How To Cut Out A Horse Using Photoshop Elements
 By T W I   •   5th Jan 2011   •   7,840 views   •   3 comments
Horse graphic tutorial

Skill level: Beginner

One of the many keys to a good-looking manipulation is to have your horse neatly cut out. So if you want your subject to look natural once you put it onto a different background, no pieces of its original background can be left behind!

To begin the process of cutting, choose the magnetic lasso tool by pressing ‘l’ on your keyboard. There are several lassos, so if the lasso with the magnet over it isn’t showing on your tool box, keep pressing ‘l’ until it appears.

Click once on the place where you want to start your selection, to create an anchor. Then mouse over the areas you would like selected. The magnetic lasso tool is intelligent. It can find and select distinct outlines if you simply mouse over them. Once you have selected the image you want, press the ‘enter’ key to create a sparkly line, sometimes refered to as crawling ants. It will replace the grey lines that the magnetic lasso made. This is your selection. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect.

Horse graphic tutorial

Zoom in to about 200%. Now we can start cleaning up! Ignore where your selection went outside of your subject’s outline and focus on where it cut in.
To correct where it cut in, go to your circular marquee tool by pressing ‘m’. There are two marquee tools - the circular and the square. Press ‘m’ until you see the circular one appear on your tool box.

On the top of your screen you should see four boxes. See the image below for what they look like and their uses. Click on the ‘Add to selection’ box. Instead of making a new selection, the circular marquee will now add to your original selection everytime you use it outside of the crawling ants.

Horse graphic tutorial

Once you have finished, press ‘CTRL’ +‘c’ to copy your selection. Now press ‘CTRL’ + ‘n’ to open up a new canvas. Then paste your horse into the new canvas by pressing ‘CTRL’ + ‘v’.

First zoom in, then take your eraser tool by pressing ‘e’ to start erasing the leftover background still clinging to the horse. Make sure your eraser is on 100% hardness, as making the edges of the horse look fuzzy comes later in the manipulation process. Erasing can be lengthy, but spend time on it and do a good job, because sloppiness always comes back to bite you.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more tutorial for making successful manipulations!

Horse graphic tutorial
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Wow! It helps a lot! Normally I can only cut away parts of a horse XD This really helps a lot to me! Now I can make decent horse manis. Hehe. Please make more articles on how to create a horse mani... Guess that there will be a part 2?
  Jan 6, 2011  •  5,517 views
All That Jazz  
This helps a lot! I have Photoshop, but could never figure out how to work it. Haha (: Thanks!
  Jan 7, 2011  •  5,495 views
  Sep 27, 2011  •  5,491 views
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