Healing Hearts Ranch - Final Chapter
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Healing Hearts RanchIn the last section of Healing Hearts Ranch Luci agreed to go with Steve to a horse auction. In this chapter, the final chapter find out who Luci chooses for love and another love that will last forever.

The day of the auction came and Luci dressed quickly in a pair of ripped jeans and a t-shirt with a logo for horse tack on it. She figured it didn’t matter what she wore. She threw on her riding boots and waited on the porch for Steve.

Nathan walked out of the house and shielded his sleep filled eyes from the bright morning sun. “Morning.” he said sleepily. “G’morning.” Luci replied softly and leaned against the railing. Her strawberry blonde hair hung down her back in soft ringlets and her tiny frame racked with excitement that Nathan could even tell.

Steve pulled up in the driveway. Luci headed down the stairs, but Nathan caught her by the arm. “Luci do you wanna go to dinner when you come home?” He asked her softly. She bit her lip before shaking her head, “No, I have work to do when I get home.” She told him before bolting to Steve’s truck. She climbed in and buckled up. Nathan watched them disappear, wishing she had said yes to his invitation, but knowing in the back of his head he would never be good enough for her.

Later that day...
At the horse show Steve and Luci wandered around and looked at the different horses. Luci noticed how Steve wasn’t as talkative as normal. She shrugged it off figuring it was just an off day for him. They came to a gorgeous Quarter horse mare, she was a bright bay color with one blue eye one black eye. Steve looked her over carefully and looked at her price. “Not too bad.” He said with a shrug. “We might be bringing this girl home Luce.” Luci nodded and smiled while looking at the fancy horse. She had never really been into fancy horses, her mother always had rescue horses and so did she. So she thought all horses were gorgeous anyways. But Steve was different, he only liked Quarter horses with good bloodlines. She wandered off on her own for a little while looking around at all of the powerful creatures. She heard a piercing, fearful whinny and looked around for the source of it.

She walked around the corner to be almost knocked down by a massive palomino stallion. She fell backwards being surprised. Steve happened to be right behind her and helped her up. He grasped her hand and pulled her away from the wild horse. “Luci don’t go near that thing!” He hissed glaring at the stallion. He held a tight grip on her small hand and tried to pull her farther away. She stepped forward and Steve yanked her back. The man took out a large crop and hit the stallion right on the nose with it. “Hey!” Luci exclaimed lunging forward, but Steve yanked her back harshly.

“Cut it out Luci that horse is a monster!” He exclaimed holding onto her. “Steve let me go!” She growled at him. The man hit the horse again on the nose and it let out a shrill cry. “Go little girl!” The man hissed at Luci, “This is my horse I’ll do as I please.”

“C’mon!” Steve said as he pulled her around and started walking in the other direction. She gave in and walked with him. The horse let out a cry again and she turned back to look at it. It’s nostrils flared and it’s eyes were dark and full of hate. She turned back to watch where she was going and kept walking. She heard the man yell and the horse’s hooves pounding but didn’t look back.

“WATCH OUT LITTLE GIRL!” She heard the man call out. She spun around and her eyes met with the stallion’s that was a mere inches away from her. His hot breath stung her face and he stared at her for several seconds that felt like hours. Everything else seemed to blur as the stallion and Luci stood staring intently into each other’s eyes. She lifted her hand to pet his face and he lowered his mighty golden head slowly. Her breath hitched as her hand touched the stallion’s face. The moments were broken by a rope being thrown around the stallions neck. He reared and whinnied loudly. She stepped towards him but Steve pulled her backwards. “What are you crazy?” He exclaimed at her. “Steve did you not just see that?” She asked stepping towards the flailing stallion again. “Luci stop!” Steve hissed and pulled her back again.

The stallion squealed and pulled forward lunging the man onto the ground. The man cursed under his breath before getting back up again and brushing himself off. He glanced around for the stallion, he was right where he was before, eyes locked with Luci, just inches away from her.

Steve tried to pull Luci away from the stallion but the stallion lashed out at Steve being careful not to hit Luci. Steve jumped back and looked at Luci with wide eyes. The whole world stopped for a moment, as Luci and the stallion stared deeply into each others eyes reading each other’s thoughts.

“$500.00” Luci said still staring intently at the stallion.

“Wait what are you talking about?” Steve asked concerned. “You’re NOT buying that monster.”
“You can’t tell me what to do Steve.” Luci said blankly her and the stallion still standing inches from each other. “I know this is a crazy horse and you’re not taking it home.” Steve growled at her. “Look at him right now, in this moment Steve, and tell me he’s a monster, or a crazy horse.” She said softly, her voice calm and passionate.

The golden stallion’s head hung low but alert and he nudged Luci’s mid section softly. “Tell me he’s a monster.” She told Steve, her voice cracking as she pet the stallion’s forehead. “Tell me.”

Steve looked at her with narrowed eyes, “How do you do that?” He asked his voice sounding rather annoyed. “I didn’t do anything, he did.” She said referring to the stallion. “How did-” Steve started but Luci told him her voice with no room for questioning. Steve shook his head, “Fine but he’s not riding in my trailer with my new mare.” He told her seriously. “He doesn’t have to, I can call Hans.” Luci said, her voice with a bit of sass in it knowing that Steve and Hans had never gotten along.

Her hand was on the horse’s halter and she handed the man $500.00, all she had brought with her. He shook his head and walked away muttering something in what she figured to be Italian.
“Luci, c’mon.” Steve finally said to her holding onto her arm softly, “You know you don’t want Hans.” Luci’s eyes narrowed and she held onto the stallion’s halter for what seemed like dear life. “I know I don’t want you either, who ever said I HAD to want someone?” She asked her voice trembling slightly. “No one, but I know he’s not good enough for you.” Steve said cocking his head slightly. “Yeah, well I know you’re not either.” She said turning and walking away. “Luci!” Steve called after her and ran up to her grabbing her shoulder. The stallion lashed out at Steve with a force that made him fall to the ground. “Yes Steve?” Luci asked looking down at him, her straw berry blonde bang falling in her face.
“I-I’m sorry?” He said looking a bit childish.
“I’m sure you are.” Luci said walking away. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed Nathan’s number.

Nathan showed up about a half hour later with the trailer on the back of his truck. Steve had left already with his prize mare. “Hey,” Luci greeted Nathan with a small smile. “Hi Luci,” Nathan said softly trying not to scare the horse. “Where’s Steve?” Nathan asked looking around. “He left, I hope he never comes back.” Luci said leading the stallion to the trailer. “Why is that?” Nathan asked curious. “Because apparently I need to WANT someone.” Luci said letting the stallion sniff the trailer before walking into it and letting him follow.

“No you don’t.” Nathan queried.
“I know I don’t.” Luci said walking back out after stroking the stallion’s neck and tying him in. She was surprised he wasn’t scared, but he just stood there a little shaky but making no fuss. “Yeah...” Nathan said his voice trailing off as he shut the trailer door. “Never think you have to WANT someone.”
“I won’t.” Luci said climbing into the passenger’s seat. Nathan climbed into the driver’s seat after muttering a few things to himself, he started the engine.

The ride home was silent. They arrived and Luci climbed out to get the stallion out of the trailer. “What are you going to name him?” Nathan asked her.
“Valiente,” She replied opening the trailer door. “I’ll call him Dare.” She swung it open and walked in. “Hi Valiente.” She cooed and pet the stallions golden neck. She untied the lead line and led him out of the trailer slowly. Nathan walked beside her as they led Dare to the paddock. “I might want someone.” Luci said softly as she walked along. “I might too.” Nathan said lacing his fingers with hers. Nothing was said for several minutes afterwards, the moment was too sweet and innocent to ruin with words. Words are cheap and don’t last, many times they can turn around and come back at you. Sometimes silence and emotions are better then talking.

Four Years Later...
The wedding day of Nathan and Luci and many years had passed that Luci and Dare were champion show jumpers in their home town and across the state. Sometimes instead of looking you need to let love find you...just like Valiente found Luci and taught her to be brave and Dare.
BME Sports  
I can't believe it's the end!
  Feb 1, 2011  •  1,616 views
Seven Sins  
great story :)
  Feb 1, 2011  •  1,600 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Great story. Very well written
  Feb 2, 2011  •  1,603 views
Aw I love the ending! Luci and Nathan are awesome together =)
  Feb 2, 2011  •  1,619 views
Great job!
  Feb 2, 2011  •  1,600 views
Moody Farms  MOD 
Good story :}
  Feb 2, 2011  •  1,904 views
I love it!!!
  Feb 3, 2011  •  1,621 views
King of Wings  
great story.. very well written
  Feb 7, 2011  •  1,641 views
I loved reading this story :)
  53 days ago  •  2,055 views
No Walkin Farms9  
You're gonna write more, right? Like other stories?
  45 days ago  •  1,616 views
No Walkin Farms9  
You're gonna write more, right?
  45 days ago  •  1,616 views
MS Horses  
I loved your story!
  44 days ago  •  1,615 views
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