Broken Spirits - Prologue
 By Lil Booger   •   18th Jan 2011   •   2,759 views   •   5 comments
Broken SpiritsKendra sat under her favorite tree watching the scenery around her. She had her sketch book in her lap waiting for an idea. So far the page sat blank waiting for her next master piece. Kendra sighed and closed her eyes. A few moments later she heard yelling, screaming and crying. When she opened them the noises stopped. It was her last week of summer. She was living with her grandparents until her parents decided what to do with her. She hated the thought of not getting a say in what she wanted. She thought this was the worst year of her life.

Since her parents divorce nothing had gone right. She had been forced to live with her grandparents in a small town outside of Columbia, VA. Her grandparents lived in an old colonial house that had been in the family since the civil war. She really didn’t mind being with them. She was an only child with a past full of loneliness. Her grandparents had nearly given up on trying to get through to Kendra. She wouldn’t let anybody in. Not even her parents. They wouldn’t understand. She didn’t think anyone ever would. Even the best psychiatrist in town couldn’t figure her out. Kendra continued to sit under the tree overlooking houses, hills, valleys, and some stores. She didn’t want to go to a new school. She had trouble with people. Maybe I can make new friends. Kendra thought. Who am I kidding? She thought again.

Why should I waist my time getting hurt again? What good has anyone done for me? Kendra played the thoughts through her mind as she looked through her sketch pad. She had drawings of people and animals. Her favorite one was of the house cat Charley. She had great artistic skills. She closed the pad and decided today wasn’t the day for sketching. She went inside and walked through the kitchen until she reach the hallway in front of the stairs. There, hung a wall of pictures. Her favorite one was of her and her parents together. They were all smiling. What happened? She thought. Kendra walked a bit further and came to the stairs and walked up to her room. She closed the door on her way in. “Hey Charley.” Kendra said to the big, fat, tom cat on her bed. He meowed in return. Kendra walked over and sat on her bed. She scooped up the cat and stroked him as he purred between her arms. Animals always made her feel better. She felt secure with them. That they could never harm her.

It was dark, and he couldn’t see anything. Then, through a small arched doorway he saw light. The air smelled different, the ground was covered in a fresh bed of shavings. He hesitated in stepping out of the trailer. Finally he stepped out into the stall. He sniffed around and began munching on some hay he had found. He stopped chewing and pricked his ears. He heard voices coming toward the stall. They came closer and closer. Too close for his comfort. People appeared in front of his stall. He backed away in fright and bumped into the back of the stall which frightened him even more. The voices turned into whispers. “I don’t think this is a good idea!” a faint voice hissed.

“He’s too dangerous.” Another faint voice agreed.

With that the horse charged baring his teeth and flatting his ears. The people jumped back startled. “Just wait and see he’ll come around.” A voice said. It was the trainer who had saved him from being euthanized. The horse charged again and the trainer shook her head. He was a gorgeous horse. He was coal black with a wavy mane and tale. He was tall and stock. He stood around 16 hands. He was skinny though, and his coat was dull and dirty. He had been through so much. He had scars to prove it.

She had great hopes for him. If only he could learn to trust again. The people went away but he remained in the corner of his stall. He didn’t feel like eating any more. The horse next to him was hanging his head over his stall door begging for attention. The black horse couldn’t understand why this horse loaned for the touch of a human hand. He had felt the kindest touch and the deadliest touch. He never again felt the gentle touch of a human after he was sold as a yearling to an alcoholic man who was supposedly “changing” his ways. Unfortunately for the horse the man had failed and was constantly drunk and beat the poor creature till it had no will to live. Even when he was sent to some “rescue” he was again beaten for no reason. He had learned the dark side of humans and had decided they were all alike.

Almost all the horses had dozed off for the night except him. He didn’t want to sleep. He had learned the hard way that if he closed his eyes he would be shocked, kicked, whipped, or stabbed. He never felt safe anymore. Thudding echoed through the quite barn. A scared face appeared in front of the horse’s stall. The mysterious person walked in and pulled out a whip and began beating the horse. The horse panicked and shrieked in terror. The face laughed and whipped harder. The horse’s shrieks became louder and louder until they were shrills of terror. The lights came on suddenly and the face disappeared. The horse stopped and was dripping in sweat. The only noise he heard were the trainer’s feet running toward his stall and the sound of his heart pounding as if he had just ran a 20 mile race. The horse realized it was nothing but a nightmare. A woman appeared in front of his stall with a worried face. It was the trainer. She stayed with him the rest of the night. Neither of them slept.

Image for this story courtesy of Flickr, Chris_Malcolm
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one word AMAZING!i love it!
  Jan 19, 2011  •  1,966 views
Very good!! Excellent plot...I can't wait to read more!! Just be careful with your homonyms(Tale/Tail and Waist/Waste)
  Jan 19, 2011  •  1,962 views
Seven Sins  
love it, write another one
  Jan 31, 2011  •  1,963 views
Heaven Sent Creatures  MOD 
nice story, watch your spelling a bit though :)
  59 days ago  •  1,993 views
Little Bitty Farm  
Great story!
  May 9, 2011  •  1,999 views
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