My Model Horse Tack Business
 By Whispyy   •   1st Feb 2011   •   10,712 views   •   28 comments
Many of you may have heard of Breyer horses or maybe you even collect them. I collect and make Model horse tack to sell to make money for Riding lessons. My Business is called Tiny Tack. I have been making Model horse tack for five years. I make English and Western saddles, bridles, halters, vaulting sets, travel sets, Arabian show halters, lunge sets, jumping saddles, leg wraps, blankets, and pretty much everything else.

I have forum posts that I try to update every few days and I also have a facebook fan page and a web site. If you are interested just check them out and shop around. I just posted an English saddle, martingale and I'm currently working on posting a bridle and Western show saddle.

Tell me what you think and feel free to ask any questions. I have a few pictures below of my items and where I work on them.

Web Page:
FaceBook Fan page:
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Wow :D
These are amazing! I collect Breyers so I think theses are wonderful! ♥
Great work!
  23 days ago  •  7,144 views
Balla Eclectic  MOD 
WOW - it's all so small.
I had a look at your Tiny Tack website (great site by the way) and all the tack looks great and the prices seem very reasonable.
Good luck with it.
  23 days ago  •  6,821 views
Great looking tack!!! You're very talented!
  23 days ago  •  7,127 views
They are so awesome!
Wonderful idea as well to gain money for riding lessons
  23 days ago  •  6,825 views
Cool. Lots of details in your tack. Your handicraft is sure good!
  23 days ago  •  7,173 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Wow, those are amazing !
Keep up the wonderful work =)
  23 days ago  •  7,135 views
T E M P E S T  
Cool! I've heard you talk about this, but I was never too sure about what it was all about!
  23 days ago  •  7,187 views
I'll become a fan on Facebook : ) I love the saddles! Awesome
  23 days ago  •  7,151 views
Cool! I love Breyers - these are so cool!
  23 days ago  •  7,132 views
Moody Farms  MOD 
Wow it's so small :D It looks like you do a great job!
  23 days ago  •  7,436 views
Moody Farms  MOD 
I just looked at your website and it's very nice!
  23 days ago  •  7,760 views
thats really cool
  23 days ago  •  7,561 views
T W I  
I've checked out your web page and everything looks so cool!
Too bad I don't collect model horses.
  22 days ago  •  7,476 views
Prarie Rose  
This is really cool. The tack looks great!
  22 days ago  •  7,463 views
Wow thats Amazing!!
Good work :)
  22 days ago  •  7,559 views
Heaven Sent Creatures  MOD 
awesome work, do you stitch it by hand or machine or just use glue?
  22 days ago  •  7,485 views
Cool! I want to try to make some for my schleichs (which are around the same size at stable mates), but I don't know how to yet.
  22 days ago  •  7,479 views
Fantasy Farms  
Wow Those look really cool!
  22 days ago  •  7,480 views
Thanks everyone for your comments!
Hope you enjoyed this, Keep your eye out for a part 2!
The next one will tell a little bit more about me and where i ride, My lessons, Goals in riding and my current riding experience.. Thanks again for all you thought/encouragements! =D
  22 days ago  •  7,461 views
ive never seen these model horses before but what a good idea for a business
  21 days ago  •  7,466 views
Pink Pony  
i love breyer horses and think your really good! fantastic work :)
  21 days ago  •  7,476 views
Painted Destiny  
Great job!! I'm just curious, How much have you earned so far?
  21 days ago  •  7,464 views
Winny the Poo  
I Love My Breyers But I Just dont know how to make the tack for them cuz im a chepo and wont buy the proper tack for them But i wish i knew
  21 days ago  •  7,484 views
Very Cool ^_^
  20 days ago  •  7,467 views
Working on "My Model Horse Tack Business" part two! :)
  19 days ago  •  4,917 views
King of Wings  
there amazing! great work!!
  18 days ago  •  4,953 views
MS Horses  
That is so cool!!! The tack you make is so realistic and detailed!!!
  9 days ago  •  4,913 views
Sam I Am  
"jaw drops" Those are amazing.
  5 days ago  •  5,082 views
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