Dotty’s Story – Chapter Seven
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Horse Short Story

As the truck pulled up to Dotty’s new home, Dotty sensed something familiar. The rancid smell of exhaust, the noise of horses, car horns, and people shouting – without even looking out of the window Dotty knew there wouldn’t be any green pastures and majestic oak trees for her. But Dotty didn’t mind. She’d moved around a lot, and it had always worked out okay, and this time she had a friend – Memories – with her.

As the trailer ramp came down, Jimmy woke up, yawned, and stretched.

‘Here we go girls!’ he said, happily. ‘This is what it’s all about!’

Dotty sighed, and felt slightly grateful. Everywhere she went other horses had told her things about her future; said she’d understand one day. Maybe now it was finally going to happen, and everything would start to make sense. She shook her head to get the last few bits of hay out of her forelock, took another deep breath, and followed Jimmy down the ramp. Everywhere she looked there was something going on. People talking, and horses everywhere. Beautiful horses. Shiny, prancing, snorting, having baths, nibbling on grass, doing all sorts of things. As she walked by, she would see one or two of them glance at her out of the corner of their eyes, but they didn’t say anything to her.

Jimmy led Dotty down a long alleyway, and then into a stable block. It seemed to go on for miles. She walked past stall after stall. The horses – she heard Jimmy call them ‘inmates’ and then laugh a little – were mostly asleep. A few stood with their heads hanging over their stable doors, nibbling on full hay nets hanging outside. They all seemed huge to Dotty; and each one very handsome. “Why am I here?’ Dotty thought to herself. ‘I’m nothing like these horses.’
Dotty jumped suddenly, as one of the horses reached out with her teeth bared and snapped at her. She jogged and huddled close to Jimmy, who swatted the other horse away casually. ‘Don’t pay any attention, Dotty.’ He said calmly. ‘They’re just bored; no one means you no harm.’ Dotty wasn’t so sure.

Soon Dotty recognized the green and gold boxes and blankets she had seen back at Maryanne’s farm. And there it was, a stable with a shiny brass nameplate on the door. It read ‘Polka Dots’. Dotty stopped for a second, and slowly reached out with her nose and sniffed the brass plate. It fogged up with her breath. Dotty pricked her ears, and Jimmy stroked her neck.
‘It’s your new home little one. It ain’t much, but it’ll serve your needs.’ Dotty stepped into the deep straw bed. The stable seemed huge to her. Jimmy may not think it’s much, but it was hers, and it was just like all the other horses had. ‘Maybe this is really something big,’ Dotty wondered.

Dotty was tired, but she couldn’t nap. There was too much to see, and so much to hear. She heard horns making music, crowds roaring, and saw horses coming back, all of them sweaty and tired, but some exhilarated and prancing while others looked exhausted and dejected. Dotty just had to see more!
“Settle down little one,’ Jimmy said, as he went about his chores. ‘You’ve got a big day tomorrow, and you need to be ready for it.’ Jimmy was right, and as soon as night fell and Jimmy had gone home, and all she could hear was the gentle sound of a few horses munching on their leftover hay, Dotty lay down, closed her eyes and fell fast asleep.

Before she knew it, she was awake. It was still dark, but there was a lot of noise. Jimmy put her breakfast bowl down in front of her, but Dotty was still too sleepy to eat. ‘Come on Dotty!’ he said, a little sharply. ‘We don’t have all day. Get your food down ya’!’

Dotty did as she was told, and almost before she was finished Jimmy appeared and started to brush her, pick her feet, and get her saddled up. He wasn’t as gentle as he usually was, and he seemed a little nervous. For the first time, he put bandages on her legs. Dotty didn’t like them at all; they felt tight, and itchy. He bent her head down to try and rub her foreleg, and was startled when Jimmy snapped her reins to pull her head up. He slipped her halter on over her bridle, tied her to the ring on the wall, and turned to walk out. Suddenly Jimmy stopped and turned back. He grabbed the cheekpieces of her halter firmly, and held her head so she was looking straight at him. Dotty craned her head back a little so she could see him more clearly. This was definitely serious; she could see it on Jimmy’s face.

‘Now Dotty,’ he said, firmly, but kindly. ‘You’re a special little horse. Don’t go and mess that up. If you get tired, slow down. If you get pushed, get out of the way. Keep yourself to yourself, and stay away from the other horses. I promised those kids you’d come home safe one day, and I mean to keep that promise.’
‘Good grief!’ Dotty thought to herself. ‘What’s going to happen to me now?!”
Dotty stood in the stable for what seemed like hours, although she was sure it wasn’t. She was scared, but excited too. Jimmy soon appeared at the stable door with a small girl wearing a riding hat and carrying a short whip. She seemed too kind to carry a whip. Jimmy was speaking quietly to hear, and Dotty couldn’t hear them, but then Jimmy smiled at the girl, put his hand on her shoulder, and the girl gave Jimmy a reassuring nod. She came into the stable and walked up to Dotty. She sure was tiny! Dotty knew she was small for a horse, but this girl was really little. She led Dotty out of the stable, out of the block, and into the sunshine. Dotty squinted a little in the bright sunlight, and almost didn’t notice when Jimmy practically threw the girl up onto Dotty’s back.

‘Ready to run?’ A voice said; Dotty looked over, it was Memories, all tacked up and ready to go, with an equally small boy on her back. ‘Run?’ Dotty asked, looking around and thinking, where to? ‘Is that what we have to do?’
“Not yet!’ Memories laughed. I heard all about it last night. We’re off to a place where we can really run!’

Dotty wasn’t too sure about that. Last time she ran, she fell. She wasn’t sure she was ready to really run again. But off they went, and Dotty could tell Memories was really excited.

When they got to the track, Dotty couldn’t believe it. It was huge. A great wide stretch of dirt as far as she could see, and horses everywhere. She could feel the vibrations of their hooves coming up through the dirt as she stepped out onto the track. The girl reached down and stroked Dotty’s neck. Dotty could feel the sweat frothing up on her neck, and she didn’t know why. It wasn’t all that hot.
‘Settle down, Shorty’ she said.
‘Shorty?’ Dotty thought. ‘Here we go again.’ Dotty stomped her back leg hard without even realizing it.
‘Okay then Shorty, let’s go!’. The girl let out the reins, and Dotty followed Memories into a trot, jogging along the outside rail of the track. She kept her shoulder close where she could feel the warmth and the occasional bump of Memories’ hindquarters. She knew one thing for sure - she didn’t want to be on her own out here.

Soon they were cantering, and Dotty could feel herself relax, and gradually drift away from Memories’ side. The girl nudged her a bit, and she started to canter a little faster to keep up with Memories. They slowed down, and turned around. The girl picked up the reins, and Dotty could feel her hands close against her crest. ‘Not too fast Shorty.’ The girl said firmly. ‘I made a promise to Jimmy. Take it easy on your first day.’

And they were off. Memories jumped into a canter, and Dotty could see her pulling at the reins and shaking her head, and her rider struggling to hold her. Dotty was not impressed. Why couldn’t they just do what they were supposed to and take it easy? They gradually picked up speed, and Dotty listened to the girl squeezing the reins and dropped into a nice steady gallop, letting Memories pull ahead a bit, so she wasn’t kicking dirt into her face. Dotty started to feel her heart swell, and she began to chase Memories, picking up more and more speed. She pulled against the girl’s grip a little, wanting to go faster, but feeling a shadow of fear deep inside her. She wanted to run, but she just couldn’t quite let herself go.

A horse slowly came alongside Dotty; Dotty heard the hoofbeats catching up to her and they sounded strangely familiar. Suddenly the horse shot forward, swerved across, slamming Dotty’s shoulder with her hindquarters, and throwing Dotty against the rail. ‘Watch it Shorty!’ Doty heard as she stumbled and scrambled to regain her balance. It was Solo. This wasn’t going to be good.
The girl stroked Dotty’s neck as they stumbled and came to a walk, the girl turning Dotty sharply away from the rail and then jumping off. She stroked Dotty’s head and muttered ‘what was THAT? Man, Shorty, somebody really doesn’t like you!’
‘You don’t know the half of it’, Dotty thought, as the girl led her back to the stable.
Jimmy ran up to them as they approached.
“What happened?’ he shouted as he approached. ‘Is she okay?’
‘I think so’, the girl said. ‘A big chestnut filly swerved right over and nearly took us out. Jimmy was riding; it was like the horse did it on purpose. Strangest thing; no need for it; Jimmy’s awful sorry.’
“Well, let’s get her checked out. She’s already entered so we’ve got to keep her right.’
Jimmy hosed Dotty off, the cool water feeling like silk on Dotty’s sweaty coat, and helping to calm her down. Jimmy took the bandages off, and let Dotty scratch her cannon bones with her nose. He checked her over, every inch, until he was satisfied she was okay. Dotty didn’t feel like she was hurt, but she was certain now that running wasn’t for her.
No Walkin Farms9  
I love that this story is from the horses point of view. It's a different POV.
  Feb 18, 2011  •  1,846 views
Emma Watson  
I love that this story is from the horses point of view. Its a different POV
  Mar 2, 2011  •  1,833 views
Little Bitty Farm  
Great story!!
  26 days ago  •  1,985 views
Love these:)
  Jun 18, 2011  •  1,963 views
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