What Do You Do With Your Old Horse Shirts?
 By Heaven Sent Creatures   •   5th Mar 2011   •   2,549 views   •   19 comments
Old Horse ShirtsHow many of you have old outgrown horse shirts or other favorites, but don't want to get rid of them? I have a solution for you. This is what I do for all my daughter's special shirts that she just will not part with. I turn them into cushions for her room.

Step 1

Make sure the shirts are clean and mend any holes or wear marks, this includes button holes.

Step 2

Then turn the shirt inside out.

Step 3

Using a short, straight stitch, stitch the sleeves and neckline closed, close to the edges. Then stitch about 3/4 of the bottom closed. Just use short running stitches to prevents gaps between stitches where your stuffing could escape.

Step 4

Turn the shirt right side out.

Step 5

Stuff the shirt to the desired fill (less for really soft, more for a thicker heavier cushion).

Step 6

Tuck edges of bottom edge under and slip stitch the opening closed.

You now have a lasting memory from your favorite horse shirts. I have done this with button up shirts with collars also, I just stitched the sleeves, front and bottom, stuffed it then hand stitched the neck opening so the collar sits nicely.

I don't currently have pictures of a button shirt cushion, but attached are some of my daughters cushions.

that are awaiting their stuffing.
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Soo cool! I'm going to have to try that!
  Mar 5, 2011  •  1,483 views
Cute idea!
  Mar 5, 2011  •  1,469 views
No Walkin Farms9  
I have a pillow made from my best friends clothes. Her grandmother madeit after my best friend passed away. It was the nicest thing I'd ever received, after my best friends friendship for eleven years. This is a great idea.
  Mar 5, 2011  •  1,507 views
Seven Sins  
neat idea! :)
  Mar 5, 2011  •  1,470 views
Painted Destiny  
Cool idea! They are so cute!
  Mar 5, 2011  •  1,470 views
That is such a good idea, I must try this at some point :)
  Mar 6, 2011  •  1,468 views
Such a great idea!
I have too many lurking in the back of my wardrobe
  Mar 6, 2011  •  1,508 views
Good to know
  Mar 6, 2011  •  1,476 views
T E M P E S T  
Great Idea!
  Mar 6, 2011  •  1,544 views
Soul Horse  
I have done that before it's really fun and an easy craft!
  Mar 6, 2011  •  1,489 views
Very neat. I'm planning on making a boot bag of sorts made of a t-shirt quilt (minus stuffing).
  Mar 6, 2011  •  1,496 views
Dark Star  
Good idea!
  Mar 6, 2011  •  1,465 views
Untamed Heart  
Hmmm... I should tell my 4-H about that!!!
  Mar 6, 2011  •  1,488 views
What a cute idea!
  Mar 6, 2011  •  1,484 views
Sunny Daze  
I like it I will do that with my old pretty shirts thanks :)
  Mar 7, 2011  •  1,468 views
neat idea. you could also just sew across the neck and arms to make it just a square pillow.
  Mar 7, 2011  •  1,656 views
Hevn Extra Barn 3  
This is a brilliant idea!
Im going to try this, Thanks.
  Mar 7, 2011  •  1,585 views
I'll definately try that!
  Mar 8, 2011  •  1,492 views
Wow. Cool, I am going to do that w/ my shirt I was wearing the 1st day i rode my welsh pony cross!
  Nov 13, 2014  •  967 views
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