The All American Quarter Horse
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Quarter HorsesYes, that breed that is a true all-american. Quarter Horses are muscular equines that are usually quite athletic. Recently, Quarter Horses were released on PB3. I have won 5 matches and I was browsing the horses to buy, when I noted there was a new horse. The Quarter Horses, are the first horses in the polo eventers. Ponies are usually seen otherwise.

Quarter Horses originated in the United States. It is certainly the oldest and most popular breed in the US. In developed during the 17th century when the Spanish Conquistadors brought along some horses. The breed we now know today, can be traced back to those horses.

The name "Quarter Horse" came from the breeds incredible ability to run Quarter mile races very quickly. This ability comes from the large hindquarters and strong forearms. It is sometimes thought that the breed was called "Quarter horse" because of the large hindquarters. This has not been proved or disproved of.

The early Quarter Horses were smaller and heavily built, only standing about 15 hands. The modern Quarter Horse is larger, but still has the distictive muscular build.

Quarter horses are best suited for farm work and western sports, but they are sometimes seen in the show-ring. Quarter Horses are considerably good at Polo, simply because of their speed. But that speed only comes in short bursts, they do not have the best stamina. The Polo Pony, has stamina and speed and was specially designed for Polo. The sleek build of the Polo pony gives it stamina and speed. The larger build of the Quarter Horse, gives it speed, not necessarily stamina.

Quarter Horses today can be almost any solid color. They make excellent riding horses, because of their docile temperament and smooth gaits. Quarter Horses are dominating most Western Sports today.

In The PonyBox game, Quarter horses are 700 Ponybucks. I believe they require 5 matches won.

The Complete Encyclopedia of Horses by Tamsin Pickeral
Photos: Resource Images by =EquineStockImagery@DeviantArt

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llllllllllloooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee horses and mostly my sis likes cows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Nov 15, 2009  •  4,893 views
T W I  
Nice article. :)
  Nov 17, 2009  •  4,871 views
WarCry Stables  
I would like to just comment that "Polo Pony" is not a breed really. Most "ponies" used in polo are ex-thoroughbred race horses in the North America, whilist down in South America the Argentine is a more popular choice. There was one breed that was used for polo way back when that is actually a pony. While the mounts are smaller than what would be considered ideal for other equine sports, the typical "pony" these days range from 14.2 to 15.3. To find a
  Nov 18, 2009  •  4,927 views
Harmony Farm  
Yeah Quarter Horses :-D So Happy! My favorite breed!
  Nov 20, 2009  •  4,936 views
Actually, Morgans are the oldest American breed. Also, the King Ranch used Morgan stallions as their foundation stock, so, many QHs today have Morgan blood in them -)
  Nov 21, 2009  •  4,898 views
Untamed Heart  
Quarter horses 4 eva!!!!
  Nov 21, 2009  •  4,885 views
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