflies scatter lighting up the air around him. The water was cool, so he stepped his whole body inside. He found that it got deeper and deeper. There were lilies floating on the surface, they glided away from him as he got closer. Out of curiosity, Cinnamon nibbled one and jerked it out of the water, letting it fall back down with a flat splat. Cinnamon let the water wash away his sweat as he treaded to the other side, occasionally just floating along. When he reached the other side he found a rock which he used to prop up his body as he laid beside it. The breeze made his skin feel cold, but it comforted him.

In just a moment he was fast asleep. He dreamt about Eliza. He imagined himself wit her right now. He wished he could feel her soft touch and her calm voice. Cinnamon knew he might never, but that thought made him shiver. So instead of thinking about Eliza, Cinnamon let his thoughts loose. It seemed to work because when he woke up the next morning he felt good and refreshed. He saw rays of bright sunlight hit the rock beside him. He lifted his head and saw a silhouette of trees. The sunís rays shot through them, peeking through in patches, lighting the shadows. Cinnamon felt a glimpse of happiness for the first time since the accident. He was comforted by the warm light hitting his skin. So he stood, shook himself and drank from the pool of water. He was regenerated and fully powered. He felt ready to take on the world again. If only he had Eliza he would have everything he wanted.

Where could she be right now? Is she looking for me too? Cinnamon thought as he chewed on the tassel of a cat tail. He wandered around the clearing, finding much more detail now that it was light out. He found the best and greenest patches of grasses to nibble on. He laid in the best and shadiest patches of trees to lie under.

He spent his day soaking up the sun and luxury, trying to keep his mind off of Eliza but for some reason, her memory kept screaming to get inside him. Cinnamon refused to give in, so he pushed it back out. He thought that he may never see Eliza again. He thought he may be a runaway forever. But would Eliza be proud of him that way? Or would she miss him too? Can runaways survive more than a week?
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Woo hoo! I like this chapter! Very mystical!
  Dec 8, 2010  •  1,476 views
I love this story I hope there's more!
  Dec 8, 2010  •  1,475 views
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