Park Saviors - Part Three
 By Stay Untamed   •   6th Mar 2011   •   2,935 views   •   7 comments
Park SaviorsWhen the day was over Alexa's hair was poking out of her hairband and her shirt was dirt-stained and crooked. Her pants had stains from brushing horses and cleaning stalls, while her boots had mud on the bottom and were brown with dust instead of black.

Alexa was sitting in the stands of the Parade of Breeds arena watching the horses in their stalls when Olivia sat beside her.

"Hey, it's always bad on the first day." Olivia said. Her clothes and her hair were as neat as when Alexa had met her that morning.

"No, today was fun, it was just exhausting having to clean the horses then ride them in the show" Alexa said in a joking manner.

"Haha, I understand. So what was your favorite part?" Olivia asked, picking a piece of hay off Alexa's ponytail.

"Um, I liked the lunch when I got to meet everyone and then when we all went on a trail ride in the morning. That was fun." Alexa remembered.

"Yeah, don't get use to that. They only do that every so often." Olivia said sadly.

"Oh, that's to bad." Alexa said nodding her head.

"Hey, Olivia!" They both stared at the deep voice and turned around. It was a guy wearing dark indigo jeans, with a red Abercrombie shirt and cherry red Converse shoes. His brown hair was flopping into his blue, Azure eyes.

"That's Brad, he rides the Freisian, Zelo, in the parade." Olivia whispered. "He owns a Thoroughbred that's in the big barn in the back. He only has him here because it's his horse." She finished just as he reached them.

"Olivia, Janette needs you in the draft barn to talk to you real quick." He said, glancing at Alexa.

"Why? I talked to her yesterday." Olivia said getting up with an annoyed sigh. "I don't know." Brad said slowly and sarcastically. Olivia only made a face, waved bye, then walked to the draft barn.

"So, who's Janette?" Alexa asked, making small talk but truly curious.

"The manager and over-seer of the Parade of Breeds." Brad said looking at Alexa. "Brad." He reached out his hand and shook Alexa's. "Alexa." she replied. "Cool, and welcome to the family." Brad said, then smiled and walked away to see the Freisan. Alexa sat confused, watching him leave.

"Hey." Alexa said assertively when she stormed up to Brad in Zelo's, an all black Freisan horse, stall. "That was rude."

"How was it rude? I said welcome, smiled a goodbye, then left to come to see Zelo."

"You did not say goodbye, and you acted rude too." Alexa said.

"I smiled goodbye, if you were listening and how did I act rude?" Brad, putting down his brush and staring at Alexa full-on.

"I can tell that you don't like me, that's why. You left as soon as you could." She said, petting Zelo's nose when he tried to snuffle her pockets for food.

"You're right, I don't like you." Brad said.

"And why is that? I have done nothing to you, but all day you've blown me off."

"Okay, Okay! Gosh, you don't know when to shutup do you?" Brad said annoyed.

"Hey! I do too, don't-"
"Stop talking and I'll tell you." Brad looked at Alexa. When she pretended to zip her mouth and throw away the key Brad talked. "Okay, I don't hate you and don't start talking. I'm just jealous. You get to have your Thoroughbred in the barn, when I was suppose to have my Thoroughbred here instead." Brad said.

"Why?" Alexa said after a minute. Brad gulped. "Because, they said that Pudd wasn't the Parade of Breeds type horse because he's crazy."

"I'm sorry, truly I am. I bet Pudd is a nice horse." Alexa said, stepping into Zelo's stall and walking over to Brad.

"He's actually not. I'm thinking about selling him, so I can buy Zelo. After all, I spend more time with Zelo than Pudd."

Alexa stood shocked at the thought of selling a horse only because he was crazy and unruly.

"That's not fair! Pudd can't help it, he's just being himself! Don't sell him Brad! Get help with him, you know what, I'll even help wi-"

"Alexa, Alexa, no, it's done. Actually, when he came here two years ago it was a done deal he was to be sold. He's a stallion and unless I breed him and I really don't want to do that, he has to go." He said, gripping her shoulders.

"But, it's so upsetting." Alexa said.

"I know, if it's hard for you just think how hard it is for me. So please don't mention it again okay?" Brad requested.

Just as Alexa was about to say yes, someone came in the complex calling for Alexa. Alexa smiled at Brad and said goodbye, then walked out into the arena to where the voice was calling.
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No Walkin Farms9  
Can't wait to read more.
  Mar 6, 2011  •  2,129 views
Dark Star  
can't wait to read more
  Mar 6, 2011  •  2,087 views
Untamed Heart  
Cant wait for more!!!
  Mar 6, 2011  •  2,110 views
Fun story - keep writing!
  Mar 6, 2011  •  2,106 views
I'm waiting for the next one :D
  Mar 7, 2011  •  2,095 views
Can't wait for the next one!
  Mar 8, 2011  •  2,114 views
T E M P E S T  
*reads next part because she can't wait*
  Mar 18, 2011  •  2,139 views
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