Tennessee Walker Big Lick Gait Controversy
 By PonyBox   •   18th Dec 2010   •   6,314 views   •   14 comments
Christmas definitely brings out the best in some of us. Recently, Ponybox received a message about a Ponybox article concerning Tennessee Walker gaits. We receive our share of negative emails at Ponybox and as many of you know, we sometimes post them in the news section for everyone to view. Here's one we received from Shirley today. Enjoy.

I just recently had someone refer me to your site as a "good" one for horse stuff. I am shocked at how WRONG some of your articles are. This one in particular: Getting To Grips with Gaits

Does anyone double check anything here? There is so much wrong in that article that I don't even know where to start. You don't have to take my word for it, compare what that ******** has to say against the book "Easy Gaited Horses" by Lee Ziegler.

Or ask around to other gaited horse people. The most glaring thing I caught is that she implied that a Tennessee Walking horse's natural running walk is the same gait as the "big lick" show gait. That could not be more wrong! Different tempo, different footfall pattern...and of course, the big lick gait is impossible for a horse to do w/out all the mechanical tricks and weighted shoes and such whereas they are born doing a natural running walk.

This article is a serious disservice to gaited horses. Just find anything by Lee Ziegler, she had an international reputation as a gaited horse expert. Unlike the unknown **** who wrote this article. And I'm using her name because I'm not famous so why should you take my word.
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Padfoot Designs  
Thats rude, I have to say, I do not know much about gaits on horses and stuff like that because I have not rode sense second grade, but I love her articals (the one the person was refering to) and that is just rude, they can say its wrong and don't have to be so mean. I don't really care if someone gets something wrong every once and a while.
  Dec 18, 2010  •  3,931 views
I would encourage anyone to go back and take a look at my article and the comments Shirley has posted and see what you think. If I've made a major error - and it's been known to happen - I am happy to correct it. Otherwise, take the article for what it is, a simple introduction to gaits and gaited horses that would hopefully inspire readers to find out more.
  Dec 18, 2010  •  4,627 views
she has a point on the fact that stuff could be wrong sometimes. but, the way she put it all, swore and was extreamly rude! maybe if she said in a kinder way, it would have some effect. but that was WAY to rude and forceful. if she just hates it so much, maybe she needs to leave!
  Dec 18, 2010  •  3,759 views
I can understand Shirley's point of view, and I don't see why everyone's saying that she's mean. Sure, her point could've been reached in a softer way, but everyone is entitled to an opinion, and Shirley was simply sharing hers. I mean, if the article was indeed wrong, I'm glad that she pointed it out!
  Dec 18, 2010  •  3,647 views
Horse Crazy  
its not what you say, its how you say it

nobodys perfect, you live and learn it

she could have been nicer, everyone makes mistakes....i know a lot of people who think they are the most horse smart person ever and please dont get me started on them because i could go on for days!!!!im a talker, but their not and they still have to learn and all sooo..
  Dec 19, 2010  •  3,758 views
how rude, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything, it's not like the people on ponybox are famous experts on horses, we're just people who love horses and want to share out knowledge about them, sure we may not always be right but hey, you don't have to be soooo rude!
  Dec 19, 2010  •  3,667 views
How rude, Mosquito's articles are great, "Shirley" could at least have said it in a nicer way.
  Dec 19, 2010  •  3,682 views
Hm...that message wasn't necessary at all in my opinion. Commenting on an article is one thing, but sending a message, personally, to Jeff is another. We all have our different opinions when it comes to horses and horse knowledge, but if it was, for example, someone posting/writing about how it is okay to let horses go without water for days, feeding them moldy hay, never giving them exercise, etc. would be something worth commenting strongly, but maturely, about. One that I would definitely comment on myself, because I would know that each of those facts are wrong for the simple sake of common horse knowledge, and if someone listens to it, could end up with a very unhappy and sick horse. Mosquito might have posted a false statement or fact, but she's accepting willingly and ready to learn. A good example, as I usually see people flying off the handle when someone disagrees with their post. But, I congratulate you for handling it in such a manner, Mosquito. ^^
  Dec 20, 2010  •  3,649 views
Sounds like a very passionate horse-person, which isn't in itself, a bad thing...but the fact that she is more or less aware that she's directing her email to a website directed at children shows a glaring lack of intelligence. I'm sure, on her part, a kind email with the errors pointed out, would've lent a better solution..
  Jan 16, 2011  •  3,650 views
Maybe the person who wrote this article is wrong. I personally know people who show both "big lick" and flat shod Tennessee Walkers in both local shows as well as the Celebration. The ONLY difference between the 'big lick' and the running walk is the weights and shoes. I did a documentary on the Tennessee Walking Horse and interviewed the famous Bob Womack for the movie and he said the same thing. I would ignore this article and place it in the "trash" barrel because that is what it is. Before you complain about someone else, know what you are talking about.
  Jan 29, 2011  •  3,725 views
When are people going to learn the main posted articles that do get posted on this site are from KIDS.. Not all of them are going to have all their facts straight and allot may get their information by word of mouth. For example, my college instructor could be teaching me a different way to do C-Programming from what my dad was taught along time ago when he use to work for a computer software and information company. Now since I'm doing this all online (college) I might have to ask my dad for help if I do not understand something, again what the instructor is posting could be completely different then what my own dad is teaching me.

We've all learned from one point and time how to do something from another person wheather it be your parents, a trainer, or even a close friend.
  Jan 30, 2011  •  3,687 views
Though I don't think hate mail ever does it job, I can see where she's coming from. There is a huge divide between the "big licks" and the plantation shod horses and neither wants to be confused with the other. I have seen some of the disgusting things that a SMALL MINORITY of big lick trainers will do for that movement. I have seen yearlings with blown tendons because whomever was in charge of that youngster put too much weight too soon. I even knew someone who sent their Tennessee Walker to a big name trainer and because they refused to start "building her up" (adding weight to her feet) and let him show her in the big lick stuff, he sent her right back home and refused to show her at all.

However, this is a SMALL minority in the Tennessee Walking horse world and in my opinion, it needed to be mentioned for a thorough article on gaits, but is a small enough minority that had she gone into further detail (whether she is for or against the big lick isn't the point), it would have ov
  Feb 3, 2011  •  3,660 views
I mean okay mabey she is right in one part but she dosent have to keep bothering Jeff about it seriously
  Feb 24, 2011  •  3,641 views
She was really rude!!!
  May 9, 2011  •  3,642 views
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