Mustang Mountain - Part 2
 By Run Free   •   21st Dec 2010   •   2,537 views   •   1 comments
MistyWe galloped for half an hour wandering over thousands of trails on Mustang Mountain. Soon Black Beauty got tired so we slowed to a walk. Where could he be I thought. I tried to clear my mind, think of where he likes to graze. Suddenly I remembered where I found him on the Rocky trail, as my father calls it. He was heading west, towards the lake. Quickly I urged Black Beauty to a lope and headed towards the start of the Rocky trail, hoping Midnight would be near.

When we reached the start of the Rocky trail we slowed to a walk. I looked through the trees, at the lush grass and hoped Midnight would be there. He wasn't. We walked along the trails looking for Midnight. He wasn't anywhere to be seen. I started to cry wondering what if I never found him. Terrible thoughts filled up in my brain as I cried harder.

"Midnight" I cried.

I thought I heard a faint whinny far far in front of me.
"Midnight" I cried again.
I heard the whinny again. Midnight must be near.

Then dad came behind me screaming my name. Oh no I thought he was going to bring me home and stop me looking for my mustang.
"Go away" I screamed "I need to find Midnight and you'll scare him away".
But dad didn't go away, he just came at me faster. I tried to get Black Beauty to gallop, he could never outrun her, she's too fast. Black Beauty wouldn't gallop though, just a slow lope. This is all my fault I thought, I worked her too hard when I didn't need to and now when I needed to go she was too tired.

Dad caught me and begged me to come home.
"No" I screamed.
He grabbed my arm but I pulled away. Then he turned around and started to lope. Black Beauty followed him, but I quickly dismounted and ran off, heading west, trying to find Midnight. Dad didn't even notice that I dismounted Blank Beauty. I quickly hid in a nearby bush until they were out of sight.

A few hours had passed when I saw some mustangs. They didn't belong to us. They were all beautiful, most of them looked like Midnight. An older one seemed to stare at the lake a lot as if something important was there. I took a good look at them trying to see if one was my Midnight. Then I realized something horrible, they were all mares and no stallions.

Where could Midnight be.

I saw them walk to the lake and I slowly followed them, being careful not to scare them. Maybe Midnight was drinking there, or worse maybe he was fighting another stallion. I was getting really worried now. My thoughts flashed from a injured or even dead Midnight to dad finding me and scaring the herd away.

When I got to the lake a horrible sight flashed before my eyes. Midnight was caught in deep waters of the lake. His cry was deafening. Without thinking I swam into the lake and pulled myself onto Midnights back. I kicked him on with all the power in my body. Then he swam on getting closer and closer to dry land. The water was getting lower and lower and eventually only reaching Midnights knees...then his pastern...then we were safely out of the water. A feeling of relief swept over me.

After regaining my breath I noticed Midnight may have hurt himself trying to get out. I quickly dismounted and checked him over again and again and again. Thankfully he was ok, nothing but minor cuts. A feeling of relief swept over me. I got back on and kicked midnight on. We walked on with the herd following us. Midnight broke into a lope and I felt helpless on his back.

I couldn't stop him. I was powerless.

I knew riding without a bridal or saddle was a terrible idea. I only had a mane to hang on to. I was so scared.
"Help" I cried, but no answer.
"Help" I cried again.
Nobody answered. I was all alone on a spooked, wild, mustang.
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Run Free  
sorry on paragraph 5 i said 'dad didn't even notice i dismounted blank beauty' whwn i was ment to say 'dad didn't even noticed i had dismounted off black beauty'
  Dec 23, 2010  •  1,528 views
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