Just Peachie Keen - Part 1
 By BME Sports   •   31st Jan 2011   •   2,982 views   •   12 comments
Just Peachie KeenI first saw Peaches when I was ten years old. My lesson was over and a girl was walking into the ring on a snazzy chestnut mare. My eyes were drawn to the cute white spots on the mare’s stomach, her one white sock, and the blaze that covered half of her pink little nose.

As I climbed into the car an hour later, I pointed the horse out to my mom. “Do you know who that horse is?” “No, I don’t know honey,” she replied. Well, I wondered. I saw the horse again the next week. I was too shy to ask the horse’s name so I lived in wonder.

I saw the girl ride the horse the next week. She was a rough rider, jerking hard on the egg butt snaffle, slapping her haunches with an unnecessary jumping bat, I felt bad for the little mare that was trying her hardest to clear the 4 foot jumps. The rider’s philosophy was clear: run at the jump, clear it. My heart went out to the little mare that could.

The school bell jangled, jolting me from my fantasy of winning a blue ribbon on the mystery horse. It was two months later. I got into the car excitedly. I had a lesson that day. I had been seeing the girl less and less and the mare mostly just sat in her stall. My mom spoke as I buckled my seatbelt,

“Laura wants you to ride a new horse today. One called Peaches.” “Okay!” I said.

I was always eager for a new ride. I loved the old Arabian I rode, but I was ready for a younger, spryer mount to assist me in my dreams of becoming a three-star eventer.

I arrived at the barn and asked one of the stable hands where Peaches was. He led me to the stall of...the mystery horse! I was so ecstatic. I said “Thanks SO much,” and grabbed her halter. He was a little mystified, but he shrugged and walked away. This was October 2008. I cautiously entered her stall. She smelled my hand and whuffed gently.

I was in love.

She rode like a dream that day, and I was more and more convinced that she was the horse for me.

My first show on her was only the 6th time I had ridden her. The first class was 2’ 3” equitation. Heels down, shoulders back, eyes up...that was all I was thinking. We won that class. The hunter’s class was not our forte. We placed fourth. I had a slowly growing list of improvements we could make. Striding, rhythm, quality of canter, all things that had made mince of us in the hunter class. I dressed her up as a piece of candy corn for the Halloween Costume Class. We won the “sweetest” award. Soon the things topping my Christmas list were a halter for Peaches, treats for Peaches, my own saddle pad, etc.

Olivia, Peaches’s current owner was quitting horses for gymnastics. She and Peaches had been really successful and her dad was disappointed that she was quitting. Anyway, Peaches was now for sale. I hinted to my mom and dad, “You know, I wonder if Peaches has been bought yet,” and, “Who at our barn needs a horse?” I wasn’t the most subtle human ever.

I had a lesson on Christmas Eve. Before my lesson my mom came over when I was carefully grooming my favorite horse. She approached me with a woeful look on her face, “I’m sorry sweetheart, someone has bought Peaches.” My world was crushed. “I’m sure we can find someone whose horse you can ride for them like you did Pilot.” “Okay. Thanks mom,” I replied, barely keeping my voice from cracking. She turned and went back to the ringside benches. I buried my face into Peaches’s neck. I inhaled deeply and whispered three words: I LOVE YOU. I rode in an unusual silence. My friends asked if I was okay. I nodded and rode on.

We had guests coming for dinner that night. I cried in the shower and told them my eyes were red because I had accidently sprayed detangler into them. Only my mom knew the true reason. I suffered through dinner, wanting to get upstairs to my loving pillow. I went to sleep dreaming of Peaches.
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Seven Sins  
owwww is there gonna be a part 2, i love the story so far
  Jan 31, 2011  •  2,225 views
No Walkin Farms9  
So sad. :( Can't wait to hear more.
  Jan 31, 2011  •  2,250 views
Balla Eclectic  MOD 
What a great story. You almost had me crying towards the end. Looking forward to reading Part 2.
  Jan 31, 2011  •  2,247 views
PonyBox  MOD 
Did you get the horse? We need Part 2!
  Jan 31, 2011  •  2,324 views
I can't wait for part 2!!!
  Jan 31, 2011  •  2,226 views
T W I  
So sad!
  Feb 1, 2011  •  2,236 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Awwww !
Can't wait to read part 2 !
  Feb 1, 2011  •  2,234 views
T E M P E S T  
Awww.. the mare sounds adorable!
  Feb 1, 2011  •  2,280 views
Aww, really sad at the end! Can't wait to see what happens (:
  Feb 1, 2011  •  2,256 views
BME Sports  
Thanks for all the nice comments you guys!
  Feb 1, 2011  •  2,247 views
BME Sports  
And yes to a part 2!
  Feb 1, 2011  •  2,247 views
King of Wings  
aww. cant wait to hear more,
  59 days ago  •  2,267 views
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